Switched at Birth Recap: Season 3 Episode 2

Switched at Birth Recap: Season 3 Episode 2 “Your Body is a Battleground”

By Aleina McGettrick


In the last episode of ABC Family‘s Switched at Birth we saw Daphne (Katie Leclerc) and Toby (Lucas Grabeel) working together to establish a field hockey team at Carlton. They have been having some trouble finding girls to actually play on the team, so at the beginning of this week’s episode they ask Bay (Vanessa Marano). Let’s be honest, Bay doesn’t really seem like the type to get into sports, but they convince her to play and help out so that she will not have to take gym class. Gym class isn’t the only class that Bay is worried about: She recently started taking an art class at the local college and she was given the assignment of drawing a portrait of her partner, Miles also known as Tank (Max Adler).

In class that day they are asked to reveal their portraits of each other and their art teacher, Professor Teresa (Sandra Bernhard), is not impressed in the slightest. After seeing Tank’s portrait of Bay, she even kicks him out of the class. However, Bay comes to the rescue and stays after class to convince Professor Teresa to let Tank back in the class. She explains to the professor that it was her fault that they did not properly complete their assignments because she had been going through a break-up and was not taking it very well. Happy that Bay had actually said something honest, Professor Teresa lets Tank back in the class, and gives them both a second chance to submit a portrait of each other. Throughout the episode, Bay and Tank meet up and Bay gets to know more about Tank and vice versa; at the end of the episode they are able to produce portraits that capture their unique perspectives of each other, thoroughly impressing Professor Teresa.

Another developing relationship on the show is the one between Daphne and Campbell (RJ Mitte). Campbell volunteers at the same facility where Daphne has to complete her community service, and in this episode, a young skateboarder comes in to get a cast for his wrist. He seems to be in a quite a rush to get back out to the skate park and doesn’t stick around to receive the results of his blood test. Daphne doesn’t think anything of it until Campbell lets her know that the skater could have diabetes. Campbell doesn’t want Daphne to get into trouble from their supervisor for letting the skater walk out, so they decide to go find him at the skate park. When they finally find him, he brushes off the results and lets them know that nothing is going to stop him from doing what he truly loves. Campbell does manage to convince him to come back in to the clinic so that Daphne won’t get in trouble.

After leaving the skate park, Daphne and Campbell have a conversation about their disabilities and the cures for them. Campbell is very interested in finding a cure for spinal injuries so that he can walk again, because it is something that he remembers — something that he very much wants to do again. Daphne feels a little bit differently, because she feels that being deaf is a part of who she is, and she does not remember what it was like to hear. Being able to talk to Campbell about such personal issues ,and being able to relate to him, gives Daphne a feeling of a closer connection to Campbell. One that may not be mutual, because at the end of the episode Daphne finds out that Campbell might have a girlfriend.

There is one more apparent relationship in this episode and it’s been Katheryn (Lea Thompson) and her friend from tap class, Renzo (Alec Mapa). John (D.W. Moffett) finds out that Katheryn has been going to tap class when he calls her during a lesson and Renzo picks up her phone to answer. When Katheryn gets home that night, she has to explain to John who Renzo is and that he has nothing to worry about — she even invites Renzo over for dinner the next night so John can meet him. When Renzo arrives, Bay and Toby seem to like Renzo, though John is slightly hesitant. However, he is polite to Renzo the whole night — until he finds out that Katheryn lied to him about why she didn’t go to the charity dinner with him: She went to a drum circle instead. Katheryn knows that she should not have lied to John about it, but she feels as if she can’t get her own personal time. The next day, she even lets John know that she has been seeing a psychiatrist. This episode had some definite ups and downs but we’ll have to wait until next week to see how much crazier things are going to get between all of the characters.

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