Celebrity Deaths 2014

From the worlds of TV, film, music and books; from the legendary stars to the somewhat unsung, behind-the-scenes forces — here is an ongoing look at the celebrities who died in 2014. May they rest in peace, and may we continue to remember them and enjoy the artistic work, and creations, they left behind.

Lauren Bacall
Shirley Temple Black
David Brenner
Diem Brown
Sid Caesar
Ann B. Davis
Ruby Dee
Oscar de la Renta
James Garner
H.R. Giger
James Brian Hellwig (“The Ultimate Warrior”)
Bob Hoskins
Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Jan Hooks
Russell Johnson
Casey Kasem
Richard Kiel
Jim Lange
Glen A Larson
Dave Madden
Rik Mayall
Paul Mazursky
Juanita Moore
Mike Nichols
Don Pardo
Elizabeth Peña
Harold Ramis
Arthur Rankin Jr.
Joan Rivers
Mickey Rooney
Pete Seeger
Marcia Strassman
Meshach Taylor
Ralph Waite
Eli Wallach
Robin Williams