Switched at Birth recap: “It Hurts to Wait With Love If Love Is Somewhere Else”

Switched at Birth recap: “It Hurts to Wait With Love If Love Is Somewhere Else”

By Aleina McGettrick

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and in this week’s episode of Switched at Birth on ABC Family, there’s not so much love in the air as there is jealousy.


Bay (Vanessa Marano) has continually had trust issues because of her previous boyfriends. She was betrayed by Emmitt (Sean Berdy) when he cheated on her with Simone (Maiara Walsh), and as soon as she got close to Ty (Blair Redford) he left her and completely cut off all communication from her. Even though she has such a bad history with Emmitt, she gives off a definite jealous vibe when she finds out that he might have some sort of online relationship. Emmitt had been talking to a girl named Amanda in a photography chatroom and they hit it off and are now together. Bay – having mixed feelings for Emmitt – starts to ask Emmitt 20 questions about this girl and even goes online to find out information about Amanda for herself. Bay doesn’t have any right to undermine Emmitt’s relationship and question his choices because they are not together, and according to Emmitt they could never be because Bay has a hard time forgiving and forgetting past mistakes.

Daphne (Katie Leclerc) is also going through her own love triangle that parallels the situation that Bay is going through. In this season of Switched at Birth, Daphne has been working at the clinic and we know she had a crush on Campbell (RJ Mitte) until she finds out that he has a girlfriend of his own. In this episode, we find out that Campbell might even have the same feelings for Daphne that she may have had with him. But, of course, now it isn’t something that she is interested in because she doesn’t want to be with someone who can’t figure out what they want. Instead of pairing up with Campbell like we may have suspected, she gets closer to Jorge (David Castaneda) – whom also works at the clinic – after spending time with him and his family.

If that’s not enough love triangles and jealousy for one person to handle there’s almost another with the relationship problems that John (D.W. Moffett) and Kathryn (Lea Thompson) have been having so far in this season of Switched at Birth. Kathryn has been spending a lot of time with her tap dance class friend Renzo (Alec Mapa) even though she knows that John doesn’t exactly enjoy her friendship with Renzo and how much time she spends with him. After she declines an invitation to spend some time with John out of state because she has previous engagements with Renzo, John decides to take matters into his own hands to upset her by buying a motorcycle.

These crazy love triangles filled with jealousy and anxiousness leave us wondering how the characters are ever going to be back to normal. In a preview of next week’s episode, we see that things are going to get even crazier:


Switched at Birth Season 3, Episode 4 photo: Ron Tom/ABC Family