Twisted winter premiere recap: “Dead Men Tell Big Tales”

Twisted winter premiere recap: “Dead Men Tell Big Tales”

If you’ve been watching this season of ABC Family’s Twisted so far, then you know that this new show has already been a big hit, full of mystery and surprise. Before the mid-season finale we were left wondering how involved Danny (Avan Jogia) is in the recent murder case, if the friendship between Jo (Maddie Hasson) and Lacey (Kylie Bunburry) would get better, and if Danny’s father, Vikram (T.J. Ramini), is still alive. The winter premiere of Twisted does not keep you waiting, as they jump right back into the action.


Don’t forget that Danny is on the run right now since the police had found a murder weapon with his fingerprints all over the evidence. Are you wondering if he’s innocent or not? Cause I sure am. Especially since he’s a fugitive and on the run, until he surprisingly shows up in Jo’s bedroom. Despite the close friends they once were, Jo wants nothing to do with Danny and yells for her mom to get him to leave. Apart from the whole Danny situation, Jo’s feelings are running high ever since she hooked up with Tyler (Chris Zyeka) – a huge mistake that she is definitely regretting now; a mistake that has not only been affecting her but also Rico (Ashton Moio) after he got rejected by Jo when he proclaimed his love for her.

Besides Jo’s messy love life there’s also the complicated relationship between Lacey and Danny. When Danny first came home he was received very poorly by both the girls who were once his best friends, and his mysteriousness and secretiveness kept them away even more. When they finally warmed up to him he got closer to Lacey. Since Lacey has developed these strong feelings for Danny she wants to do all she can to help him – especially because she spent so much of her time pushing him away before.

Our favorite underdog, Rico, comes to the rescue, though, when he helps hide the local fugitive, Danny, so that Lacey has a chance to talk to him. The only thing on Danny’s mind, however, is his father, and once Jo figures out that Danny is at Rico’s, Danny comes clean to Lacey and Jo. When he was a little boy he had come home from school early and saw his father standing over his aunt with the jump rope. Danny was framed by his father, and the only reason he had kept his mouth shut about the whole thing was because he didn’t want to lose his dad. All that has changed though since the death of Regina (Karynn Moore) is being blamed on him again. So where is Danny’s father?

Don’t worry, we won’t be kept waiting long in this episode. After hearing Danny’s confession, Jo has a change of heart and decides to once again help him. She goes to talk to Marilyn Rossi (Stacy Harduk) – the woman who supposedly works for Danny’s father – to see if Rossi will contact Vikram. Of course we all know that Danny could be walking into a huge trap, but he is persistent and goes to an abandoned house to meet his dad.

Jo shows up first because she is worried about what might happen to Danny. To our surprise, Vikram shows up and is very much so alive. This isn’t the family reunion we may or may not have been hoping for, though. Danny and Vikram have a screaming match while Joe tries to secretly record Vikram. He notices what she is doing, and goes after her in a chase through the woods. They eventually all find themselves at the edge of a cliff, and let’s just say things get pretty violent when Vikram is pushed off the edge when the episode ends.

Twisted does not disappoint, and per usual is full of secrets and lies – I wonder who’s going to get caught!

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Twisted winter premiere – “Dead Men Tell Big Tales”: Adam Rose/ABC Family


  1. Thanks for this re-cap – it was really well described! I am so happy it turned out that danny is really innocent. But now he’s killed someone for realz, I don’t know how he’ll deal with that. Jo is getting on my last nerve, I don’t know how danny can keep trusting her. I cannot wait til things heat back up between danny and lacey cause they are twisted’s otp for sure,

    • Lisa, I totally agree with you! I hope things get better for Danny but after what happened with Vikram who knows what will happen next.

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