Switched at Birth recap: “The Past (Forgotten-Swallowed)”

Switched at Birth recap: “The Past (Forgotten-Swallowed)”

After last week’s episode of ABC Family’s Switched at Birth, and its fantastic dance numbers, we all knew that the love and harmony couldn’t last too long, so what’s in store for us this week?

A couple of episodes ago, Bay’s (Vanessa Marano) friend, Mary Beth (B.K. Cannon), was asked to go to a dance by someone in the same frat as Tank (Max Adler). Later in the episode Bay found out that the ‘dance’ was a terrible thing that all the frat boys did and brought a date who they thought was ‘ugly.’ When Bay found this out this almost ended things between her and Tank. In this week’s episode, Mary Beth finds out that Bay is still going out with Tank even when he refused to leave his frat. Mary Beth doesn’t understand what Bay sees in Tank. Will she be able to befriend the awesome and sweet loving Tank that we all know?


Bay definitely tries to get Mary Beth to see the Tank that she knows by arranging a place for Tank to come and “bump into” Bay and Mary Beth. Once Tank gets there, though, Mary Beth immediately leaves. Bay tries to let Mary Beth know that Tank isn’t the bad guy that she thinks he is. He’s not like the boys that she dated in her past – like Ty (Blair Redford), who cheated on her. That’s when Mary Beth spills her big secret: Ty never cheated on Bay, he only told her that he cheated so that she wouldn’t have to go through the heart break of truly losing Ty at war. This secret that Mary Beth has now let go puts things in whack. Ty was never this bad guy that Bay has been trying to forget about, so where does that leave Tank? Not only is his relationship with Bay messed up, but even his place at his fraternity gets put in trouble when Bay lets slip that she knew about the dog fight in front of one of his fraternity brothers.

Along with Bay, Daphne (Katie Leclerc) is having problems of her own. She still hasn’t been able to choose between Campbell (RJ Mitte) and Jorge (David Castaneda). Both Campbell and Jorge aren’t making her decision any easier when they start to have an unannounced competition between themselves to fight for a closer relationship with Daphne. Who do you want to win?

A little while later in the episode they are all at an event together put on by the clinic when Regina (Constance Marie) finally meets them – now she can see why Daphne has had such a tough time choosing between these two.

Meanwhile, at the event, Daphne is trying to talk to a doctor about a pre-med program when helping Angelo (Gilles Marini) gets in the way. When she later finds out that the doctor left she flips out on him. Maybe she’s overreacting a bit; she’ll have another chance to talk to the doctor right? That’s when we find out that maybe she’s a little jealous of Angelo’s daughter and the way that he cares for her in a way that Daphne missed out on.

This episode is the first in a while that we’ve finally heard from Toby’s (Lucas Grabeel) wife Nikki (Cassi Thomson). Their marriage was one that they both fought hard for against their family and friends. Besides the long battle that they had to go through they are now having even more troubles because of the distance both physically and mentally between them. Since Nikki has been gone on her missionary work, her perspective on life has changed greatly. Even so, she wants Toby to drop everything that he has been doing back home and come to be with her. After marrying Nikki in the first place Toby’s life after high school kind of came to a standstill. He’s been trying to make the most of his life by becoming the coach of the soccer team and even taking more responsibility at the car wash. Not only has he invested his time into soccer and the car wash but he has decided to invest even more time into Sharee (Bianca Bethune) and her academics. And now Nikki wants him to change everything in his life again, what’s Toby going to do?

Of course, after John (D.W. Moffett) finally fixed things with Kathryn (Lea Thompson) at the end of last week’s episode he has been trying to stay on her good side ever since. In this week’s episode, Kathryn has been having trouble with her book and the demand for another story by her boss. John seemingly comes to the rescue, though, and decides to invite over an old buddy of his to see if he can get a story out of him for Kathryn’s book. As the night progresses, his old buddy and the date that he brought with him may be getting the wrong idea from John and Kathryn when things start to get a little … let’s just say … awkward. Thankfully, John and Kathryn come up with a lame excuse as to why the night has to end her and their guests leave. Before they leave, John’s buddy makes a parting speech and quickly says something about John and a “triple.” Kathryn surely catches on and asks John all about it for a story for her book.

This episode of Switched at Birth was a little weird, if I do say so myself, but I guess that’s to be expected. Check out a preview of next week’s episode to see what’s going to happen next:



  1. I just think that Bay should calm down on the whole Ty issue cause he’s not around an he’s in the army which makes him a flake. If she wanted an could handle a friendship that’d be ok but she’s got to realize that Tank has been by her side an he’s a good guy an IF he’s willing to forgive her an give her another chance she should totally take it an not worry about Marybeth cause in all honesty he didn’t have to do what he did for her an Bay. Marybeth should realize you shouldn’t live in the past.

    • I agree, it definitely seems like Bay is putting all of her chips in the wrong places!

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