5 Things To Know About Season 2 of “The Following”

OK, first things first. So when does Season 2 of The Following premiere? A lot of confusion happened last week when FOX did some rejiggering of their schedule and added a “sneak preview,” which was more like the season premiere of The Following, which aired immediately after the NFC Championship game. Our DVRs weren’t prepared when Kevin Williamson talks Season 2 of The Followingpost-game coverage stopped mid-hour and The Following immediately started resulting in many people missing the first 12 minutes. Not to worry. FOX always intended to re-air the episode as part of tonight’s two-hour premiere event. So here’s the lineup: The Following: “Resurrection” begins at 8pm ET/PT, and is immediately followed by the new episode The Following: “For Joe” at 9pm ET/PT.

I caught up with series creator/executive producer Kevin Williamson earlier this month in Pasadena where he shared some insights on Season 2. Here’s a few of the more offbeat things we can expect for Season 2 of The Following and some fun insights on Williamson:

1. New writers mean fresh blood, not more blood.
Williamson: A brand new team of writers have joined me this year and we’ve had an amazing time, and they’ve been brilliant and amazing and wonderful. It’s just as twisted and creepy. It’s a little more psychological than it was last year because it’s more character based. It’s probably not as bloody as it was last year.

2. Emma (Valorie Curry) is back and she’s pissed at Joe.
Williamson: She’s lost and she’s been on her own for a year and with no help from Joe Carroll. If in fact Joe Carroll is alive, in her mind, he’s going to have some explaining to do. “Why did you abandon me?” If you had this other plan “why didn’t I know about it?”  Or did you have another plan? Maybe you need me? She’s a ball of mixed feelings because she doesn’t have answers. So the first thing she needs to do is find some answers to her questions. … The good news about Emma is she’s in a different place this year. She’s grown up. She’s tough. She’s wisened up. She’s still a bit of a psychopath in a lot of ways but she’s a little bit more grounded on what she wants to accomplish and she’s much more guarded. It’s really been exciting to write for her.

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3. There will be plenty of new killers.
Williamson: I do think the fun of the show is that we do bring in new killers. — and we do bring in new ones this year. Sam Underwood makes a big impression and he causes as much havoc this entire season. He’s fun and he’s delicious and he’s a showman. He’s a role player so he’ll take a dead body and he’ll play with it, if you’ve seen the first episode. Once again, he’s longing for something. He’s alone on this planet and he’s longing for a family.

4. Real violence terrifies Williamson.
Williamson: I’m a little baby. I’m skiddish. I get scared of the dark. Real violence terrifies me. I can’t watch real violence. If I go on google and see the tsunami or something, I can’t see a real person die. It just terrifies me. Fiction’s OK. Fiction is where it is, it’s where those things can live.

5.  There’s a chance we will see zombies …
Williamson:  If we are here nine season from now we’ll all be walkers. [Joking of course, people!]