Switched at Birth recap: “Dance Me to the End of Love”

Switched at Birth recap: “Dance Me to the End of Love”

This episode of ABC Family’s Switched at Birth was definitely an episode that left us with lots of good feelings compared to how crazy the rest of the season has been so far. Everyone really had the dance fever in this sort of So You Think You Can Dance-type episode as all the characters danced their way through the problems that they have been going through so far!

Switched at Birth Dance Me to the End of Love

Let’s start with Bay (Vanessa Marano), and the problems she’s been having with her artwork. Since breaking the tendon in her hand she has not been able to paint and produce the art she is used to making. Now she has an art project due that her teacher, Theresa (Sandra Bernhard), assigns the students to recreate a memory that is important to them. Of course Bay tries all she can to complete the assignment but of course it’s not something Theresa accepts, challenging Bay to re-do the assignment. Bay is definitely frustrated, as almost anyone would be, because she doesn’t feel like there is anything she can do.

Emmitt (Sean Berdy) comes to the rescue, though, and helps her think outside of the box. He brings her to a place where it’s like a magical unexpected place that resembles Las Vegas. It was created by a man who loved his wife and wanted her to remember the first time that they met. After seeing this wonderful place – and don’t forget the cool dance number between her and Emmett – Bay creates a new work of art that really impresses her teacher. Even though she passes the assignment this time, Bay still doesn’t feel happy about it because creating art and actual going through the process of making the art is the biggest part for her.

Daphne (Katie Leclerc) has developed a new passion of her own. Since volunteering at the clinic she has become interested in the medical field and even lets Regina (Constance Marie) about applying to schools that have a good pre-med program. After saving Dr. Jackson (Al White) in the last episode she feels even more drawn to this idea. Jorge (David Castaneda) doesn’t really see her as a hero though and puts her down. The next day, though, he apologizes and even gives her a chance to get more involved with the patients. It doesn’t turn out too well, and later that night she has a dance number that goes sour, too. Daphne can’t keep up with everything that’s going on around her and she feels like being deaf would hinder her chances of becoming a doctor. Dr. Jackson lets her know that she shouldn’t let anything get in the way of what she truly wants to do, and that there should be no reason as to why she wouldn’t pursue a career in a degree.

That leaves us with John (D.W. Moffett) and Kathryn (Lea Thompson). Since John cheated on Kathryn she has not only had a hard time trusting his character but she wants more out of their marriage – she wants adventure. John doesn’t figure this out until he fails to surprise her with a diamond bracelet. Of course diamonds can’t fix everything, silly John. The big dance number ends the episode when John puts together a better surprise for Kathryn surrounded by all the people they love. This episode finally brings us some happiness in the crazy world of Switched at Birth.

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