Ravenswood recap: “Revival”

Ravenswood recap: “Revival”

By Aleina McGettrick

Ravenswood is finally back for all of us fans of the show, and if you were left with unanswered questions after the mid-season finale maybe some of your questions have been answered. However, this mysterious episode of Ravenswood may have left us with even more unanswered questions than ever before. Ravenswood centers on the pact that was made in 1917 to protect the soldiers of Ravenswood but in turn traded the lives of five Ravenswood teenagers. The mid-season premiere of Ravenswood opens in 1917 with the original Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) and the original Miranda (Nicole Gale Anderson) together and in love. They can hear a noise a few yards away and see the car and carriage of Caleb’s father and Miranda’s mother. They look inside the house and find a group of men from the town planning on making a pact to trade the lives of their soldiers with the lives of five children. The only woman there is original Miranda’s mother, and she strongly objects to the pact and leaves the men.


Back in the present Ravenswood, the group is reading this out of the book that they found in the previous episode, and when Caleb says the name of the preachers that were there making the pact the book spontaneously bursts into flames and all that is left behind are the locket and the prayer from page 36 that was used the night the pact was made. The question for them now is how are they going to find out what happened the rest of that night and will it help them in trying to reverse the curse of the pact?

At the coffee shop, Remy (Britne Oldford) and Luke (Brett Dier) talk about the locket, and Remy is very determined to find more answers, though we can tell that she is very sleep-deprived from all of the nightmares that she has been having. She falls asleep in the coffee shop and has a nightmare of the barista humming a song that is familiar to her and is then scared awake when she finds the barista’s eyeball in the coffee. Remy doesn’t know how to control her dreams, but her mother is able to help her. Remy’s mom, Terry (Sophina Brown), tells her about lucid dreaming and how she can control her dreams, a skill that she had to use when she came home from the war in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, back on the grounds of the Collins, Miranda and Olivia (Merritt Patterson) are trying to figure out what happened to the jars and where they can find them to free Miranda’s ghost from being trapped on the Collins property. When Miranda attempts to confront Mrs. Grunwald (Meg Foster) she is sopped by some sort of spirit whom Mrs. Grunwald seems to be controlling. Towards the end of the episode there is another interaction between the spirit and Mrs. Grunwald whom Mrs. Grunwald supposedly may even love. Olivia even attempts to find out where the jars are from Mrs. Grunwald but instead receives a warning from her that even though Olivia may think that she has the answers, she may not be asking the right questions. This leaves the group to finding out what else happened the night the pact was made in 1917.

They are all in Caleb’s apartment waiting for Remy to fall asleep before Olivia goes to meet up with her boyfriend Dillon (Luke Benward) — let’s not forgot that he’s working with the mischievous Max (Isabel Myers). When Remy finally falls asleep she starts to sleepwalk out of the apartment, leaving Miranda there and being followed closely by Luke and Caleb. She brings them to the house that we saw at the beginning of the episode from 1917, and in her dream she can finally see how that night ended. After the original Caleb’s father signs the scroll of the pact the preacher leaves and they follow him outside where he hands the scroll over to someone in a Collins car and he then disappears in the form of a crow. Is someone in the Collins family more powerful than we thought? What are your theories?

Here’s a promo for Ravenswood Episode 7, “Home is Where the Heart Is – Seriously Check the Floorboards”:


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