2014 Long Island Medium Tweet to Win sweepstakes entry details

TLC kicks off the Season 5 premiere of Long Island Medium with another Long Island Medium Tweet to Win sweepstakes. The live event begins Sunday, March 9 at 8pmET where Theresa Caputo will randomly select winners during live segments of the premiere episode. Winners will be announced live during the show and will win an all-expenses paid trip for two to meet Theresa in addition to a private reading. The value of the trip is listed as $3,500 and includes a three day/two-night stay in New York, as well as $500 spending cash.

Long Island Medium Tweet to Win sweepstakesAccording to the official rules, you must be 21 years of age or older to enter. Because the show starts at 8pm ET and is live, entrants residing in Mountain and Pacific time zones will not be able to see Theresa making the live announcements but are obviously eligible to enter during the Sweepstakes Period of 8pm ET until 11pm ET on March 9, 2014. Regardless of your time zone all winners will be notified through Twitter immediately. If you are one of the lucky winners, you will be required to provide written consent to be filmed during your private reading and most likely will appear on a future show.

Last year’s stats for the Tweet to Win sweepstakes were reported as generating more than 1 million Tweets throughout the day. The network estimated that upwards of 165,000 fans of Theresa tweeted while watching the show — so your chances of winning aren’t that bad when you think about it. The #LongIslandMedium hashtag, which was a requirement for entry, was used more than 880,000 times — so what that means is Tweet often! There are no limitations on how many Tweets you send during the time period. It was unclear what tweets actually won last year’s contest, as numerous entrants tweeted multiple times. Here’s what a few of last year’s winners tweeted after they won?

“I’m still in disbelief … I can’t believe it! … I’m so happy,” tweeted one of the winners — @Emma25KY — who said she was trying to win a reading for her husband and tweeted about 52 times. @AVirtuousWoman1 tweeted “I won!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! … Thank you. Forever grateful.”

“OMG!!! Screaming in the living room!!!! Woo hoooo!!!! I can’t believe this! Thank you @Theresacaputo and @TLC! #LongIslandMedium,” tweeted @alimichelle76. “When I wake up tomorrow someone will have to remind me that it wasn’t a dream. ”

To enter the 2014 Long Island Medium Tweet to Win Sweepstakes you need to do the following. For complete and official rules on entering the Long Island Medium Tweet to Win Sweepstakes you can visit their website, but the gist of the sweepstakes entails the following:

1. Before or during the Sweepstakes Period (8pm ET to 11pm ET), you need to sign into your Twitter account. If you aren’t familiar with Twitter or need to establish an account, it costs nothing so you become a member of Twitter.com and create a Twitter account. Twitter actually offers some basic tutorials on how to tweet, as well. It’s not overly complicated.

2. If you don’t already, you must “follow” @TLC on Twitter.

3. During the Sweepstakes Period, Theresa Caputo will request followers to tweet about the season premiere of Long Island Medium. In your tweet you must include the hashtag #LongIslandMedium.

Good luck!!!


  1. Hi, Teresa my name is Veronica I sure would to meet you ,my dad in August 1991 mom past in may of 2000 I need so answers my soul feel sad I need my soul to feel at peace I never said I love to both my mom and daddy ,I live in corpus Christi, Texas 4 hours from S.A. tx. So I hope to meet you before I past and my baby girl is name deztiny she my 20 in a few days my anniversary its in a couple of days I sure would like to meet you maybe someday we will hopefully soon you don’t know how bad I need to talk to you I wish I could talk to you in person but that’s not possible so maybe one day we will meet Theresa I don’t live too far from the beach about a 10 minute drive good places to eat here a lot of seafood so maybe one day we will god bless you, I hope you get to read this letter I guess this is all I can tell you right now so you could the rest when we meet god bless your family Theresa you’re such a good lady I hope we get to meet soon because I’m 55years old and I don’t or maybe someday we’ll talk on the phone I can give you my number 361 3534 508 so hopefully you’ll get this God blessed Teresa again you’re such a beautiful person I guess that’s all for now .

  2. hi Teresa my husband died in 2009 of a massive heart attack there were so many things left unsaid and regret. My son and I still mourn his death and I feel so guilty I wasn’t there when he died.my husband’s birthday is December the 19th. When it gets closer to that time it’s even more difficult.my son misses his dad so much it’s hard for himhe always looked up to his dad. I would do anything they have one last time to talk to him, but more important my son to hear from his dad I know I’m probably too late for this knock and shock itwouldit would be amazing to to receive your help with our broken hearts one day and to be able to be at peace. I love watching your show.I am always so happy for the families that heres from their loved ones. I always cry.

  3. Good evening Theresa
    I am writing on behalf of my daughter. She lost her dad in April to a drug overdose. He was found 3 days after he passed. My daughter never got to say goodbye and she is worried if he would still cross over due to his lifestyle he chose. She cannot accept this or move on as she says she doesn’t feel him near her. Please…I know you get thousands of requests but she is deeply affected by his passing and needs to know he is okay. I trust you. Please help my daughter. She is only 24 and she has been left with a wooden box with his ashes, it is all she has left.
    Thank you

  4. Hi Theresa
    I’ve been unable to get passed my Aunt death she’s been gone for 17 long years and to me it gets harder and harder I need your help…. the pain is becoming to much to handle

  5. i would come see you with my daughter ben self and his wife. will you be coming to florida as well for all of them to also see you

  6. i watch your show all the time i do not miss one episode i was watching tonight about the mom’s coming through and the brother and son i was sitting there balling my eyes out praying it could be me i just love you …..people come to you and you help them so much the gift you can give is so out standing and the peace is totally amazing

  7. i watch your show all the time i do not miss one episode i was watching tonight about the mom’s coming through and the brother and son i was sitting there balling my eyes out praying it could be me i just love you glenda trivett

  8. i am glenda trivett and i am 45yrs old my ex husband lost his mother she was 44 yrs old. i lost my mother she was 59 yrs .old the both us just want to be released of the guilt and hurt that we have been going through. my oldest child has a lot of guilt and she feels like she has no one most of the time she has been baker acted when she was young like 7 times after my mom passed. my mom and her had such a bond that no one could or should break we miss both of so much please help us get past the guilt and all of getting pass the loss and feeling so lost with out these two special and wonderful people in our lives. thank you so much and god please bless her with so much for you do also with this wonderful gift he has giving you with all of our wonderful sincerity the trivetts…………..

  9. hi,
    I am writing to see if you would come to Canada. I watch you when I can. love your show..

  10. Hi Theresa
    I have grieved now for almost 2 years, over my Mom’s sudden death she was only in a nursing home for a week, got staff infection and passed away, and long painful death. I laid by her side for 12 hours, and had to watch her die, and turn colors as her body shut down. I loved my Mom with all my heart, I was really an only child and raised by her, she was a single parent, and all I had. Now that I’m a single parent with four boys, I understand how hard it was, I also had a sister who passed at the age of 9 years old, I would love closure and know she is in Heaven and happy, and not in anymore pain. Since her death, my health has gone down, I now have Graves and other health issues, with the depression and not getting over how fast I lost my Mother, I sleep with the blanket she died on, pictures of her fill my home, and I cry and stay in a deep depression over it, I would love to be able to know she is ok, and know I can go on and let go…. I believe in you, I watch your show all the time, and pray to GOD, he will allow me to meet you and put an end to my grieving, and depression and let go. Thank you for all you help let go, and start living again. I love you, and all you do, thank you. Evon Miller

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