“Legit” moves to FXX for Season 2

Without a doubt, Legit is one of the crudest comedies on TV, what with star Jim Jefferies’ penchant for foulmouthed humor often laced with sexual and drug-addled content. But it’s also, amazingly, one of TV’s most thoughtful and sincere shows.

Legit Season 2

Moving to FXX for its sophomore season, Legit follows the exploits of Jefferies and his motley band of friends as they struggle through everyday life. In addition to Jefferies and his sad-sack buddy Steve (Dan Bakkedahl), the other main character is Billy (DJ Qualls), Steve’s quadriplegic brother with muscular dystrophy. Instead of the show merely treating Billy like a saintly victim, it allows him to join right in with the TV-MA-rated fun, exhibiting all the rude, selfish and unwise behavior of any other human being.


It’s not just Billy, either. Many of his friends from the special-needs home that helps take care of him also get their chance to shine and be as fallible — and funny — as the rest of us.

“This isn’t a show where it’s like, ‘OK, let’s go in this room with all these handicapped people and it’s really sad,’” Bakkedahl says. “No, they’re just like every other guy on the show. They all want to find a girl. They all want to get bombed. It’s great.”

Bakkedahl adds that he hears from many fans of the show, disabled and not, who say they love it for its sense of inclusion, and that he knew right away that tapping into Jefferies’ comic sensibility was going to be a unique task.

“I was blown away by how emotional it made me in watching [the pilot],” he says. “So once that episode was done, I knew what I was in for. At first blush, it just looks like, ‘Well, this is an odd approach to comedy, isn’t it?’ But now it’s become our signature, our voice. Every episode has some touch of reality that kind of brings you back. … We all have our flaws, we all have our shortcomings, and life isn’t all laugh tracks.”

Storylines for this season include meeting Jim’s parents (guest stars George Lazenby, Magda Szubanski), Steve falling into a crippling depression and addiction following his ex-wife moving his daughter far away, Billy getting a girlfriend, and Steve and Billy’s father (John Ratzenberger) temporarily moving in with them after a fight with their mother (Mindy Sterling).

Legit Season 2 airs on FXX Wednesdays at 10pm ET/PT beginning Feb. 26.


(l-r) Jim Jefferies, Dan Bakkedahl, John Ratzenberger of “Legit”: © 2013 FX Network. All Rights Reserved. Credit: Prashant Gupta