NGC re-airing Vladimir Putin documentary

In light of current events in Russia, National Geographic Channel (NGC) has decided to re-air a two-hour documentary special called Russia and The West: Putin Takes Control on March 12. The program originally aired in 2012, just prior to Vladimir Putin reclaiming control of the Russian presidency for his second tenure.

Vladimir PutinNGC says that Russia and the West is, “a look back at the story of Vladimir Putin. Putin’s top colleagues – and the Western statesmen who eventually clashed with him – tell the inside story. Putin began his career as a KGB spy, but when he became President of Russia, he made himself a valued ally of the West. NGC looks into how he did it and what made Washington and London turn against him.”

The special was two-and-a-half years in the making (no word yet on if it has been updated to include Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine). It is based on over 100 interviews with eyewitnesses to his ascendancy. Viewers will also hear about the world leaders who have tangled with Vladimir Putin, including President Obama.

Russia and the West: Putin Takes Control re-airs March 12 at 6pm ET on NGC.