A&E pulls “Those Who Kill” from Monday lineup

This is for all those people come Monday who will be asking what happened to Those Who Kill? Was Those Who Kill canceled? No. No. No! Those Who Kill was NOT canceled. Thankfully. It is, however, being pulled immediately from A&E’s current lineup. After airing just two episodes, A&E has pulled Those Who Kill from its Monday lineup in order to allow executives time to Was A&E's Those Who Kill canceled? go back and either retool the show and/or its scheduling with plans to relaunch the 10-episode first season at a later date.  It was unknown at this time when and even where – of the A&E Networks — the series will return on. Maybe it’s a better fit for Sundance? Maybe it’s a better fit for another evening? After all, Monday is already packed with dark, serial-killer-type programming with The Following on FOX at 9pm ET, The Blacklist on NBC at 10pm ET, CBS’ Criminal Minds and A&E’s own Bates Motel.

The Chloe Sevigny and James D’Arcy thriller Those Who Kill premiered March 3 at 10pm ET, immediately following Bates Motel and had just 1.4 million viewers. The second week’s episode of Those Who Kill on March 10 dropped to just 830,000. While the decision to remove it from the schedule now is both disappointing and annoying to the viewers who have been tuning it, it does give the series another chance to garner a larger audience, which it deserves.

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The new Monday night lineup for A&E will begin March 17 and will be as follows: Last week’s Bates Motel airs at 9pm ET, a new episode of Bates Motel will air at 10pm ET and the new episode will repeat again at 11pm ET.





  1. I can’t believe this show was pulled it’s an awesome show that needs to be watched I believe a&e dropped the ball in the advertising of this great to be show

  2. Damn! I hope that A&E keeps this show in their line-up somewhere…The series undoubtedly has potential ! I was so bummed on Monday that it didn`t air after Bates Motel…Bring it back A&E,That s**t crack !!!

  3. I loved the show I hope they put back on soon I was addicted on the first episode the second wow it was a perfect Monday night bates and then those who kill I’m pissed.

  4. Remakes, especially of international series, do not always follow the structure and storyline of the original (ergo “inspired by” or “based on”), which can make for some pretty lame imitations, but that also makes the episode length irrelevant. In this case, there was a lot of potential to develop and expand the show beyond the very short run of 6 Danish episodes. I don’t often like US serial remakes, but two exceptions were The Killing and The Bridge – not better than the originals by any means, but definitely nicely done. I believe that Those Who Kill could even have been one of those rare cases that outstrip the original Den Som Draeber. Chloe Sevigny and James D’Arcy portray multidimensional characters with believable, raw emotion, which (very surprisingly) was lacking in Laura Bach’s and Jakob Cedergren’s renditions. Hope this comes back soon, and even gets a second season.

    • (Previous Comment was meant as a response to Mark’s comparison of the US and Danish series.)

  5. Really liked this show! Couldn’t figure out where it went. Hope you bring it back. Like so many others, I am tired of reality shows!

    • I am pissed. I told several people this was the best new show to launch in several seasons. Hopfully the “executives” who know so much don’t let it just fade away. Put it on somewhere so we can watch it!

  6. Absolutely loved the show, but was surprised it was taken off. All my friends were talking about the series. We all agreed that the characters were excellent and loved the story line. A&E, what are you thinking? Way too much reality TV!

  7. I cant believe A&E is removing this show. I couldn’t even find the second episode to watch so how can you expect viewers. The first episode was fantastic and my husband who rarely ever watches TV really liked it and thought it very exciting. I had told several people about it who went looking for the show but alas it had disappeared! I love Chloe and was so excited to finally see her again – think you are making a huge mistake.

  8. I accidently turned it on and it was just starting.. so I watched it. It was fantastic. The public rather you know it or not have a fascination with serial killers and how they work. This is what makes this show are so popular and the word of mouth by the people who are watching them. They like intense shows and they like to be scared and its popularity will grow as the season went on. Sevigny and D’Arcy are doing a show that fits them both well. Sevigny is dedicated as a police officer and her character can vision just what the killer is planning once she gets into his head and starts thinking like the killer. D’Arcy on the other hand is the one that keeps her on the straight and narrow by using his head and his psychological training. Although she took one scene to extreme as getting to close the make shift coffin the killer made for his victims, she got a real sense of the the killer was trying to do but at the same time, she was yanked back by D’Arcy so that she may fight another day. At least this is how I see it. Give the show a chance. You won’t be sorry. Us your staff to find a day of the week that may suit the show and not compete to much with some of the shows that are on certain days, including primetime tv. I am and have been an avid tv watcher for many years and if you don’t get me on the first or second show.. you don’t have me. Plain and simple. This one did.

  9. Love this show and the line up was perfect for me just after my other favorite show the Bates motel.
    Chloe Sevigny i’ve been wating to see her on a tv series.
    Please wirk this out and bring back this show.

  10. I was hooked from the opening scene. I liked that the show immediately followed Bates Motel, which is one of my favorite shows. I thought the line-up was a good one, but I think it could work on another night just as well. Too many reality shows, I like well acted, well written shows!

  11. I totally disagree. I think it’s the best show on TV, and I’m sorry to see it go. The female star Chloe Sevigny is very complex and aggressively so. I already wrote to A&E about this, and I trust it will be relaunched, as indicated. Hey, I’m sixty years old and when it was only me and a couple of high school students watching Breaking Bad, AMC drove on and it became and award winning show.

  12. If you have seen the original then you know why this show is gone … it simply stunk. The psychologist is totally unbelievable. The script was horrid, Why would you try and condense a complicated 1 1/2 hour show into 40 minutes. Absolutely assinine.

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