NBC adds “Dateline” Saturday Night Mysteries to weekend lineup

Friday and Sunday night Dateline episodes not enough for you? You’re in luck! Starting March 8, NBC‘s Dateline is adding two-hour “Saturday Night Mysteries,” perhaps hoping to rival CBS’ 48 Hours mystery programming on Saturdays.

Lester Holt Dateline

As he is on the other Dateline installments, Lester Holt will be the primary anchor of “Saturday Night Mysteries,” which will air at 8pm ET. The first installment on March 8 is called “Miles From Nowhere.” In the California mountains, a young father called 911 to report that he had been in a shoot-out with a car full of strangers. With one man dead and two others injured, authorities wondered if this was self-defense or something else. Keith Morrison reports in this repeat episode.

Dateline Saturday Night Mysteries debuts March 8 at 8pm ET on NBC.

Regularly scheduled Dateline timeslots of Fridays at 8pm ET and Sundays at 7pm ET remain.


Lester Holt Dateline image: Heidi Gutman/NBC


  1. I have cable which when I record your show just drives me crazy!!!! The reason is because it cuts off the ending of the show and if I have forgotten to add a couple of min. to “ending time” I don’t get to find out the verdict. Like tonight. The man accused of killing his wife just got his appeal after spending about 8 years in prison. They called it the “owl killing”. I don’t believe for a min. he was guilty and pray you will e-mail w/his outcome? The only one against him was his sister-in-law, I believe. His 2 sons and all his daughters and brother(the attorney) always believed in him. I knew he didn’t murder his wife just because the blood was up the wall. Please e-mmail me and let me know his outcome. Thank you, Marni

  2. Sad story for everyone involved. But in my Opinion living in the country. It’s a scary thought when you can’t count on the police to save you. In a Situation like that when they have to come from an 80 mile radius to help you. The first thing that runs through your mind is saving your family. You think you don’t want anybody to hurt your babies. So your reaction would be to grab the gun. As far as those kids go they shouldn’t never came back the second day. To me I feel as though they were asking for trouble. I’m truly sorry that somebody lost their life. But what if it would’ve been the other way around and it was the man’s babies that were killed. I’m sorry but those kids shouldn’t never returned. Now boy is dead and the innocent man is locked up for life. It doesn’t justify the fact that he lied. But he was trying to protect his family.

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