Ravenswood Recap: “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”

Ravenswood Recap: “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”

By Aleina McGettrick

In this week’s episode of Ravenswood on ABC Family there are still a lot of missing details that the group is trying to discover about the pact. At the beginning of the episode, Remy (Britne Oldford) is talking to Luke (Brett Dier) about her dreams and wonders if she can find out more about the knife that was used to kill her father. She seems to have a connection with the knife because after talking to her doctor about her sleeping problems, she finds out that she may have known about the knife since she was a child. Her doctor shows her a picture that her previous doctor had kept that Remy drew in her sleep when she was seven years old. The picture is of her sleeping with a man standing above her with a knife about to stab her. Comparing this with the pictures that she has been drawing recently, it is appears to to be the same knife that has been haunting her dreams since she was a little girl.

RAVENSWOOD_webAfter talking to her doctor, Remy is put under a 24-hour observation so that her doctor can monitor her brain waves as she sleeps and dreams. Remy has two dreams: In the first, Remy doesn’t think she has actually fallen asleep, so she gets up to open the door. But when she opens it, she is in her room from when she was a little girl. She is watching her seven-year-old self sleeping when the man with the knife shows up. Remy yells at him and tells him to go to away, but the man is not afraid of her. Remy actually wakes up when the nurse comes in to wake her to let her know that she really did fall asleep.

Meanwhile, Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) and Miranda (Nicole Gale Anderson) are back at the grounds of the Collins when Miranda shows Caleb her jar. Before they open it though, Caleb decides to go confront Mr. Collins (Steven Cabral) about the jar. When Mr. Collins first sees the jar he claims to know nothing about it, but when Caleb almost opens it, Mr Collins freaks out because he knows what will happen if Caleb does open it. Caleb threatens Mr. Collins and warns him that none of the people he loves should get hurt. Mr. Collins does not seems to back down until Miranda (who only Caleb can see right now) breaks a vase and scares Mr. Collins. After the confrontation, Caleb and Miranda finally open the jar and Miranda is finally free again to leave the grounds of the Collins.

Olivia (Merritt Patterson) is off to find answers of her own, accompanied by Tess (Haley Lu Richardson). They are at the hospital trying to get into Springer’s (Brock Kelly) room to talk to him about the knife. However, his mom is there the first time they try to get in, and Olivia finds out that his mom isn’t fond of Olivia and her family at all. Remy’s dad tells her that Olivia’s dad is the one that sent Springer’s dad to jail. A little later, Olivia and Tess try to get into Springer’s room again to talk to him. He is still sleeping, so Olivia takes his phone and finds a message on it of him saying “I planted the knife, isn’t it enough?” She can’t make out who he is talking to, so she gives the phone to Caleb. He can’t work anything out of it either. Later in the episode Olivia comes back to return the phone and this time Springer is awake. When she asks him why he did what he did, he tells her that he did everything because Dillon (Luke Benward) – Olivia’s boyfriend – told him to.

At the end of the episode Remy is having her second dream, but this time it’s worse. In her dream the man with the knife turns out to be the pastor who was there the night that the pact was made. He is trying to kill her because there are debts that have to be made for the pact to remain. No one awaken her until Miranda somehow gets inside of Remy’s dream and rescues her. Miranda is almost trapped in the dream when the pastor grabs her but she drags him out in hopes that he will no longer be able to haunt Remy’s dreams. The episode ends with the drawing of Remy’s picture from when she was seven but with red x’s over her eyes – symbolizing her death. This episode of Ravenswood leaves us even more worried about the teens, but we’ll have to wait until next week’s episode to find out what happens!

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