Interview with Andrew Mayne of “Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne,” new A&E series

Magician Andrew Mayne helps people get even using magic in his humorous “OMG, how did he do that” series Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne. In our interview with Andrew Mayne, Don't Trust Andrew Mayne on A&Ethe prankster didn’t reveal his secrets but did give us insights on his 13-episode new series that debuts Monday, Jan. 13 at 10pm.

Mayne uses his in-your-face, man-on-the-street magic style to punk unsuspecting wrongdoers with hilarious results. Consider the series a little bit Punk’d mixed with a little bit Penn & Teller.

“I’m very sneaky,” Mayne says about his craft. “I go about this in a way that I don’t advertise what is about to happen, and shock and surprise is the predominant emotion we see on people.”

One of the clips had Mayne approaching a stranger in a grocery store where he asked to see her cellphone, and within a few minutes her phone had been transported “magically” to the inside of an enclosed pickle jar on a shelf next to her. OK, that got my attention. Now how’d he do that? He’s not telling.

“This is not a staged magic show. This is me capturing people guerrilla-style when they don’t expect it,” Mayne says. “The show is very lighthearted, but it is that kind of getting back at that person you love and sending them a message. Magic is big and powerful and a wonderful way to do that.”

Mayne’s interest in magic started at a young age when his grandfather first made a quarter vanish and reappear in his shoe. His father was also into magic and bought him his first magic set and his interest just grew from there.

“By the time I was in high school I knew I either wanted to be a magician or a scientist. I looked at my grades and thought it would take a miracle for me to become a scientist so I’d be better off getting into magic. At that point I was living in Florida and I had friends that were working as cruise ship magicians and at 18 that sounded liked the most glamorous, cool thing in the world. While my mom thought I was filling out applications for colleges, I was actually sending out videos for cruise lines.” Mayne went on to work as an assistant for some of the top magicians and appeared on late-night shows until he eventually found his new home on TV.

Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne airs on A&E Mondays at 10pm ET/PT beginning Jan. 13.