Switched at Birth recap: Season 3 premiere

Switched at Birth recap: Season 3 premiere

By Aleina McGettrick

The season premiere of ABC Family‘s Switched at Birth, called “Drowning Girl,” opened with a bang. At the end of the last season we were left wondering how the lives of each of the characters would be changed after all of the events they went through in the previous episodes of the show. Let’s start with toby (Lucas Grabeel) and his controversial marriage to Nikki (Cassi Thomson). After a few of the episodes in the last season we could tell that Toby’s family had mixed feelings about the marriage, especially because of Toby’s age and the fact that he was no longer attending school. However, even after the doubts of his family and friends, he kept his promise to Nikki and married her. When we see Toby in this season 3 premiere of Switched at Birth we can tell that even though he doesn’t regret the decision that he made with Nikki, he does miss the life he had before he got married. He tells Daphne (Katie Leclerc) that he even misses going to school.


Speaking of Daphne – what’s going on in her crazy life? At the end of the last season of Switched at Birth she found herself in all sorts of trouble. After being caught for blackmailing one of her supervisors, she was punished with 100 hours of community service and she was given a probation officer to report to. Not only is she being punished by the court, but she is also being punished by the guild that she has and even more so by the fact that she thinks what she did ruined her relationship with John (D.W. Moffett). Toby advises Daphne to show John the aspects of their relationship that really brought them closer together. During the episode Daphne works towards starting up a new basketball team at Carlton but she runs into trouble with the new students at the school and the new structure of the school that has turned everything upside down.

Bay (Vanessa Marano) has also been struggling with her own issues even when she tries her best to hide her feelings, she eventually breaks down. Regina (Constana Marie) can tell that something has been bothering her and she knows that it has to do with Ty (Blair Redford). However, Bay pushes her off and says that everything is fine. Later in the episode of Switched at Birth though, she’s at a party when she asks Mary Beth (B.K. Cannon) about Ty – remember that Mary Beth knows the truth about Ty – and when she realizes that Ty has cut himself off from her totally she becomes self-destructive and blames herself for the way her relationship with Ty ended. The teens of Switched at Birth aren’t the only ones that have been going through trouble; their parents have also been going through their own personal issues.

At the end of the last season, Angelo (Gilles Marini) gave up his daughter for adoption and has been trying to figure out things with Regina ever since. During the premiere episode Angelo got bad news from his business partner and took his anger out on Regina. However later in the episode they worked out their issues. Then there’s Kathryn (Lea Thompson) and John with relationship problems of their own. Since the day that Kathryn found out about the switch of the girls she has been putting herself in the backburner and taking care of everyone else and their troubles – including John. Towards the end of this episode we eventually saw Kathryn lying to John about why she couldn’t go to a charity dinner with him just to get time for herself. The episode didn’t end in distress, however; with everyone’s predicaments, we can already tell that his season is going to be full of shock and surprise.

Here’s a promo for Switched at Birth Season 3, Episode 2:


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