Twisted recap: “The Son Also Falls”

Twisted recap: “The Son Also Falls”

This first season of ABC Family’s Twisted has been one heck of a ride already, and it’s not nearly over. The final scene of last week’s episode ended with Danny’s (Avan Jogia) dramatic confession to his mom, Karen (Denise Richards). He was absolutely sure that she was the one that moved Vikram’s (T.J. Ramini) body as a way to protect him. However, right away at the beginning of this episode (which was directed by Teri Hatcher), Karen denies the idea of moving Vikram’s body but she thinks that it was Jack (Ivan Sergei) to protect both of them. Maybe it was Jack, but I also think that it may have been someone who now has a big piece of blackmail over Danny and Jo (Maddie Hasson) and everyone else who is involved with the moving of Vikram’s body. Karen wants to find out if Jack is really the one who moved Vikram’s body, so she goes over to his house and runs into a little surprise — his daughter Whitney (Brianne Howey) — so she doesn’t get a chance to confront him yet. Whitney later relays to Jack that she has been having trouble at him with her mom and her mom’s boyfriend causing Jack to keep her in town with him, so now we have another new kid at school.


Instead of focusing on the crazy life of Danny, the show finally starts to take a shift to a place that should be more important in these teens’ lives: high school. Jo has been thinking about college after high school and after talking to her academic adviser she realizes that she needs to participate in more extracurricular activities. So, why not go for student body president?

Charlie (Jack Falahee) decides to help her with her campaign and even pushes her to stay strong in running for the position. Jo and Charlie are getting even closer even outside of school. Later in the episode, Charlie lets Jo know that he was in juvie with Danny and that he knows Danny better than Jo; that Danny might not be the guy that Jo thinks he is. How much do you think Charlie really knows?

We know that things between Jo and Rico (Ashton Moio) have still been a little tense. Not only is Jo going to run for student president but so is Rico’s girlfriend Andie (Cynthy Wu), and when Rico finds out that Jo is going to be her rival he’s not too happy about it. This relationship is probably not going to be mended anytime soon. Later in the episode Rico goes to confront Jo because he thinks that she is being selfish and stealing Andie’s dream.

That relationship isn’t the only one that has gotten out of hand. Danny and Lacey (Kylie Bunbury) have still not completely cleared up their relationship. Especially with the big secret that Danny is keeping, Lacey is still having a hard time trusting Danny. When he confesses to Karen she tells him that he has to keep it a secret from Lacey, not only to protect himself but also to protect her. Instead of telling her the whole truth he tells Lacey that he saw his dad before he got into the car accident and that maybe if he had turned Vikram in he would still be alive. Lacey accepts this explanation for his mysterious behavior but she can still tell that he is hiding something.

Even though Danny came clean to his mom, the secret is still gravely weighing him down when he starts to have dreams about his dead father and the guilt that he has been feeling while he pretends that everything is okay. Things are definitely not okay, not even at school. He has not been doing well in his classes and then after he pretty much flunks a test he bribes his teacher with a donation to get better uniforms. After his dream about his dad, Danny really seems out of character. He flaunts his new ‘fortune’ not only with donations but again later that night when he takes Lacey to dinner. I’m not sure if he’s trying to buy back her affection but he is acting even more arrogant than with his teacher. Lacey really cannot take any more excuses from Danny and when she finds out that Danny has been keeping this huge secret from her with Jo she ends everything with him. So he runs back to Jo because she’s the only one that knows everything. Her response isn’t the one he’s looking for, and he storms out of the house back into his car. The episode ends abruptly, but thankfully no one gets hurt, but who’s to say how much longer Danny can keep this secret?

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