The People’s Choice Awards 2014: Date, time, TV channel, preview and more

The 40th Annual People’s Choice Awards airs at 9pm ET tonight on CBS, with red-carpet coverage streaming at at 8pm. And People’s Choice Awards 2014 promises to be a good time.

This most populist of awards shows kicks off the new year, but don’t necessarily expect any clues as to future Oscar winners. The “Favorite Movie” finalists include the likes of Despicable Me 2, Fast & Furious 6, Iron Man 3, Monsters University and Star Trek Into Darkness. Funny how Gravity, 12 Years a Slave and American Hustle appear nowhere, right? Not even in the recently added “Favorite Year-End Movie,” which I’m guessing was added to accommodate flicks that came out after nominees were announced.

The festivities will be hosted by 2 Broke Girls stars Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs (who just happen to be nominees in the coveted “Favorite TV Gal Pals” category).

Perhaps it sounds like I’m poking a bit of fun at the People’s Choice Awards. Yep. But I don’t think they’ll mind too much, since the whole idea is to not take yourself too seriously. Awards shows, in general, are a pretty dicey proposition (lest we forget, 1987’s Mannequin is technically an Academy Award-nominated film), and I’m all for knocking them down a peg. Who’s to say that “Favorite Network TV Drama” is any less meaningful than Best Drama? The People’s Choice winners are decided by online voters, which is why the distinction between “Favorite” and “Best” is important. My favorite Rocky movie is Rocky IV, but it’s certainly not the best.

The full list of nominees — and there are so. many. of. them. — can be found here.

I do have one question, though: Who exactly collects the award for Favorite Music Fan Following? This year, the combatants include Britney Army (Britney Spears); Directioners (One Direction); Katycats (Katy Perry); Little Monsters (Lady Gaga); and Lovatics (Demi Lovato). Is it the subject of all this adoration? Maybe the president of the fan club? That’s assuming these are actual organized groups, of course.

And there’s 30 seconds of my life I’ll never get back, wondering about that.

Beth Behrs Kat Dennings Peoples Choice Awards 2014 CBS 2 Broke Girls
Beth Behrs and Kat Dennings host The 40th Annual People’s Choice Awards tonight on CBS. © 2014 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. Credit: Sonja Flemming

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  1. I had previously posted a comment earlier because I could not see the awards. My mistake. Boy, is my face red! I humbly apologize. This show was advertised here as being viewed at 8pm, but must have had a problem because it didn’t come on until 9pm pacific time. I had read that it would only be viewed on cable. After I was all done being angry I saw that the show had come on. I guess because of my advanced age, I felt that I might not be able to see many more Awards shows, so I got upset. Forgive me.

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