Ravenswood recap: “Home is Where the Heart Is (Seriously — Check the Floorboards)”

Ravenswood recap: “Home is Where the Heart Is (Seriously — Check the Floorboards)”

By Aleina McGettrick

In this week’s episode of ABC Family‘s Ravenswood, the group is still trying to figure out more about the pact that the town made in 1917. After receiving more knowledge of what happened that night from Remy’s dream they know the contents of the pact; however, now they are trying to discover who is holding all of the power. They all assume that Mr. Collins or someone else in the Collins family is the bad guy, and we may even agree with them, but this week’s episode may have changed your mind. Everyone is trying to settle back down and figure out more at the beginning of the episode but of course it wouldn’t be right in Ravenswood if there wasn’t some new predicament. A predicament is exactly what we get when one morning the police show up with a search warrant at the house of Olivia (Merritt Patterson) and Luke (Brett Dier). Earlier that morning the police had dug up a three-blade knife in their front yard, the same type of knife that was used to kill their father. The police suspect their mother, Rochelle (Laura Allen), and bring her back to their precinct to ask her more questions. When seeing his mom put in the back of the squad car Luke gets very angry with the officer and he himself is also taken into custody to cool down.


While he is there, the person in the cell next to his is an old man. At one moment the man asks Luke what time it is and in the next it is as if the old man is overcome with another person because in a more cynical voice the man tells Luke that, “You should not have seen,” and then goes back to sleep. Earlier in this episode of Ravenswood we found out that Remy (Britne Oldford) has been having even more problems with her sleep. In addition to sleepwalking she has been drawing pictures of what happened that night in 1917 and of warnings from someone or something that is upset with the group. When she wakes up, Remy finds papers all over her room of things that she drew and when she leaves her room and goes downstairs to the living room there are many more with the same message that Luke got: “You should not have seen.”

Remy doesn’t have much time to figure out what these things mean because her sleep problem is getting even worse. After her dad, Simon (Henry Simmons), brings Luke to their house from the police station the two of them fall asleep and Remy almost stabs Luke with a knife in her sleep before her dad miraculously stops her. After that moment both of Remy’s parents have decided that she needs to go to the hospital to receive the help she needs.

We got another surprise in the show when Caleb’s (Tyler Blackburn) father shows up at his apartment out of the blue. He has come to Ravenswood after receiving a letter about the death of the relative that he also had no idea about. Henry has left Caleb’s father his house, so Caleb’s dad has decided to stay in Ravenswood for six months to fix up the house in hopes of selling it. At first Caleb attempted to push his dad away with a negative attitude to keep him safe for the curse however after realizing that his dad was not going to leave no matter what he decides to help his dad in hopes that he will speed up the process of fixing the house.

This new parent-child relationship in the show isn’t the only one in this episode of Ravenswood. Miranda (Nicole Gale Anderson) has decided to find out more about the ghost that has been with Mrs. Grunwald (Meg Foster). After doing research with Caleb, Miranda found out that the ghost is actually Mrs. Grunwald’s mother. The ghost dies of the same pact and left behind her child that she has not been with at Mr. Collin’s house since she died. She doesn’t want to help Miranda break the pact at all because she wants to stay with Mrs. Grunwald and at the end of the episode she even gives Miranda the jar with her hair in it just to get her to leave. It’s still hard to say who is the bad guy and the good guy in this series; we’re not even sure if the group is close to figuring it out, so stay tuned for next week’s episode! Here’s a promo for next week:


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