Switched at Birth recap: “The Scream”

Switched at Birth recap: “The Scream”

In this week’s episode of ABC Family’s Switched at Birth, all I can think about is what is going to happen with Kathryn (Lea Thompson) and John (D.W. Moffett). So we know that Regina (Constance Marie) already knows the secret between John and Jennice (Joey Lauren Adams) – Nikki’s mother – but she has kept her mouth shut about it so far, until the beginning of this episode, when she talks to her mom Adrianna (Ivonne Coll). Adrianna’s advice, though, is that Regina should probably not say anything because it’s really none of their business. But what would you do if you saw a close friend’s husband or boyfriend with another woman? She definitely is in a sticky situation.


Let’s sidetrack from this for a bit and talk about Bay’s (Vanessa Marano) sticky situation of her own. In last week’s episode, Bay and Tank (Max Adler) did end the episode on okay terms – especially after Bay had put him in the friend zone – but of course we are expecting an actual relationship between these two. Well, in this episode I think we get what we are hoping for even though there are so many ups and downs. She finds out from her friend Mary Beth (B.K. Cannon) that there is a frat party that Tank has not invited her to. She realizes that she does want to be with Tank because he is so much different from her previous boyfriends. So why hasn’t he invited her to the party – is he over her after the rejection?

After confronting Tank about this – let me just note that this is right after they share a kiss, isn’t that the perfect timing – she finds out the party is disgustingly themed as who can bring the ugliest date. Well, doesn’t that just ruin things for Bay and Tank. But we know Tank – of course he gets the party canceled because he wants to prove to Bay that he is the right guy for her. While all of this is happening between them they have been at a murder mystery party – yes, you read that correctly.

This brings us back to John and Kathryn, and John isn’t the only one that has been keeping secrets. We know what Kathryn’s book is about, but she hasn’t told John yet. Renzo (Alec Mapa) decides to host a party at Kathryn’s house in celebration of her book. And if you haven’t already guessed it, it’s a lifelike version of Clue. Isn’t it ironic that they are playing a game of secrets while they are all running around with actual secrets of their own? Regina finally decides to confront Jennice stating, “As the single person in this equation, you need to back off.” Can I just say that this was definitely a ‘you go girl!’ moment. Meanwhile, John has been looking for clues for the game and happens to stumble upon Kathryn’s book proposal. There’s no way that this murder mystery is going to end up anything but ugly. After overhearing John and Jennice together, Kathryn has had enough. She gathers everyone to the living room, ends the game, and kicks John out – who sadly ends up staying at his son’s house.

We were definitely waiting for something big to happen after all of the secrets – but, man, that was bad. Who knows when things are going to be normal again? Stay tuned for next week’s episode of Switched at Birth!


Switched at Birth: “The Scream” photo — Eric McCandless/ABC Family