Twisted recap: “Home is Where the Hurt Is”

Twisted recap: “Home is Where the Hurt Is”

Since the mid-season premiere of ABC Family’s Twisted, in the back of our minds amongst all of this chaos we have all been wondering what is going on with the relationship between Danny (Avan Jogia) and Lacey (Kylie Bunbury). In the last two episodes, Lacey has been doing all that she can to help Danny because of the way that she completely ignored him when he first came back to school. At the same time, she has been caught off guard a couple of times by the new kid at school, Charlie (Jack Falahee).

Twisted Home Is Where the Hurt Is

At the beginning of this episode, Charlie turns out to be someone that Danny knew in his past. In a flashback after seeing Charlie with Lacey, we see Danny and Charlie were roommates when Danny was in jail. At the beginning of this episode Charlie even hints at asking Lacey to go to the homecoming dance with him. All that Lacey can think about is Danny, but his feelings do not seem to be reciprocated. A relationship is something that isn’t on Danny’s mind at all. All he can think about is the secret that he and Jo (Maddie Hasson) have been keeping from everyone, including Lacey. Danny does not want to be in a relationship with someone when he’s already keeping a secret from them. Of course, this leaves room for Charlie to barge in between them, even getting permission from Danny to ask Lacey out, but we’ll see how that turns out.

Then there’s my favorite character Rico (Ashton Moio) and his love life. It’s only been a few days since he was rejected by Jo; however, this doesn’t stop him from still wanting to ask her to homecoming, even practicing what he’ll say to her. We’re introduced to another character at school, though, named Andie (Cynthy Wu), who has an obvious crush on Rico. After talking to Jo again about homecoming she tells Rico again that she shouldn’t be the one that Rico is going after, especially when Andie is this great girl who is really into him – so he asks her to homecoming.

Then don’t forget about Danny’s mom, Karen (Denise Richards), and Jack (Ivan Sergei). They share a steamy moment together in this episode again right before Danny walks in on them. Danny can see the obvious connection between them no matter what Jack’s past relationship with his dad was. Later that day, Danny even goes by Jack’s house to ask him to work on a car, giving a chance for Karen and Jack to have even more time together.

Now let’s get back to homecoming. Charlie’s invitation to Lacey didn’t go so well because she only wants to go with Danny. Later that night, Lacey even convinces Danny to take her to the dance. Everything is great in paradise – or so it seems. At every homecoming there has to be a queen and a king. They decide to give the crown to Regina (Karynn Moore), in honor of her memory, and to Danny, because everyone felt bad that they accused him of killing Regina. Danny flips out because this is absolutely nothing that he wants. The secret that he is keeping with Jo is weighing down on him, and he doesn’t accept the crown and walks out on the dance and on Lacey.

Meanwhile, Chief Masterson (Sam Robards) and Tess (Kimberly Quinn) are out at dinner when he gets a call from the station about an update on Vikram (T.J. Ramini). Tess’s secret finally comes out when he hears the voicemail that she secretly left Vikram. Betrayed by his own wife, Chief Masterson asks her to come down to the station the first thing in the morning to tell them everything that she knows. Then right before the episode ends he gets another call from the station finding out that Vikram is dead.

How much longer are Jo and Danny going to be able to keep their secret? Watch a preview of next week’s Twisted below:

Twisted: “Home is Where the Hurt is” — Kelsey McNeal/ABC Family