Dance Moms recap Season 4 episode 6: The New Adventures of Old Chloe

Welcome back, Dance Moms nation. Did everyone have a nice week? Did everyone recover from the delicious emotional overload that was At Last? Did everyone see my near miss at a job offer in the comments section of last week’s blog?

(Psssst, Abs, if that actually was you, have your people call my people about the sequel. Just give me a couple minutes to, you know, get some people.)

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On with the show.

We start out in the studio, where Abby’s got a little mall-bang thing going on — and a big surprise for the Pitt Crew. Meet “The New Chloe,” a.k.a. Chloe Nguyen …

dance moms recap season 4 episode 6 chloe

… and her mother, Kim. Freshly imported from the Orlando auditions. Or the Real Housewives of Dance Moms. One or the other.

dance moms recap season 4 episode 6 kim

Kim says Chloe is 12, she’s been dancing since she was 6, and she recently won the World Dance Pageant in Orlando. Sure enough, she did. They’re here for a week-long test run. Christi says, given Chloe’s name, it’s no real mystery who Abby is looking to replace. Everyone, Christi. Everyone. Listening ears.

This week’s competition is On Stage America in Voorhees, New Jersey. Well, I’ll be! I used to live right up the road in Collingswood! Also, we’ve been here before, and all sorts of horrendous things happened.

Pyramid time.

Mack is bottom of the bottom for not winning her division. Then Brooke for being umbilically connected to her phone. Then Paige. Technical issues. Then Kendall for losing her Maddie-chasing mojo.

Row two starts with Chloe. Not perfect in the trio. The New Chloe — whom we are actually calling The New Chloe — gets the middle spot for doing such a fine, fine audition. Maddie rounds out the row.

Woot! Nia gets top of the pyramid! Because she is a seasoned student of “the hardest fall is from the top” where Abby is concerned, Nia barely cracks a smile. But Holly is delirious. That lasts for about 5 seconds, which is how long it takes Abby to inform them that Nia will not be getting a solo, despite her top spot. Instead, she’ll be doing a duet with Kendall.

Solos go to the Chloes. “Old Chloe” gets a contemporary routine called Seeing Red. “New Chloe” gets a lyrical routine called The First Day. As in Old Chloe is Seeing Red because it’s New Chloe’s First Day. Except that I don’t think Old Chloe really is seeing red at all.

Melissa is, though, and she must’ve fussed aloud a little because Abby demands to know what her matter is. She’s not tellin’. Not Abby, anyway. To us, she says Maddie should have had the chance to dance against The New Chloe. What for, Melissa? We all know Maddie is safe as a kitten, no matter who invades the studio. This is all about tormenting The Old Chloe.

The mothers are dismissed. But as they go, Abby tells Kim that if the other ladies get too out of hand in the Mom Loft, she should bang on the wall and Abby will come running. Once everyone takes their seats, the inquisition begins.

Is Kim a dance teacher?

Is she a studio owner?

Was she a studio owner?
Affirmative. But not anymore.

Now she rejuvenates faces at a medical spa. That news makes Melissa’s face look like this.

dance moms season 4 episode 6 melissa

The mothers give Kim the usual hazing about new kids taking time and opportunity from the kids who’ve been here from the beginning. Kim sounds totally nervous in her asides.

Abby asks The New Chloe what her strong suit is and the girl says turning. That’s The Old Chloe’s specialty, too. Abby says The First Day is not just about The New Chloe’s first day with the Abby Lee Dance Company, but maybe the first day of a beautiful partnership and a very successful career.

Upstairs, The New Mom tells The Old Moms that The New Chloe was the star of her Old Studio — which was actually in Las Vegas, not Orlando — so she’ll probably be the star of this one, too. The Old Moms laugh and laugh. The New Mom bails. The Old Moms discuss her face, until The Old Chloe shows up and pronounces herself The Original Chloe. And The Original Chloe is not too worried about The Competition.


dance moms season 4 episode 6 chloe lukasiak

Kim gives The New Chloe a pep talk, but I’m not sure about the details because I can’t stop looking at what I am 97% sure is her chin implant.

I know, Jill. I shouldn’t pick, because it’s her livelihood. But I’m pretty sure it’s her chin implant, too.

dance moms season 4 episode 6 Kim chin

Where were we?

Next day, Kim and The New Chloe show up at the ALDC bearing facial rejuvenating gifts that will get rid of Abby’s spots. Aaaand, it turns out Kim’s husband’s brother is a plastic surgeon right there in Pittsburgh, too! Kim is pretty pleased with herself.

She shouldn’t be.

dance moms season 4 episode 6 abby gia

The group dance, Why Not Me, is about being the person who gets picked at an audition. It’s from the ’30s, inspired by the French Cabaret. Abby says the girls have never done anything like it before. I beg to differ. Anybody remember Pink Lemonade from last year’s trip to Voorhees? Anybody remember Alouette? Oh, oh, oh, oh! That was back when we were actually having fun while making fun.

Anyway, down in the studio, The New Chloe is finding out what The Old Abby is really like pretty quickly. She glances contemptuously up at her mother in the Mom Loft. Where Jill is wearing some sort of pelt and wondering why Nia and Kendall have yet to learn a step of their duet.

dance moms season 4 episode 6 mom loft

She and Holly decide to go pester Abby, even though Holly says flat out that it will not end well. Abby says tell the interlopers that she’ll get to the dance if she can. If she can’t, so it goes. Even though Holly is miffed that Nia achieved top of the pyramid and may have nothing to show for it this week, she and Jill slink back out — but it’s too late for Nia. Abby begins bellowing at every move she makes.

Upstairs, the mothers bellow at each other about this and that, but the one thing they agree on is that Abby has bitten off way more than she can chew with this week’s dances.

Next day, Kim gets a call from Jeremy, the owner of The New Chloe’s Old Studio. She’s nice enough to put him on speakerphone so we all can hear.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words (and a whole lot quicker to proofread), let’s just do this thing in visuals.

dance moms season 4 episode 6 kim call

After all …

dance moms season 4 episod

And thus can beat any team of …

dance moms season 4 episode 6 flabby miller

I mean …

dance moms season 4 episode 6 kim call 3

Minds are blown.

dance moms season 4 episode 6 kim call 4

Christi wonders if Kim is high. Melissa just pouts. A fresh load of mother-crabbing about the other dances getting neglected while Abby works with Kim’s kid ensues. Kim says that Abby’s shortcomings are not The New Chloe’s fault.

Nia and Kendall finally get to run their duet, but Abby is more interested in her phone (second from last place on the pyramid for you, Ms. Miller!), so Jill decides to give her a piece of her mind. Abby retaliates by pulling the dance. The mothers say they don’t want to place blame, they just want the girls to get to do their dance. Abby admits she may not actually pull the duet, but Jill and Holly don’t need to know that.

Next we get a visual reminder of all the shenanigans that happened the last time we were in Voorhees, what with Chloe losing her hat and Christi storming out and all. Then we find out that Kim doesn’t have her sewing kit with her. Or perhaps any idea of what a sewing kit is at all. Melissa shares hers. Abby mocks that. Christi wonders what Mrs. Gisoni’s ulterior motives might be.

Then we have some more fighting about what shall now and ever more be known as the Seventeen Minute Duet. It doesn’t break Nia’s and Kendall’s spirit, though.

dance moms season 4 episode 6 nia kendall


The turns are a little off, but the dance is still fun to watch. Given it went that well with just Seventeen Minutes of practice, Holly wonders what the dance could have looked like with more of Abby’s attention. I do, too, Holly. I would have liked that very much.

The Original Chloe goes next and performs her solo with gusto, but I don’t think the choreography made the most of her best skills. Especially that weird, homage-to-The-Exorcist, spider-walk beginning. Still, Christi says, The New Chloe seems to have lit a fire in her girl.

Backstage, Maddie gives The New Chloe some advice, and The Old Chloe does this, because she is awesome.

dance moms season 4 episode 6 chloe chloe

The New Chloe is dressed like Maddie and her dance is a Maddie dance. She should be called Tall Maddie, not New Chloe. Abby smiles in the audience like a freshly fed baby. And then The New Chloe’s new headpiece goes sailing, just like The Old Chloe’s ol’ hat went sailing last year. What is with the gravitational pull here in Voorhees, anyway?

Christi says it’s a scandal on the dance floor. Kim says she was set up, and we have a flashback to Melissa helping her that suggests a little sabotage may have been afoot. Er, a-head.

Backstage, Abby gives Kim a dressing down about the faux pas, until Holly gets on Abby on the neglected duet and gives her something else to yell about. Then it’s time for the group dance.

Abby tells The New Chloe to make her forget what happened in her solo. Whether or not she did, I do not know because the cameras focused on everyone but her. But the dance is saucy and charming.

dance moms season 4 episode 6 why not me 2

dance moms season 4 episode 6 why not me  dance moms season 4 episode 6 why not me 3

Backstage, Kim decides to further endear herself to the Pitt Crew by informing them that the reason her kid was off today is because she’s used to more difficult choreography and they’re really just slumming it here in Pittsburgh. The New Chloe doesn’t need Abby or this team — Abby and this team need The New Chloe. There’s a bit of a discussion about the meaning of “slum,” then Kim goes out into the hall to wait for the principal and tell on the schoolyard bullies.

When they come back into the classroom, Melissa tattles on the suck-up. I think maybe we should just skip Voorhees next year. Awards time confirms it.

The Old Chloe gets fourth.
The New Chloe gets second. Abby said she might have won were it not for the flying head piece.
The Seventeen Minute Duet gets third.
Only the group dance wins.

Backstage, Abby has a Mom Only talk about everyone’s shortcomings. Kim — apparently over that whole “slumming it” thing — stiffly pleads for one more week, just one more week, but she doesn’t look like she really wants one. Holly presses Abby one more time about Nia deserving more of her attention and Abby says she doesn’t warrant it. She’s not sure any of them do.

Really? After last week’s group dance, this?

Next week, Kim and Chloe are gone, it’s time for the New York auditions and, lo and behold, the smack heard ’round the tabloids. Which was proceeded by one’a these.

dance moms season 4 episode 7 chomp

So what say you, Dance Moms nation? Did the unintentional comic relief of Kim make up for another feel-bad episode? Should Abby never have offered Nia and Kendall a duet in the first place? Would you like to have more of a chance to see The New Chloe dance without The Old Chloe having to suffer it? Do you think that if we tune in next week, we’re all going to be called as witnesses in the Abby v. Kelly trial? Sound off in the comments section below.

New episodes of Dance Moms air Tuesday nights at 9/8CT on Lifetime.


  1. Lori, my love, this show makes me wonder if I have am secretly a black-out drunk and don’t know it. All I know is I start out with a glass of wine and the remote, nothing makes sense for the next hour, I get a weird sense of deja vu until strangers start wandering in and talking about all sorts of tangentially related things like studios we’ve never seen and competitions I can’t keep track of, and I wake up the morning after confused and wondering why I do this to myself.

    “Sure I’ve made some bad decisions, once or twice” (The first four measures of this week’s group dance, btw and you’re welcome.)

    • And since I wrote, “I wonder if I have am . . .” I’m not exactly underscoring the irony of my black-out-drunk joke.

      • LMAO, that has to be the funniest and eeriestly (is that a word, if not it should be) similar thing that I experience too…..kinda scary ain’t it?

    • AH MAH GAHD, JEN, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Nothing’s funny anymore! If you don’t comment every single time so something can be funny, I shall tantrum. You have been warned.


  3. Have to fix typo to my name. These mothers are like a pack of rabid dogs every time a new person comes in. Kim might have her own obnoxious traits, but these women act so threatened. They were the same with Kristi Ray and Leslie. Personally I wouldnt want to be around them. The kids behave better and dont treat newcomers that way.

    • Leslie is the such a pain. All she does is stir the pot and twist around everyone’s words and cause even more drama than this show already has. As for Kim, she basically said her daughter was better than the other girls and was dancing circles around them when she clearly was not. I won’t even get into the comments she made in the dressing room…rude and totally uncalled for. I do think that the moms can go overboard at times, but the new moms don’t always try to fit in and play nice either. They go in with the “my daughter is better than all of your daughters” attitude, so I don’t blame the moms sometimes when they get into with them. I think the only new moms that weren’t crazy were Ally’s and Sophia’s mom.

      • Oh yeah I completely agree. “Somewhere out there has to be a talented kid without a horrible stage mom who can get along with this crew and win every single competition” says Abby never ever…..LOL Does she ever wonder WHY these mothers are so ruthless and protective of their kids and each other? Has she ever thought that maybe, just maybe, SHE might be the problem, not the mothers? Things that make you go hmmmmm…..

  4. Does is bother anyone else when Jill makes comments like “I need Kendall to be amazing” or “I need these girls to do great in this trio?” It just really bugs me when she says that. She’s not doing this for Kendall, she’s doing this for herself. Another mother living vicariously through her child. We all know Jill would put her headshot on the pyramid if Abby would let her.

    • Nope, you’re not the only one. She’s your typical “living vicariously through your child” mother, and it’s just sad because Kendall has so many other talents. She’s an absolutely gorgeous child, and could definitely do modelling, or something else where she’d be treated with respect instead of crap. I don’t doubt that she wants things for her child, but it’s not about her.

  5. You hit it right on the head with the comment about Kim in the dressing room. She was like the snobby kid that can’t take what she’s putting out, goes and tells teacher and then still gets in trouble. Comedy XD

  6. I’m not a fan of Abby Lee Miller or her teaching methods. That said, she does get results, and these kids need to be prepared for the real world of dance where only a few dancers make it big, and the life of a dancer is very short. I am often left feeling that the girls minus Maddie have that drilled into their head with every tiny miss-step they make, while she shelters Maddie. She is in for a big shock when she leaves there because she won’t always be the favorite or the star.

    This episode solidified that Abby wants Chloe gone. Her choreography was okay, but that crab walk was ungainly and not something that should have been included if Abby wanted Chloe to win. The “new” Chloe go the pretty Maddie lyrical solo, and she started fine but she bobbled more than one turn and was slipping and taking extra steps. It was not a winning performance even without the headpiece going flying. While the headpiece going flying happened at the end of the routine, the turn she was doing at the time was horrible. Where was Abby’s indignation when Chloe didn’t place higher. If it had been Maddie and Chloe in that position, she would have been rushing for the score sheets to find out where the error was made. Chloe is a beautiful little dancer, and the improvements she has made even in the past few shows is clearly evident. She has a problem with consistency and confidence, and I feel is she wad given an ounce of encouragement from her teacher she would be a phenomenal dancer. I’m invested as a viewer in watching all the girls grow and mature, and I would sorely miss them, especially Chloe, but I think she anf they would be better served at another studio.

  7. I figured it out! Abby was typing her comment/rebuttal to last week’s blog comments this whole episode! That is what was so important she couldn’t do her job. 😉

    • LOL other than she said she was typing in the dark at her mother’s bedside, and this episode was taped a couple months ago. Otherwise I’d be inclined to agree with you completely 😉

  8. Gah! This episode infuriated me a lot more than I thought it was going to. I knew coming in that it was going to be another ‘Abby slams Chloe’ episode. I knew all along that Abby never intended to let Chloe be Maddie’s #2. My DVR cut off the previews again, so I didn’t see the preview of the slap, but know that if Abby had ever talked to my daughter the way that Abby talks to these kids, I would have slapped her a long time ago. She needs a good slap.

    I agree with everyone who has commented about the horrible choreography that Chloe was given and that ‘new’ Chloe was given the ‘Maddie’ solo. Chloe still did a great job with what she was given. If that really was Abby that commented on my comment last week, she has said that Chloe was given all the same opportuniteis as Maddie, but I disagree. When I implied that Chloe was not given those opportunities, I wasn’t talking about numbers of solos (which I am sure are contractually required, or Abby would never give Chloe a solo), I was talking about the way that Abby treats her. How different would it be if Chloe was talked to the way that Abby talks to Maddie. Shown encouragement and enthusiasm. Just the differences in Abby’s facial expressions during the two dances last night. Scowling and looking for any flaw in Chloe #1’s routine and smiles and sunshine (until the headpiece fell off) for Chloe #2’s routine. Gah again! Let us not forget that Chloe was actually ‘suspended’ and shunned and and Abby wouldn’t even say her name for weeks because of that hat falling off incident. Remember Chloe’s hurt when Abby kept calling her ‘blonde girl’ or ‘hey you’ for half the season. Just imagine how wonderful Chloe could be if Abby was nice to her. It will never happen, though. Next week we will get to see more of the abuse of the Hyland girls, which I am sure is what leads up to ‘the slap’.

    I found the choreography of the group dance interesting. This week instead of the contortionist moves of Brooke, we got the contortionist moves of Brooke and Mackenzie (in unison at times). That was an interesting twist (no pun intended). I wonder about the scoring of these things, too. I saw new Chloe flub several turns, so wonder about her second place. Even with the rotton choreography, original Chloe did a better job. I wonder how many people out there want a whole new team. I only watch the show because I am emotionally invested in the ‘old team.’ It is becoming harder and harder to watch the abuse that Abby keeps heaping on them, though. I wonder if any kid could go out there and give it her best when she is told just before she goes on that she is replaceable. Now! Go dance with JOY!

    • This was really a bad episode. Maybe it’s off topic, but I’m really getting sick of the name Chloe. Anyway, Abby got the ratings she deserved this time. I really didn’t care for any of the numbers. The Pyramid was a joke this week. You’re on the bottom becuse you aren’t perfect, you came in second, yadayada. Anybody else notice Maddie got very little attention?

      • Yup I noticed too, I’m not surprised at all either. The “new” Chloe was a beautiful dancer, I’d love to see her and Maddie go head to head (whether Chloe is on the team or not), I think Chloe would mop the floor with her.

        • Definitely “new Chloe” would totally mop the floor with Maddie, which is one reason Abby would never put her against her, or Kalani when she comes, or even “old Chloe” for that matter. She won’t even put her against that little CADC Mackenzie because she KNOWS that all of those girls would beat her precious Maddie and then world as we know it would come to an end. Maddie would absolutely lose it if she were to lose and if Abby ever put her against some of the girls, she WOULD LOSE. And she would lose her sh*t. That girl Maddie is going to be the most screwed up kid from all of this…

          • That’s also why Abby wouldn’t put her up against Sophia, but she had no problem putting Chloe up against her. Chloe is a beautiful dancer and she is by far my favorite on the show, but we all knew she wasn’t going to beat Sophia. She was set up to fail. Abby keeps saying she wants to challenge Maddie, but how can she be challenged if she isn’t put up against the best?

  9. I agree that Chloe Lukasiak had terrible choreography in Seeing Red. I knew that wasn’t going to win, even if the dancer tried to make the most of it. Who wants to see all this crawling backwards and rolling on the floor?

    • Contemporary style typically isn’t “pretty” to watch, and is very difficult to pull off unless you’re able to really interpret the music. I’ve seen a lot of those type of routines and given what Chloe was given to work with, I think she did ok. It’s not something I think she excels in, but she did alright.

      • That’s what I’m saying. She usually does her best with what she’s given, but I didn’t like this. They have done other contemporary dances that I thought were a lot better. My background is ballet, so maybe that’s why I didn’t care for it. But Chloe L., remember when her headpiece fell down and she couldn’t see, and she still didnt miss a step? She is a professional. I was scared she would get hurt that time.

        • Yup I remember that, and she didn’t miss a beat. If anything I think the judges reward that, not deduct points lol.

  10. Note to Collins Street Productions–we’re on to the fact when two dancers compete in different classes (like Original Chloe vs. Fake Chloe) they’re not actually going head-to-head no matter how you stage the awards ceremony.

    Also, I really am trying to figure out what the judging standards are for these programs. I know we don’t see the dances all the way through, and we don’t see the competition in all the various classes, but new Chloe biffed a couple of turns and still got second. I’m not just picking on her, because I’ve seen Original Chloe, Maddie, Kendall and all the other girls make errors and still win or take close to the top spots. Can somebody give me an idea on this?

    • Good question about the judging, I don’t think anyone really knows where the deductions and scores some from other than the judges and Abby, but of course she’s never going to share that with the viewers, or even the girls. Instead she’d rather tear a kid apart because her headpiece fell off, or her hat, or hair bow….when will she realize that SHE is as responsible as those girls are when they don’t win first place? After all, SHE is the choreographer and the coach, it’s up to HER to prepare her girls for the competition. And that goes for ALL of her girls, not just her favorites.

  11. Why did Abby even bother to give Kendall and Nia the duet if she wasn’t going to spend any time on it? Is she forgetting that it’s a reflection on HER if the girls aren’t prepared, or have sloppy unorganized choreography? And is it me, or does Kim look like that old lady puppet, Madame? I wish I had a picture of her so you could see what I mean, she was part of a ventriloquist act back in the 70’s. And that chin-plant……omg, I’d be wanting a refund if someone did that to me LOL. I have to admit though, I kinda chuckled when Kim was talking to her former studio owner and he had less than kind things to say about Abby….guess she’s not the beloved mentor that all dancers want to work with, eh Abs?

    • One more thing, contrary to what Abby says about hairpieces and costume doo-dads falling off mid performance, the judges DON’T CARE, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the rest of the dance. Now if a dancer were to lose a headpiece, stop the dance to pick it up and put it back on, then they’d be deducted points. In this case, New Chloe was more or less finished her dance anyway, the judges had probably already finished scoring her when the headpiece flew off. The fact that she placed second I’m sure had nothing whatsoever to do with her headpiece.

    • I love the show for the most part. The premise of cute girls and an outrageous instructor is not, in my opinion, why the show has been on for four seasons. It is the moms and their relationships, their parenting , and dealing with a difficult “boss”. I cannot tolerate Christie. Why she feels she has the right to decide who should be on the team is ridiculous. And Kelly isn’t any better.

      I also have a couple of questions:
      Did Chloe accept the Joeffry scholarship?
      Does Mackenzie still have her puppy or do we have to catch up?
      Is Vivianne adopted and if yes why does Cathy think she can dance?

      • Vivi was adopted from Guatamala. She doesn’t like to dance and I think Cathy finally let her give it up. I liked the puppy also.

      • Cathy claims to have “trained” Vivi in dance since she was 18 months old, so I guess that’s enough for Cathy to think she can dance. Not sure about the Joffrey Scholarship, I’ve heard conflicting information, one that she didn’t use it, and the other that she and Maddie both went, so not sure what’s true.

          • Cathy probably had her doing the “shooting guns” move that she’s so famous for, as per earlier episodes with Vivi dancing….LOL

  12. New mom was trying to hard to be relevant. She came on the show to get her daughters name out there and acted out for drama. She is not good fit
    Original Chloe needs to work on arms during turns. Good dancer but has potential to be great if she would put in more time. They r too busy doing (go to0s )making money.

    • If you were a little girl whose teacher constantly put you down and wore a sour face while you competed (no matter how well you danced) how motivated would you be to put in more time?

      • Exactly! Not to mention the fact that Chloe has grown several inches the last couple of years, that affects your lines and technique bigtime, she still has the most beautiful turns on the team, including Maddie.

  13. I love Chloe (the original) but that choreography? I thought the tile was “Crab Fleeing The Cook pot” .

    There had to be things we weren’t shown because Melissa was looking really put out over this new girl and mom, though the show made it about “Chloe vs Chloe”.

    From the preview of next week, my word, if all Kelly did was slap that witch, she showed much control. Miller is a psycho and she needs to learn she simply cannot keep putting her finger in people’s faces, trying to bite them, toss water, talk smack to mothers and children, without at some point, getting a backlash.

    And, Miller, it is rude to talk on the phone during time someone has paid you for. Try going to a doctor and sit there and pay the big bucks for that time while the doctor yacks on the phone. Same thing here.

    Last week, when that woman stood up and shouted “give her a second chance”, there was a mic on a pole to her left. How convenient.

    • Gee….mikes at a tv show, go figure…..(eye roll). You do know this is a television show the kids are auditioning to be on right? Don’t you think that maybe, just maybe, some of it would be taped, and would require microphones?

      • Well Michelle. You completely missed my point. The show was filmed weeks ago but they were trying to make the scene look “that really just happened”, that lady yelling “give her a second chance”, off the cuff. IF it was off the cuff there would not have been a mic practically in her face. They told her to yell it, they had the mic there, and miller acted all shocked and went on her usual mom rant.

        • I didn’t miss any point Debra, I’m not feeding into your Maddie-hate, Miller-is-the-devil conspiracy, it’s getting really old.

          • I didn’t say a word about maddie. I didn’t even say miller is the devil. I said the episode of the lady shouting was staged, while miller tried to make it look as if it happened naturally. However, I do think miller is a bad woman and needs to be kept away from children.

        • We’ve all seen your past comments regarding how Maddie is the favorite, and the entire show is a joke. I’m referring to ALL of your conspiracy theory babble, not just this one.

          • “We’ve”? So, you are now the voice of the entire country? How about if my opinions annoy you so much, you stop reading/replying to them. I don’t give a hoot that you are sick of me. 🙂

        • No Debra, seeing as how I’m not American, I won’t speak for the entire country. As usual, you’re turning this into a bitch-fest and as I told you before, I won’t feed into it. Me thinks you hast a bit of a chip on thoust shoulder, you might want to have that looked at…

          • You replied to my original opinion with this:

            Michelle says:
            February 5, 2014 at 8:16 am

            Gee….mikes at a tv show, go figure…..(eye roll). You do know this is a television show the kids are auditioning to be on right? Don’t you think that maybe, just maybe, some of it would be taped, and would require microphones?

            I am allowed my opinion. You are the one who flamed me with trash talk and “eyerolly” crap. I normally don’t bother with trolls but I have a good idea who you are so in this case I did. But don’t accuse me of “starting all this” because you were the one who flamed my opinion, which you could have ignored, or respond to what I wrote, but you made accusations that had nothing to do with my post.

        • Who exactly do you “think” I am Debra? Other than someone who not only disagrees with you, and doesn’t care expressing MY opinion? Seriously dear, your paranoia is getting out of hand, please seek help before you endanger someone….

  14. Anyone else find it ironic that Abby gets on Brooke at the pyramid about putting her phone down and then spends almost all of the episode on her own phone?

    And no more Kim, please.

    But yea for Original Chloe, Nia, and Kendall — they all did great with what they were given.

    • At least Brooke wasn’t being paid for working while she was on her phone, can Abby say the same? Oh wait…..that’s irrelevant because she’s Flabby Lee Miller and the rules don’t apply to her.

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