Switched at Birth recap: “Memory is Your Image of Perfection”

Switched at Birth recap: “Memory is Your Image of Perfection”

This season of ABC Family’s Switched at Birth has been out of control so far, and I’m not sure how things can get any crazier – but this episode might just prove me wrong.

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A couple of episodes ago we found out that life at home for Sharee (Bianca Bethune) was not so great. The day that she borrowed Daphne’s (Katie Leclerc) car everything for Sharee swindled out of control and caused Daphne not to say or do anything. That’s not the type of person Daphne is, especially because of what she went through with Regina (Constance Marie), she knows that she has to help Sharee. Daphne had called the state’s child services, but that didn’t help because apparently Sharee’s mom was having a ‘good day’ so the agents left and promised they would be back for random visits. Sharee knew that Daphne was the one that caused this and is upset at Daphne until her mom shows up to school and yells at her in front of her classmates. This time Sharee knows her mom needs help and agrees to Daphne’s plan of getting her to talk to a psychologist. Once they get to the clinic, though, Sharee’s mom finds out what is really going on and attacks the doctor, stabbing him in the chest and fleeing from the clinic with Sharee. Daphne is left there to help the doctor but that still leaves Sharee. Now that it’s clear that Sharee’s mom will have to leave, what’s going to happen to Sharee?

Sharee’s not the only one we’re worried about in this episode. When Regina started working for Wes (Kenneth Mitchell) – I’m not sure if you guys were – but I was definitely a little suspicious of his motives. In this week’s episode it was time for Regina and Wes to present the project they have been working on to the community that they will be drastically changing. Regina had told her mom about the project but had no idea how she really felt about it until Adriana (Ivonne Coll) spoke her mind at the presentation. This set off Wes, who told Reina that she really needs to get Adriana under control before she gave the project a lasting bad image. Regina talks to her mom and instead realizes that maybe Wes hired her in the first place because she was Latina and he knew this would help to get support from the community. Regina confronts him about this, and he threatens her with the contract she signed and his lawyers whom he said would have fun with her in court. Wes definitely doesn’t seem like the happy-go-lucky person we initially met.

Then, of course, there’s still the situation between John (D.W. Moffett) and Kathryn (Lea Thompson). Bay (Vanessa Marano) finally finds out what happened between her parents, and she is worried that they will get divorced. To avoid this she tries to bring the family together and hopes that bringing back old memories will help them work things out. As much as she tried it really didn’t help and the night ended even worse for her. After Bay finally got the cast taken off of her hand she suddenly lost all feeling in her hand. Will she ever be able to paint and draw again and become the artist she wants to be?

So what do you think – did this week’s episode get even crazier to you? Stay tuned for next week’s episode and trust me, you’re not going to want to miss it! Check out a preview of Switched at Birth below from ABC Family: