Twisted recap: “Sins of the Father”

Twisted recap: “Sins of the Father”

At the end of last week’s episode of ABC Family’s Twisted things escalated very quickly – Vikram (T.J. Ramini) was pushed off the cliff after a struggle with his own son Danny (Avan Jogia) and Joe (Maddie Hasson). Now Danny and Jo don’t know what they are going to do. Do they keep it a secret or do they go to the police and tell them everything that happened? The night that it happens they decide to keep it a secret. Even when confronted by her mom, Tess (Kimberly Quinn), Jo still says nothing until the next day, when they both come to the conclusion that the person they should ultimately talk to is Jo’s dad, Chief Masterson (Sam Robards). Danny finds out that this whole time he has been framed, and most likely by Vikram’s business partner, Investigator Marilyn Rossi (Stacy Haiduk). Chief Masterson isn’t available to talk to them yet so Danny goes home with his mom.


What is Chief Masterson up to? Well, one thing I can say is he is not a quitter. In this whole season of Twisted he has been determined to find out the truth behind the recent murder of Regina (Karynn Moore). His lead right now is Marilyn; she’s been in cahoots with Vikram and she framed Danny for the murder of Regina.

In last week’s episode we saw Karen (Denise Richards) go to visit an old friend, Jack (Ivan Sergei). It seemed as though they may have had a closer relationship in the past that Jack definitely wants to rekindle. When he is at Karen’s house in this episode he shares his feelings with her, but she just wants to keep it on a friendly level and focus on the case and her son. They take the box that Jack found of Vikram’s old belongings.

After Chief Masterson gets a box of Vikram’s old files from Karen and Jack he finally makes a connection to Gloria (Jessica Tuck), Regina’s mom, and her possible aid in the framing of Danny. Gloria is already flustered before he gets a chance to talk to her after her confrontation with Lacey (Kylie Bunbury). Once Chief Masterson gets to her there’s no hiding anything, and she spills everything she has been hiding. Shockingly, she was having an affair with Vikram when one night Regina had followed her and found out about her mom’s affair.

(Just a quick side note: Where this puts Kimberly I have no idea, because she has been making calls to Vikram throughout the past two episodes. We definitely did not know Kimberly as well as we thought we did.)

Anyway, here’s when Marilyn comes in, as she is suspected of being paid by Vikram to kill Regina and then to frame the murder on Danny. So let’s get this straight – Regina was murdered because she found out about her mom’s affair? If that’s not dark and cruel, I don’t know what is. Gloria knows how to get into contact with Marilyn and helps Chief Masterson trap her into an arrest. Wouldn’t it be great if things for Danny were actually okay now? He and Joe have still not had a chance to talk to Chief Masterson about what happened last night, so they are still walking around with a very big secret; a secret that they are keeping from their parents and even Lacey. However, we know the truth and apparently so does someone else.

At the end of this week’s episode of Twisted the show brings us back to Vikram’s body still lying in the woods, and then we hear the footsteps of someone walking over to his body. Is it too late for Jo and Danny to come clean?

Watch a clip from next week’s episode of Twisted from ABC Family below:


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