American Horror Story Coven season finale recap

In the American Horror Story Coven season finale, you’d expect things to be wrapped up with a nice little bow. It opens with a Stevie Nicks’ tune (“Seven Wonders,” to be exact, tying in with the episode title of “The Seven Wonders”) and everyone is preparing for the final tradition.


Myrtle announces that instead of starting with the easiest of the Seven Wonders, they’re going to start with the most difficult, as she passes around some caviar. In the beginning it is all fun and games, until Madison’s bitch side rears its ugly head, and the result is ugly.

She’s made such a mess of things, help is needed to clean it up (I actually have a little porcelain hand like that). The field is now down to one, and Myrtle begs Cordelia to take control of things.

Cordelia does what Madison and Queenie couldn’t: breathing life back into Zoe, one of the last Seven Wonders. And there’s a new Supreme, the one that I suspected all along.

What would you do if you were just crowned the new Supreme? Call a news conference, build a website, find new recruits to fill that big house — all of the above. Plus, send Myrtle Snow off to the sounds of another Stevie Nicks tune and finally get rid of those monsters in the closet.

Yes, Fiona shows up again, looking ravaged by the cancer, still speaking over poor Cordelia’s head … I have to die for you to truly live … But Cordelia holds fast and has the last word: “No one can help you, mother; you have to do this alone.” I just loved where she ends up for eternity. I wouldn’t mind spending my last days with Danny Huston in a fishing shack. But I hate catfish.


American Horror Story Coven: The Seven Wonders — © 2014 FX Networks. All Rights Reserved. Credit: Michele K. Short