TCA: Military Channel renamed to American Heroes Channel

Discovery Communications announced at the Television Critics Association 2014 Winter Press Tour that they will be changing the name of Military Channel to American Heroes Channel or AHC beginning March 3. The network will be dedicated to capturing the spirit of heroism showcasing the people and events that transcend time.

“True American heroism isn’t solely on the battlefield,” said Kevin Bennett, General Manager of American Heroes Channel. The network will be dedicated to showcasing “compelling and uplifting stories.”

Bennett said there’s a clear void in history-based, narrative-style programming and American Heroes Channel will fill that with 17 new series and specials planned for this year alone, including the following four that will correspond with the channel’s launch:

AGAINST THE ODDS (Mondays beginning March 3 at 10pm ET) Narrated by Rob Lowe the series introduces real-life bands of brothers who demonstrated unparalleled braverly, solidarity and endurance on the battlefield to come out on top. “I felt it was a responsibility that we do this,” said John Ligato, U.S. Marine Corps-Vietnam War veteran, one of the heroes profiled. “You don’t fight for honor you fight to defend each other,” tells a teary-eyed William Steele Sr, U.S. Marine Corps-WWII veteran, during a press session.

RAW WORLD: THE LOST FILM OF DAK TO  (Mondays beginning March 3 at 9pm ET) This series presents gripping personal stories through film and photographs from combat cameramen who filmed some of the most significant military engagements in Vietnam. These cameramen risked – and sometimes lost – their lives to capture some of the bloodiest battles of our time. This special reveals an unknown chapter of the Vietnam War through the gripping personal stories behind this newly discovered footage.

CIA: DECLASSIFIED (Tuesdays beginning March 4 at 10pm ET) The series travels back to the Cold War to reveal inside stories of America’s most top-secret missions, drawing from recently declassified documents and insider accounts from the agents tasked with defending American freedoms.

CODES & CONSPIRACIES (Sundays beginning March 9 at 10pm ET) This series unveils the startling truth and hidden history behind the world’s most iconic, clandestine institutions, top-secret locations, and mysterious symbols.

Military Channel renamed to American Heroes Channel effective March 3.