11 amazing photos from BBC America’s “24 Hours on Earth”

BBC America’s 24 Hours on Earth:  In this epic spectacular, cameras delve deep into the natural world and explore its most critical dimension — time. The two-part special travels moment by moment through a virtual day and celebrates the most extraordinary and spectacular examples of how animals and plants are adapted to exploit the 24-hour cycle. 24 Hours On Earth Part 1 premieres on BBC America Tuesday, April 11, at 9pm ET. Part 2 premieres on March 18 at 9pm ET.

11 amazing photos from BBC America’s “24 Hours on Earth”

The first light of day triggers the brain to release waves of energizing hormones:
24 Hours On Earth

In the twilight, a male Weedy Seadragon woos a female into passing her eggs into his care:

An elephant family are up early to greet the sunrise:

South African Fur Seals run the gauntlet between the safety of the shoreline and their feeding grounds:

At sunset, all but the longest wavelengths of light are scattered, creating warm glows of reds and oranges:

The rising sun is a wakeup call for a family of meerkats:

It takes, on average, just 2 minutes for the sun to sink below the horizon:

The moon shines with reflected sunlight; a ghost sun:

A Tarsier family make the most of the moonlit forest – to hunt:

The arctic summer sun melts the ice from under the polar bear’s feet:

Many nocturnal predators hide away from moonlight, and choose to go hungry. It’s known as “lunaphobia”:

Photos (from top): © Tom Walker; © Alex Mustard /NaturePL.com; © Peter Blackwell /Nature PL.com;  © Visuals Unlimited /NaturePL.com; © Tom Walker; © Simon King/NaturePL.com; © Philip Jones; © Tim Laman/NaturePL.com; © Tim Laman /NaturePL.com; © Bryan and Cherry Alexander /NaturePL.com; © Elliot Lowndes

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