Recap Episode 2 of Lindsay: Why is she still in bed?

Recap Episode 2 of Lindsay on OWN (original airdate March 16, 2014) By Nicole Youngblut: Episode 2 of Lindsay, OWN’s new reality series which follows Lindsay Lohan 47-days post-rehab left me wondering, “Why is she still in bed?” It’s Saturday, and Lindsay stays in bed at the hotel until 4:35pm.  Meanwhile her assistant, Micheal Harrel, frantically packs up her belongings so she can move to another hotel room while her Episode 2 of Lindsayapartment situation remains in a state of flux.

Lindsay has found an apartment she likes but she is having a hard time getting keys to her new residence from her broker. Cameras capture Lindsay as she frantically calls the network and the conversation they have centers around how they did not want to send the money without receiving the keys first. It’s a trust issue. At this point, Lindsay is supposed to be 47 days sober.

In this episode, Lindsay’s father, Michael Loham, meets her at her hotel to take her out to eat. The two dine at Nolita hotspot Rubirosa NYC. Lindsay talks about her father’s affair, which resulted in two illegitimate children while still married to Lindsay’s mother Dina. Lindsay says she refuses to accept them as her family.

Meanwhile, while all this drama is happening, Dina Lohan gets charged with a DUI. Not an ideal role model by any stretch.

Later, Lindsay meets with celebrity wellness and fitness trainer, AJ Johnson to develop a new fitness routine and all-around healthier lifestyle.  The two go out for lunch together and drink (non-alcoholic) ginger shots.  Lindsay says shes impressed by AJ’s “willingness to listen.” It sounds like what Lindsay needs is a therapist that will listen to her.

At the end of the episode Oprah asks Lindsay if the show is too much for her at this point in her life. Do you think Lindsay will keep filming? Or will the show be too burdensome of a commitment while her living situation is unstable?  Leave your comments below.