Twisted recap: “Danny Indemnity”

Twisted recap: “Danny Indemnity”

This week’s episode of ABC Family’s Twisted opens up with the discovery of Vikram’s (T. J. Ramini) body. We – the fans of the show, of course – know what happened between Vikram, Jo (Maddie Hasson), and Danny (Avan Jogia). His body was left at the bottom of that cliff – but that’s not where there police found it. The police found his body in a car, making it seem like he died in a car crash. So who moved the body – what’s your theory?


Since the death of Vikram, there seems to be some sort of “silver lining” for Danny and his mom Karen (Denise Richards). Vikram left behind a life insurance policy that is worth $10 million. It was originally left to Karen but without her knowing, Vikram changed the policy and left it all to Danny. Upon finding this out, though, Danny tells his mother that he has no reason to keep that money from her, to spend it as if it is also hers. That’s exactly what Karen does, and maybe she’s just a little too happy to have this new fortune. Her behavior gives Danny a theory about what might have happened to Vikram’s body. Karen knew how much money she would be getting and maybe she knew where Vikram’s body was. Did she move it to protect Danny? Danny needs to know the truth, he can’t keep hiding this big secret that he and Jo have been hiding.

Towards the end of the episode, Lacey (Kylie Bunbury) confronts Danny about the strange way he has been acting. Since the last confession the weight on Danny’s shoulder was lifted until his latest secret. This little nudge by Lacey gets Danny to confront his mom. He tells Karen he knows that she knows. He thinks that she moved the body after he killed his dad and that’s where the episode ends. Some silver lining that is.

There are a couple of other things we should note that happened in this episode. We knew that Jo’s mom, Tess (Kimberly Quinn), was in contact with Vikram. Her secret was ousted in the last episode and in this one she told Karen and Jo about it – neither of them taking it well at all. What made Tess keep this secret from everyone, including her husband, Kyle (Sam Robards)? He definitely wants to know and asks her. When she was younger and on a break from him she was sad and didn’t want to be alone. Unfortunately, this left her with a pregnancy that she didn’t want anyone to know about. She was going to have an abortion, but there was no way that she could go through with it. That’s where Vikram comes in. He helped her with the pregnancy and helped finance a closed adoption to give the baby up. Vikram kept this secret for her, and this is the friend that was there for her in a time when she most needed it – it is the reason that she helped him.

The other part of this episode that I’d like to touch on is our favorite guy Rico (Ashton Moio). Since going to the school dance together, he and Andie (Cynthy Wu) have gotten really close. After the dance they see Jo at the coffee shop and it seems like Jo is a little jealous at how close they have gotten. Then, the next day at the auction, Jo asks Rico why he suddenly cares about the auction and charity so much now. Of course, he wants to impress Andie and be the best guy he can be for her – that’s why we love Rico so much.

Does Jo feel like she missed out on a good guy after everything now? Well, I guess we’ll have to wait until next week! Check out a preview of next week’s Twisted below: