Ravenswood recap: “Along Came a Spider”

Ravenswood recap: “Along Came a Spider”

By Aleina McGettrick

In this week’s episode of Ravenswood on ABC Family, the group is up to finding out a few things: where Dillon (Luke Benward) has been, what Springer (Brock Kelly) knows, how to keep Luke (Brett Dier) and Olivia’s (Merritt Patterson) mom out of jail, and what is in the chapel on the grounds of the cemetery. Since the death of Luke and Olivia’s father, their mother, Rochelle (Laura Allen) has been watched by the police as one of the primary suspects in his murder case. They know that their mother did not kill their father, but in last week’s episode the police found a weapon in their front yard that could have been the exact weapon that was used to kill their father.


At the beginning of the episode, Rochelle is arrested again, and this time they are having a hard time getting her out because of the amount of the bail. The family that they have on their dad’s side does not want to help them, so they have no one to turn to. Mr. Collins (Steven Cabral) goes to visit Rochelle in jail and Miranda (Nicole Gale Anderson) is there watching him and while he is there he is trying to convince Rochelle to let him help her – no matter what it is going to cost him. Seeing this from her uncle gives Miranda a different perspective of Mr. Collins, one that she later shares to Olivia. Miranda knows that Olivia does not trust Mr. Collins one bit; however, she thinks that Olivia should do all she can to help her mother. Olivia takes Miranda’s advice to heart and goes to see Mr. Collins in person and asks him for help. This helps Rochelle, and at the end of the episode she is out of jail, but she knows that this is only the beginning of her troubles.

Olivia has had a lot of pressure on her with worrying about her mom and making sure that Luke doesn’t do anything that he will regret, so she has been looking for Dillon for comfort the past couple of days and no one can seem to find him. In this episode of Ravenswood, he shows up out of nowhere at her house. At first Olivia is shut off and stern with him, but once he starts talking, he tells her a story of being sent off by his parents that she eventually buys into and forgives him. Luke does not trust Dillon one bit and finds out that the only reason Olivia is biased towards him is because of the close relationship that they have.

Still, Luke wants to find out what Dillon is hiding, so he and Remy (Britne Oldford) take matters into their own hands. Remy knows that Springer knows something about Dillon and his connection to the knife. She offers to write a piece in the local paper for the unjust arrest of Springer’s dad. This satisfies Springer, and he agrees to tell Remy what he knows. However, we don’t see this yet. Meanwhile, Luke decides to confront Dillon face to face and waits for him in the locker room after the school game. Luke approaches Dillon in a very hostile manner and finds out that Dillon has known about the pact even longer than he has. In fact, Dillon has made a deal with someone to save himself and give up Olivia. Luke doesn’t get out of him how he knew about the pact or who he made a deal with. He goes home to tell this to Olivia, but we’re not sure if she even believes him yet.

The other piece of information that we find out in this episode of Ravenswood is found in the chapel on the grounds of the cemetery. The only reason that Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) even goes to explore the chapel is because his history teacher mentioned how guarded and locked off Mr. Collins keeps it. Caleb finds a way to get inside the chapel, though, and he and Miranda notice a stone on the floor of the chapel that is highlighted by the sun coming through the stained-glass window of the chapel. On the stone are six names – the number of names that were signed on the pact, according to Remy. These aren’t the six names of the group, though. They do, however, see the surname of Dillon, and this explains the connection of the pact.

The group did find out a lot of information in this episode; however, we’ll have to wait until next week to see how any of this will help them, and if they’ll find out anything else about this mysterious pact.


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