#RichKids of Beverly Hills star Dorothy Wang on lunch, her allowance and more!

Life sure is good for #RichKids Of Beverly Hills star Dorothy Wang. Shopping, spinning and hanging out with costar and fellow selfie-obsessed pal Morgan Stewart (pictured together below) has traditionally filled her non-committal days. But last week we saw that things are changing as Wang is getting a little more serious — just a little — in pursuing an income on her own at an elite Beverly Hills real estate agency. Yay Dorothy!

#RichKids of Beverly Hills starIn this Sunday’s episode of #RichKids of Beverly Hills (March 9 at 10pm ET), Dorothy takes another step toward true independence and moves into her posh new pad. Of course a move like that calls for a celebration, and that would be in the form of a sleepover “as only Rich Kids do.” Also on tap for the group is a girls’ trip to New York City for Morgan’s first major writing assignment for a trendy fashion app.

But enough about that and more, more, more about Dorothy. Below we had the #RichKids of Beverly Hills star Dorothy Wang answer our 7 questions, where she talks about those addicting dark chocolate covered pomegranates (so love her tip on sticking them in the freezer!), how lunch is an irrelevant meal (she’s on her own on that one), the best gift she’s ever received (yep, it’s hard to top) and her monthly allowance (A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!).

1. You’re at a magazine rack and can pick three magazines or subjects to read. What are they?
If I’m at the airport I’ll do US Weekly and then I’ll usually grab a Vogue and one fashion magazine — Allure, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Glamour, In Style  — one of those. I do like to cook and bake and all that stuff, so I’d pick up a Cooking Lite or a cooking magazine.

2. If your TV carried just three shows or networks what would they be?
Well, I love reality TV and it’s weird because I feel like the Housewives series has really just taken up my entire repertoire of TV time, because there are so many of them. I love things like Homeland and Top Chef. I also love Food Network. I do also like my new favorite thing, which is Shark Tank.

3. What are three things you have to have in your fridge or pantry?
Well every morning I eat yogurt with blueberries and some almonds. I’ve been going over three in all my categories. I over do it a little bit. I like my options. I like turkey breast. I don’t really love lunch. It’s like Morgan and my thing that we think lunch is a very irrelevant meal of the day. So I kind of graze all through the day maybe a little turkey, hardboiled egg, scrambled eggs. I’m very into those Brookside dark chocolate blueberries and the pomegranate things. My trainer — because sometimes I send him a food log — and he’s like, “Really!?! Every single day you are eating 15 of these things?” Pop them in the freezer for 15 minutes it brings them to a whole new world.

4.What movie can you watch over and over again and never get tired of it?
Clueless. I like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Sex and the City, Troop Beverly Hills, The Notebook, Mean Girls 2 – all that stuff. We usually all end up watching them together at a sleepover on TV in the background.

5. What’s the best gift you ever received?
It’s weird. Even though I always say that I’m spoiled but I’m not babied, I do live a certain way and my parents do give me nice things but it’s never like, “Oh my God Dorothy it’s your 16th birthday so we’re getting you a car.” They made it very clear that they don’t show how much they care about me through gifts. A lot of times I get nicer things on just because it’s a random Wednesday than on my birthday because they don’t want to set up a precedent that a holiday means they have to give me something over the top or great. Recently, my mom got me a Rolex watch that I love, and that I wanted for a really long time. It’s this huge 41MM face Presidential Rolodex gold watch. I’ve always wanted it. My parents always thought it was so flashy and weird and they didn’t think I actually liked it. It’s literally been four years of me talking about and they realized it was not just a phase and they got it for me.

6. What’s your average monthly wardrobe spend?
Even though I am 25 years old for my big ticket items I still double check with my mom. My really expensive stuff my mom buys for me. Things like Barneys. It also depends if the season changes then I have a bigger allowance because I need to buy jackets and boots and that costs more than summer clothes. My parents really don’t set an allowance for me to stick to because I’ve always been very responsible. I feel that just because you have money doesn’t mean you need to spend all of it. I’m very smart about my spending and I kind of spend it the right way. I will splurge on a $5,000 leather jacket. But it’s a very nice, well-made leather jacket. I do love clothes and one of my dad’s big businesses is retail, so my sister and I lucked out so we get a little leeway on that one. On average, on clothes, I would spend with my own money probably, maybe, around $8,000.  But my mom and dad and the things that they buy me it could go from anywhere — probably be anywhere around $25,000 to $30,000 which isn’t that bad compared to some people I know.

7. So give us an idea of what a day in the life of Dorothy Wang is like? Is it truly all about shopping, clubbing, tanning, partying and selfies?
Our schedules change from day to day, but a typical day is Morgan and I – and this is how our friendship really blossomed – we wake up and we go to spin class. We’re basically — admittedly — obsessed with trying to be skinny but  over-eaters at the same time, so we always go to spin class in the morning. After that I do have the luxury of working a little bit later. You’ll see me working at The Agency, which is a real estate company that I’ve been working for a little bit as a real estate agent. We do have the luxury of fitting in our weekly maintenance beauty regiments. We’ll get our eyebrows done. We’ll get our hair done and fun stuff like that. We also do a lot of planning for our events and things that were doing over the weekend.