7 Questions With … Billy Dee Williams

Dancing with the Stars Season 18 Billy Dee WilliamsDancing With the Stars Season 18 contestant Billy Dee Williams has swagger. “I’m amused. I don’t know; everybody says I have a swagger. Do I have a swagger?” he laughs. Williams is best known for his role as smooth-talking intergalactic gambler Lando Calrissian in the Star Wars franchise, and now brings that cool confidence to Dancing With the Stars. We asked Billy Dee Williams a few fun questions …

 1) You’re at a magazine rack and can only pick three titles. Which ones do you choose?
Oh, I don’t know, I just don’t know. There’s so many choices!

2) If your TV carried just 3 shows or networks, what would they be?
National Geographic, History channel, The Big Bang Theory.

3) What 3 things do you have to have in your fridge or pantry?
Some kind of fish, lots of spices, cheese. I love cheese.

4) What has been your strangest fan encounter?
I can’t think of anything really strange. I met a guy who actually did a tattoo of Lando on his leg. It was pretty remarkable.

5) Have you ever been starstruck?
Oh yeah, Marlon Brando. I even met Marlon Brando through my very good friend James Brolin. And that was a big thrill for me. ‘Cause we’re both Aries. And we had a really wonderful time. Just the two of us, just sitting and talking politics.

6) Is there a movie that you can watch again and again?
Duel in the Sun with Gregory Peck and Jennifer Jones, and Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane.

7) Do you ever go to Star Wars conventions?
Yeah, I do them all the time. It’s fun. I enjoy them. I really look forward to them. I travel all over the world doing these conventions.

Image © ABC/Craig Sjodin