ABC debuts “Nightline Prime” on Saturdays

Not to be outdone on Saturdays by CBS’ 48 Hours, and NBC’s new Dateline Saturday Night Mysteries series, ABC is now adding a newsmagazine of its own on Saturday nights. Nightline Prime, an offshoot of ABC News’ long-running late-night news program Nightline, will air in primetime on Saturdays starting March 15 at 9pm ET.


From ABC:

“True to Nightline’s long tradition of excellence in of-the-moment journalism and documentary-style storytelling, Nightline Prime will use the newest technologies to put viewers in the middle of stories as they unfold. The new program puts the latest small, agile cameras out with journalists embedded at the center of the stories they are reporting, enabling its teams to go farther, closer and deeper than previously possible.”

An ABC release says that some of the upcoming stories covered on Nightline Prime will include journalists riding shotgun with a group of motorcyclists as they attempt to shut down traffic; a look into the barrios of Latin America, where young women risk their lives for a new body; a visit to the poisonous Snake Island of Brazil; and more.

Nightline Prime airs Saturdays at 9pm ET on ABC starting March 15.


  1. I just finished watching the Plastic Surgery of young women and girls.
    What are we telling the women and girls of today, that you are not good enough until you change yourself to fit in or stand out as a “perfect” person. What ever happened to be yourself and love yourself as you are. Now it just seems too easy but very expensive to try to change. But an operation doesn’t change anything about who you are, you will still see yourself in the mirror.

  2. I watched this week’s program about a child kidnapped from a hospital and felt compelled to write. On the weekend I watched a movie with Nicolas Cage in it . I found an uncannie resembalance of Cage and the picture of the child especially the EARs. I don’t know anything about Cage’s background but it may be worth checking out.

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