Lindsay on OWN – Season 1, Episode 1 recap

Lindsay on OWN – Season 1, Episode 1 recap

By Nicole Youngblut

Last night was the anticipated premiere of Lindsay, directed by Amy Rice on OWN. Two days after exiting rehab at Cliffside Manor, Lindsay Lohan sits down with Oprah and discusses her new life path of sobriety.


In the first episode, Lindsay cancelled her yoga and meditation retreat in Europe after Oprah cautioned against it.  Then, she moves back to New York from LA to be closer to family. Lindsay is working with her sober coach, Micheal Corimer, to integrate the tools needed to stay sober into daily life. She states family as a huge part of her recovery.

The show portrays her daily life struggle of rebuilding her personal life, while dealing with addiction.  Adjusting to a move back to New York, finding an apartment, and arguing with brokers that try to take advantage of her by raising housing market prices on account of her celebrity.

New York City with its fashion parties and nightlife has too many temptations for Lindsay’s recovery. Is it better than L.A.? Maybe. Her family is there, but it seems like she’s trading one hot bed of temptation for another.

One day, Lindsay and her film crew could not leave her hotel room, because of the swarm of paparazzi outside.  Lindsay feels like a prisoner.  She has to worry about the added stress of paparazzi following her to an AA meeting, so she doesn’t want to go.

Does this docuseries expose a relatable human side of Lindsay Lohan? Even with all of her fame and wealth, she still has some of the daily struggles of family problems, relocating to a new city and finding personal inner peace.

Is New York City the best place for Lindsay’s recovery?  I’ll be watching Lindsay on OWN next Sunday to find out!


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  1. I would be interested to hear, after the show has completed, Lindsay’s views
    on her portrayal.

  2. advising lindsay to cancel a yoga/meditation retreat to do a televised docu-series on OWN — does oprah have linsday’s best interest in mind?

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