1. I hate the who do you think should go home 2….especially so early in the game…it’s just week 3, I think they should at least wait til after you see some overall challenges cuz at this moment its kinda surface superficial stuff. Plus it’s sad when it’s not a split vote, when its all on you, you feel like sh*t! But I give it to Vivacious for getting through it and givin a heck of a show on the way out!

    And how much do you want to bet Trinity is gonna do Beyoncé for Snatch game which you know in like 2 or 3 episodes is gonna come up cuz they usually have top and bottom (hehe)…I mean front and back rows full! I hope she don’t…Beyoncé’s been done TWICE on Snatch game and both times were DISASTERS if you ask me, unless you can truly do it right, I’d say NO. And I’m prayin DeLa doesn’t do Michelle Visage…she’s already been done and AMAZINGLY, I wouldn’t mess with perfection, but from the vibe I’m getting from her she seems smart enough to do a different character!

    I wonder who’s gonna go home next…things are getting gaggy!!!

    • Yes, Trinity should avoid doing Beyonce in the snatch game for sure! She, and everyone else, need to do someone with some personality. Humor is a huge part of snatch game & some girls seem to forget that. Or forget that Marilyn Monroe slept with JFK. Yikes!

      If I remember the promo for next week, I think we get some kind of singing competition. THAT should be interesting…

  2. Hiya Ruth, great recap!

    Ok, I’ll start with your question first.

    As far as the LSFYL, did the judges make the right decision???? Yes. April definitely deserved to be there. I thought Vivacious did wonderful but you could see the anger and fighting in April’s face like “KEEP ME DAMN IT!!!!” and while Vivacious was great, April edged it out. That being said what led up to them being in the bottom 2 has me wondering…

    Back to the beginning, first things first, I know Gia and Bianca was throwing MAJOR shade but damn if it wasn’t hilarious! Every season needs commentators that’s gonna tick you off and make you laugh at the same time and we have found that in them! (Side note: I am FOREVER stealing the phrase “I don’t jump the gun, I am the boom-boom gun!”…now that had me ROLLING)

    For the mini-challenge, I thought Adore and Milk’s win was well deserved, and yeah milk’s packaging was not tight at all, I’m about half sure…or at least a foot and a half sure (hehe) that coulda attributed to their win! They were also very funny though, and if it wasn’t them it woulda been Laganja and Courtney cuz they worked well together and Laganja’s legs were EVERYWHERE and it was hilarious to watch. No shock they all chose their groups, the girls are already bonded and it was at minimum the easiest choice. Now here comes the kicker…assigning parts…

    For Team Milk: I thought it was well done, except for giving Trinity the most parts when she vocalized it many times that “ACTING VIRGIN” was living inside of her. What possessed them to say that means “GIVE ME THE BIGGEST PART,” is an odd choice but seeing the scene, the other choices would have been a bit more risky so it turned out being the right choice after all. Plus they knew their lines…that’s half the battle! Their scene work went smooth and it was a deserved win! I did enjoy Darriene’s head in a box 2, another deserved win, if it wasn’t her, I probably woulda went with Courtney or Milk.

    Team Adore: Their ship was going down from the beginning due to lack of leadership. Her popcorn style of assigning parts made stuff bad out the gate. If I had my way The “butch part” shoulda gone to Vivacious, she has the deepest voice and probably coulda pulled it out. Under the box woulda been BenDeLaCreme cuz she’s already a character actor I feel like her personality woulda came out even if she was just a head. And then April coulda been the mother, she has an accent, and they coulda made it funny and work. The only reason Gia and Adore do good is cuz they actually talk like that minus 80’s jargon. A deserved loss.

    I agree that Ben and Laganja shoulda been safe, they were the saving grace in the scenes, Gia deserved to be safe cuz she just lucked into a good part (side note: did she really not think theirs was in black and white for a reason OTHER then it being set in the 60’s??? Girl please!) And that leaves me with my bottom girls…

    Now I KNOW you don’t want Adore to go home yet…BUT…home girl is kinda fu*&ing up! The reason why she keeps getting spared is her charisma, her uniqueness (cuz she is holding on2 that mermaid gig) and her nerve, but her Talent is REALLY leaving me wantin….SOMETHING. I don’t want them to keep saving her instead of other queens just because her personality is great, I mean what else are you bringing to the table? That IT factor is gonna turn to the SH** factor if she doesn’t start bringing the heat! She’s not steppin on my toes yet but she’s inching closer to my feet, she’s gonna have to step it up for me. That being said, she did do a decent performance in the film so in lieu of her horrible management of the process she pulled off enough to save her tail from the bottom THIS TIME! I think should she get in the bottom 3 again, sh should have to lip-sync unless there is just some major f-in up on the other 2 parts, but is she’s on the bottom again, BRING IT to the lip-sync. I know it seems like I’m comin after Adore but I like her, I just don’t want her to keep getting the Go pass cuz they like and she’s not putting up a good fight. Plus in Untucked she said she picked Vivacious to go home cuz it’s a personality thing but they’re all in their 20’s…and loud, or eccentric and Vivacious wasn’t but that didn’t mean her personality didn’t gel so even though I know editing no doubt made it seem worse than what it was, I was still like “so cuz she’s not bouncing off the walls she doesn’t gel well with you guys???? MEANIES!!!!” SO I wanna root for her but she’s moved down my list…for now.

    Other side notes:

    * Did you or did you not LOVE the executive realness April was giving at the beginning???? I was like yes girl, you better have that clutch tucked securely under your arm????

    * I’m sad I didn’t get to see more Vivacious 2, but I’d put her up a season of ALL STARS and get weird with it honey!!!

    *The Milk/Vivacious convo never had… **tear** but (knock on wood) if Milk doesn’t win…ALL STARS BABY!!!!!! And then let the craziest costume WIN!

    *Trinity does NOT look like Beyoncé, I get that’s her idol and all but just no…even with work done I still think no, some people naturally look like people and others who favor them get the work done to complete the process but Trinity…just no.

    * I really really really really really really Don’t know who the little woman was sitting in the chair…I thought maybe a doll that came to life or something since it was the daughters head in a box?

    *I do love me some Cersi on GoT, well I love to HATE her, but why was Lena even there, this was the littlest dialogue with judges I’ve seen and that may be because Linda Blair was kinda all that was needed, she was after all the original scream queen, but I just felt Lena was wasted as a judge, she coulda came back for another acting challenge or even Snatch game but what are you gonna do when Ru calls you to come host? DON’T ASK QUESTIONS AND ROLL WITH IT!

    • I totally agree on Adore – if she doesn’t step it up, she needs to go. Same thing kind of happened with her on Idol as well. She did what she’s going to do & didn’t take a lot of feedback that would’ve made her better. I’m hoping this latest smackdown will finally smack some sense into her head & she’ll really bring it. If not she’s going to be sashaying away sooner rather than later, I have a feeling.

      And I do hate the whole “who do you think should go” crap. I know almost every reality show does it so it’s not going away anytime soon, but I don’t like it. Don’t really blame the girls for all ganging up on Vivacious. She was pretty weak in the episode and probably going home. If one of the girls had called out a different girl that’s probably staying that would increase the tension in the workroom.

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