Long Island Medium on the go: Theresa Caputo 2014 live tour schedule

Show dates continue to be added to the Theresa Caputo 2014 live tour schedule. The insanely popular Long Island Medium, whose TLC series of the same name has become one of the network’s most popular series, has been touring between Theresa Caputo returns for Season 4 of Long Island Medium on Sunday, May 12, 2013seasons giving fans a chance to connect with their departed via her live show.  Caputo’s live show titled “Theresa Caputo Live! The Experience” has sold out already in some markets prompting the addition of second shows.

As for what to expect at “Theresa Caputo Live! The Experience,” it’s not all that different from what you see on her TLC series, when she makes her man-on-the-street type of impromptu readings. The setting for her show is incredibly simple — typically a stool, a high-top table to rest her water on and a jumbo screen as the background, which follows Theresa as she trolls the audience. Theresa devotes the majority of her shows to reaching out to audience members as spirits come forward. She does spend some time giving some background on her gift and answering frequently asked questions, but the majority of time is hands-on with audience members.

Expect some tears as cameras and the jumbo screen will pull you into the heartbreaking stories of fellow audience members, many of who so desperately need some closure to a loss. At the show I attended, Theresa did offer some assurances to audience members who she didn’t receive a personal connection (which is the majority of the room) as to how they can translate similar signs/meanings to their own situations. Go with an open mind and don’t get overly optimistic on getting a personal reading, as your chances are probably close to 1 and 300 pending the audience size. Even if your loved one doesn’t come through, it’s still an interesting experience to see how Theresa works and, more so, how overly grateful some of the audience members are for the message they received.

EXTRA: Tour review of Theresa’s Milwaukee 2013 live show

Where to get tickets for Theresa Caputo’s 2014 live show?
Tickets are on sale now for the shows listed below. It’s easiest to go to Caputo’s website where you can click on the location of your choice and be redirected to the specific venue. Theresa urges fans to order tickets directly through her site or through the venues box office to avoid paying higher fees.

Theresa Caputo 2014 live tour dates:

Saturday, Feb. 22 – Miami Beach, Florida

Sunday, Feb. 23 – Lakeland, Florida

Sunday, March 9 – PREMIERE of Season 5 of “Long Island Medium” on TLC

Saturday, March 15 – Uncasville, Connecticut

Sunday, March 23 – Newark, New Jersey (second show added)

Saturday, April 5 – Hershey, Pennsylvania

Sunday, April 6 – Syracuse, New York

Tuesday, April 8 – Cincinnati, Ohio

Wednesday, April 9 – Akron, Ohio

Friday, April 11 – Detroit, Michigan

Saturday, April 12 – Fort Wayne, Indiana

Sunday, April 13 – Chicago, Illinois

Monday, April 14 – Green Bay, Wisconsin

Tuesday, April 15 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin (second show added)

Thursday, April 17 – Bloomington, Illinois

Saturday, May 24 – Rancho Mirage, California

Thursday, May 29 – Honolulu, Hawaii





  1. Looking at her tour schedule is disappointing to me. Why? Because she will not be coming to Houston, TX. Theresa, do you like Texans, we like you. Also, my question is: in your tour sessions, is everyone guaranteed to receive a reading from you. It’s okay sitting in the audience listening to others’ reading, as on TV, but it’s nothing like having your own reading. I’m not fortunate to have the money to fly her in or me fly to see her for a reading.

  2. I live in Rathdrum Idaho and I wonder if Theresa will ever come to
    Coeur D’Alene Idaho or Spokane Washington. I would really like to know
    if and when she would come.

  3. Hi, I’m Tori I’m 10 years old and I live in wauconda Illinois and it would mean a lot if you could come to my house and talk to my family about my Gramdpa that died in 2011 when I was 7 years old and my cousin who died 11 months after my Grandpa due to suicide. It’s been a rough couple of years but I would be the happiest kid ever if I could meet you and you could talk to my family! I watch your show all the time! So PLEASE come to my house and talk to my family and u could stay here over night because I think Illinois and where u live takes a long time to get to! Thank you for all you do !!!

    From, Tori Mraz

  4. I thought I saw a billboard in Reno, NV about an upcoming show in June. Is this true, and if so where and how do I purchase tickets? Thank you.

  5. My boyfriend and I would love to have a reading and see her show. Thank you for your time.

  6. will theresa ever come to delaware county pa. Love her show at the dpont hotel or close to media or springfield pa..

  7. She doesn’t schedule any one-on-ones in connection with her tour, so your best opportunity is going to the show (which mind you is a longshot), otherwise, try to win a reading during her Tweet to Win contest on March 9 at 9pm ET. You need to tweet a message using the hashtag #LongIslandMedium beginning at 8pm through 11pm for a chance to win. Theresa will randomly select winners during live segments within the commercial breaks and will announce them on the air.

  8. I see Theresa is going to be in fort Wayne Indiana. Is it possible to meet with her while she’s there? My girlfriend and I would love to have a reading and see her show. Thank you for your time.

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