The Hub Network and Awkward Family Photos team up for “Awkward Family Movie Week”

My family has taken some very strange Christmas card photos. Most embarrassing are several years where my siblings and I posed in swimsuits. Swimsuits!!! One year, we were in swimsuits on a golf cart. Why?!? And then there was the year when several of us straddled a Civil War cannon… I am not alone in my family photo embarrassment. And, if you think your family photos are mortifying, the Hub Network and Awkward Family Photos can prove that compared to the ones they’ve seen, your family (and mine) is completely normal.

During its weeklong “Awkward Family Movie Week,” the Hub Network will be showcasing some of the world’s zaniest and most cringe-inducing photos from the vaults of

The Hub Network brings Awkward Family Photos to TV


Each night during “Awkward Family Movie Week,” Monday, March 10 – Sunday, March 16 at 8pmET/5pmPT, photos from the popular website, which celebrates crazy and hilarious real family pictures, will be shown as interstitials during family-friendly movies about highly bizarre families.

So dust off your family’s titter-triggering photos, and show them with pride, better yet, send them to Awkward Family Photos and maybe you’ll see them during the Hub Network’s “Awkward Family Movie Week.” I, however, will not be sending in my golf cart photo. It is way too mortifying!

“Awkward Family Movie Week” Schedule: (all times ET)

·       Monday, March 10, 8pm: Addams Family Values
·       Tuesday, March 11, 8pm: The Sandlot 2
·       Wednesday, March 12, 8pm: Short Circuit
·       Thursday, March 13, 8pm: Clue
·       Friday, March 14, 8pm: Planet 51
·       Saturday, March 15, 8pm: Ice Age
·       Sunday, March 16, 8pm: Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey