1. Yeah, it’s not like Adore looks horrible, but her look isn’t as complete as the others while she’s doing that type of drag, if you’re going to wear a pageant dress, wear the right under garments and since she was callin for Tony-worthy, she knew that meant gown, which also meant girdle!

    Gia’s voice COULDA been on purpose, watching it again, she did really make her voice extra Gia-y! But what a smart way to do it, and that’s why she was safe! With Trinity, yeah that flipper excuse, I was not about it all, cuz if she does do pageants, I know they train them to talk THROUGH the flippers, sp yeah, not fallin for it, but glad she turned it out!!!

    If the wiki is right,I am VERY excited!!!! Darienne’s Paula should be a riot, so many props she could rock. I agree with 2 outta the 3 worries, I’m not too worried about Gia only because she kinda already acts likes Kim, and if she can make herself EXTRA Gia and exaggerate the way Kim is, she could do a decent job, not the BEST, I’m savin that for Darrienne, Bianca and Milk and Dela, but Gia could at least be safe! I’m gonna sub Gia for Courtney cuz although Fran is HILARIOUS, i’m not sure Courtney could pull it off cuz of the accent, that worries me, but if she can pull it off, it’ll land like crazy! Trinity’s a middle girl for me 2, Miss Minaj could be pretty hilarious if she’s done right, all Trinity has to do is rap really fast and sometimes weird in response to the questions and she’ll rock it! Laganja and Jos….I see them as my bottom 2, I just….I can’t see it. I mean I’m really trying…but seriously…I just…can’t see it. Rachel Zoe and Teresa for Housewives…I mean Teresa is hilarious but I can’t see Jos pullin that off, and Rachel Zoe…I mean Laganja AS Rachel Zoe??? I don’t see it, I’m wondering how she’s gonna make her hilarious. If they are in the bottom 2, I see a Laganja victory, that girl can DANCE! But I am so excited for everyone else, they seem like they can really pull it off, and I’m crackin up thinkin about it already!

    • Here’s hoping that no one in the Snatch Game does that ‘I need to be nice to whomever I’m impersonating’ crap that has happened in year’s past. Be funny. Maybe Rachel Zoe is crazy & could be funny, but like you, I just don’t see it. Yet. But we’ll all see it on Monday! Hooray!

      • I KNOW!!!! As Sissy Spacek said in “Carrie”, “to the devil with false modesty!”…now is not the time to pull out the pleasantries, I mean I’m sure Alicia Keys wasn’t cryin about it when Alexis Mateo made her slightly lesbianic, or Raja as Tyra when she smized so hard her eyes bleed, or one of my fav’s when Willam wrote Jessica Simpsons name 3 times on her name card (little details like that make it genius!) but you know what I mean, exaggerate and have fun with it, and honestly by season 6 I’m expecting these girls to turn it out, I mean by season 3 you knew it was a staple on the show and by season 4 and 5 if you didn’t come with a character in mind and some amazing dialogue and characteristics then you were sunk so they better do it right because we are WATCHING!!!!!

  2. Hiya Ruth,

    Excellent Recap!

    First things first, whoever is writing Ru’s play on word name for the games, challenges, and such deserves a raise cuz it is just too clever, and I love it!

    Now back to our RU-gulary scheduled program…see what I did there?? #trying
    I really think they got the bottom right this time! The musical was great and really the only issue was to nitpick who the bottom should be and they hit the nail on the head. I’m not sure I would’ve put Darienne on the bottom, but I knew they needed 3 to amp up the drama. Not the smoothest move to try and throw Gia under the bus, I think she thought she would do horrible cuz of her voice, but considering she was portraying a comedy queen, it was perfection. I also loved how Bianca portrayed one of the pageant queens, I lovd Gia and Bianca swapping places and being totally fine with it, shows great versatility on both of their parts!

    OMG, if Adore and Courtney hadn’t been in the top, I would’ve flipped out! You know I’ve been waitin on Adore ever since the 2nd episode, but you told me to stick with it, and i’m glad I did, her talent really showed up and she did a great job, I was very impressed, she has a good voice! Although, now she needs to step up her clothing game, I mean c’mon girl, get a freakin girdle, for as skinny as she is, she could probably get away with getting one from the viki’s secret, I mean I’m a girl and when I wear cute dresses I snatch up my waist with a girdle so do what Ms.Visage and get one Adore!!!

    Courtney was PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!! Need I say more!

    Other highlights were BenDeLaCreme, she was WERKIN that cape, spinnin as shady lady, I loved it, definitely deserved to be in top this week, now that’s who the girls need to watch out for, she is bringin it on all fronts!!!

    Trinity during the rehearsal was startin to tick me off a bit cuz she was getting so frustrated, she’s one of those people you don’t wanna work with cuz they get so upset you can’t say ANYTHING to them without them sayin something crazy, but I have to admit during the LSFYL, I was only watching her!!!! She was fabulous, first fan on the runway by the way, and she was just great, stage presence, lip sync spot on, getting the other girls hype, I was down for ALL OF IT, reminded me why she drifted on my radar to begin with, and made me for the minute of the lip-sync forget about the ruckus in rehearsal, I was thoroughly impressed with her fightin to be there. Just as with April did last week, Trinity just turned it up, and I REALLY barely watched her cuz Trinity was just explosive, and I watch both despite camera angles.

    Great episode this week, if the girls keep bringing this kinda quality to the show and to the challenges then I’d say we’re in for a real treat comin up!!!

    P.S. Is it jus me or do you wish there was like video on the website that showed the safe girls during LSFYL???? Cuz when they are jamming, I wanna see it, they are hilarious back there!!!

    P.S.S. I totally clocked the Gia/Bianca shade…I mean no shade? they throw it the best, I can’t do anything but laugh!!!!

    • Yay Kei is back! (and I see what you did there 😉

      The more I think about it, the more I think Gia’s ‘bad voice’ was completely on purpose because she was a comedy queen. She probably doesn’t have a great voice when she’s singing normally, but she probably amped it up for the challenge.

      And I was disappointed in Darienne too. Saying you did bad because the person next to you was doing bad isn’t an excuse. Like Trinity. Not that she blamed everyone else for her performance, but man did she let any little thing freak her out. And in the end, she did fine. Don’t blame the flippers, though. And put a cork in it. And Adore needs to watch out & not blame not having this or not having that.

      As Ru has said, know your stuff & own your stuff. Learn & move on!

      And I CANNOT WAIT for Snatch Game coming up this week. I’m so excited to see what the queens do. If the Wikipedia entry for Drag Race is correct, I’m a little nervous for Gia, Joslyn and Laganja. They’ve all selected celebrities that I don’t know how they will be funny. Trinity is supposedly going with Nicki Minaj which has funny potential. We’ll see what they all do with it. Yipee!

      • Of course I’m back…when you find someone who appreciates the sense and nonsensical workings of RPDR, you HOLD ON to them!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha

        • I just watched again…you know who shoulda been Bertha??? Laganja, she thinks she’s the sh*t, and coulda embodied the big girl persona, I think they didn’t pick her mainly because she’s the ABSOLUTE thinnest out of ALL the girls. But they were right to put April in the bottom, if she was suppose to emote big girl, I didn’t get it cuz who’s the ultimate big girl in a trio….Effie White of Dreamgirls of course, the whole I’m in the background but I should be in the lead, the whole world needs to see my talent, kinda attitude, and she didn’t embody it so yeah, rightfully in the bottom!

          • I think it would’ve been interesting if the girls then had to switch – so that BenDeLaCreme’s group was doing the 2nd & Adore’s was doing the first act. The first group had stronger singers overall, so it would’ve been interesting to see what they would have done with it. Also, I think Laganja, April & Joslyn maybe would’ve done better as the comedy/pageant queens.
            But then we would have a 2 hour show.

          • Ooo if they had switched it woulda been no doubt very interesting!!!! I thought it the first act, Courtney had a larger singing part than Adore, but it seemed so right ya know??? Courtney’s voice seems so pure and angelic just like a girl who stepped straight off the bus from Kansas lookin for a life of fame and Adore seemed like the more badass been through the muck kinda style! If they switched…it probably woulda been hilarious though, Courtney can act so I’m guessing she woulda been falling down on that stage fantastically and Adore as good penny, I can imagine her putting a valley spin on it! Yeah the first groups singers were better and I don’t know why, they just sounded better like maybe they could hold a tune better than the others. Don’t know but I’d be willing to sit through a 2 hour drag race to find out how things with go, I mean it’s a total sacrifice but i’d be willing to suffer through it, hahahaha

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