Switched at Birth recap — “Fountain”

Switched at Birth recap: “Fountain”

By Aleina McGettrick

At the end last week’s episode of Switched at Birth on ABC Family, we saw Daphne (Katie Leclerc) and Toby (Lucas Grabeel) trying to put together a field hockey team at Carlton High School so that Daphne would be able to mend her relationship with John (D.W. Moffett). Daphne had also lost her one on one basketball game with Sharee (Bianca Bethune) so she is leaving early this morning to go pick her up at her house. Once she picks Sharee up she tries to talk to her about field hockey and working together for their first game that is coming up in a couple of days. Even though Sharee doesn’t really feel all that interested in talking to Daphne when they get to practice they work together very smoothly and improve their team as a whole also impressing Toby.

switched-at-birth-fountainMeanwhile Bay (Vanessa Marano) is looking to impress someone of her own. In this week’s episode we see her stressing out at the beginning of the episode as she starts to apply to an art school. In order to really enhance her application she is hoping to get a letter of recommendation from her art professor, Teresa (Sandra Bernhard). After class she sticks around to talk to her about it but she has only been in her class for a couple of weeks so Teresa doesn’t really know anything about Bay. Bay offers to help her out at her studio in order to spend more time with Teresa so Teresa offers her a chance to help her out at an exhibit – Tank (Max Adler) also decides to come along and help with the heavy lifting.

Once they get to the exhibit, Teresa reveals her work and unfortunately it isn’t what everyone is expecting. The coordinator of the event lets her keep her work there even though she doesn’t get any of her work sold. At the end of the night you can tell how upset she and she even tells Bay that she should just forget about art school because it won’t make her happy. This leaves Bay feeling awful about her decisions and wondering if going to art school and being an artist is what she wants to be after all. The next day though she goes back to talk to Teresa and she apologizes for the things that she said to Bay the night before. She thinks that Bay should keep pursuing her dream and even gives her a letter of recommendation. Bay isn’t the only one that has had a crazy past couple of days, either.

Regina (Constance Marie) has been off trying to find more clients to keep her business open and in the last episode she unexpectedly ran into a potential client. At the beginning of this episode she tries to go talk to him to see if she would be able to work for him so he invites her to one of his properties. Unfortunately, it is in a different city and she has to decline the offer because she doesn’t want to be away from Bay and Daphne for a long period of time. The client freaks out on her for declining his offer and this totally puts Regina off. The next day he comes by her store and apologizes and offers her a job locally. She reluctantly accepts his offer because she really needs the work.

In the last episode of Switched at Birth we saw that Emmitt (Sean Berdy) found out who was the real person behind vandalizing the deaf student’s cars. In this episode he decides to confront Matthew (Daniel Durant) – also a deaf student – about it. Matthew tells Emmitt that this is his plan to get the other new students kicked out so that they can have their school back and makes Emmitt to promise to keep it a secret. This puts a lot of pressure on Emmitt he doesn’t know what to do. He talks to Travis (Ryan Lane) about it who thinks that what Matthew is doing is awesome, which isn’t the answer that Emmitt was really looking for so he goes to talk to Daphne about it. Daphne lets Emmitt know that what Matthew has been doing is horrible and that he is delusional if he thinks that what he is doing is going to help the school. They next day they tell the principle and Matthew gets expelled. At the end of the episode everything is being resolved even the relationship between Daphne and John. John apologizes to Daphne for how hard he has been on her these past couple of weeks and lets her know that he will always love her and she will always have a home with them. The episode ends with this scene, so we’ll have to wait until next week to see if everything stays as smooth as it is now. Here’s a preview: