Destination America announces Mountain Monsters Season 2 premiere date

The first season of Destination America’s Mountain Monsters was the network’s best series ever among key demos in delivery, and also earned DA’s best original series debut among P2+ and HH in delivery. We saw that interest here on our website, as well, with plenty of comments on our initial posts about the series, and with Mountain Monsters winning Best Paranormal/Monster Series or Special in our annual Viewers Voice Awards by a large margin, and Mountain Monsters star Huckleberry winning in the Best Beard Category. Naturally, with success like that, Destination America will be bringing the series back, and Mountain Monsters Season 2 begins April 4.

Mountain Monsters Season 2

This season, the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (AIMS), led by John “Trapper” Tice, investigate more legendary local beasts in 14 new episodes. Kicking off the season April 4 at 10pm ET, AIMS travels to Pike County to investigate the Kentucky Hellhound, reported to be a 500-pound canine predator.

The following week, April 11 at 10pm ET, the team travels to Grafton, WV, to investigate the Grafton Monster, said to stand almost 10 feet tall and weigh more than half a ton and known to locals as “The Headless Horror.”

On April 18 at 10pm ET, AIMS goes to Nicholas County, WV, to investigate a large, Bigfoot-like creature called “The Yahoo.” The April 25 episode finds the team in Webster County, WV, to investigate the legendary Webster Werewolf.

Other creatures featured in Mountain Monsters Season 2 include the Fire Dragon of Pocahontas County (WV), Sheepsquatch of Boone County (WV), Shadow Creature of Braxton County (WV), Hogzilla of Hocking Hills (OH), Death Cat of Cherokee County (GA), Bear Beast of Raleigh County (WV), Snallygaster of Preston County (WV), Cave Creature of Greenbrier County (WV) and Bloodless Howler of Harrison County (WV).

New for Mountain Monsters Season 2 will be a Mountain Monsters: Behind the Hunt after-show airing on Destination America’s website. After each episode, Trapper and the rest of the AIMS team answer questions about the monsters, talk about their most terrifying moments on the hunt and discuss what goes on when cameras aren’t rolling.

Leading up to Mountain Monsters Season 2, viewers can catch up on the first season starting March 21 at 9pm and 10pm ET with Mountain Monsters: Uncaged, which offers a look back at AIMS’ earlier adventures with new footage and behind-the-scenes extras.

Mountain Monsters Season 2 airs Fridays at 10pm ET on Destination America starting April 4.


Mountain Monsters Season 2 image: Jason Elias/Destination America


  1. I lived in West Virginia all of my life & I love the show .for those guys to take the time to go & investigate all of the sightings of monsters in different counties my hat is off to them. Good job guys!!!!

  2. The only thing missing was one of the boys saying ” Hey Y’all Watch This” It’s no faker than watching wrestling on TV! Still it’s entertaining and a few of us get a laugh talking about it later on. Keep chawing and spitting boys!

  3. would like to know when the next series is coming out. Love this show,
    will it be coming out in late 2014 or early 2015

  4. I love the show and can’t wait for new epsoides. I have seen some strange things my self and also have seen something that I can not say what it was. Bring on the new monsters guys!

  5. I love the show! Can’t wait for it to come back. I only watch Mountain Monsters so nothin to watch till they come back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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