Dance Moms recap Season 4 episode 2: No, YOU shut up!

Welcome back, Dance Moms nation. You all sure had a lot to say about the crab-assery that was the Season 4 premiere!

Speaking of which, a very bouffant-y Abby wastes no time in reminding the assembled Pitt Crew that one day they were national champions, the next, third-place nothings. Makes her want to replace the whole team. This week, it will be first place or else. Especially since we’re heading off to the land of the Apples — Columbus, Ohio — to the Believe Talent competition. And she’s sure that Cathy’s been working for weeks on a winning routine.

Let’s do the pyramid.

Pay Pay is bottom of the bottom for crying about her hair. We get a little better look at what actually went down, though, and I’m not sure anyone would have been terribly happy about having something jammed through their head. But on Abby’s team, you’re happy about it.

Brooke is next. Missed four counts in the group routine and just rolled around on the floor.

Then Nia. Good week, pretty girl, nice costume, nice job … eh performance.

Rounding out the bottom row is Mackenzie. Too much fooling around in the dressing room.

Row two begins with Paige. The trio won, but she could have been better. Same goes for Kendall, who’s next.

Chloe rounds out the row. Abby piles on the compliments. Dancer’s body, good look, technique shines through. Aaaand …? And we’re leaving it at … compliments? Abby? Hallooooooo? Someone check for fever!

Maddie is top of the heap.

Kendall and Chloe get solos to see who’s the #2 girl to superstar Maddie. Battle of the pop stars, Abby says. Chloe’s routine will be inspired by Katy Perry. Kendall will be Gaga. Anyone who watched AUDC will recognize the shtick. I wonder if we’ll recognize the dances, too.

Jill says she’s confident Kendall can vanquish Chloe.

Group routine is called Just Another Number to remind the girls that that’s what they are. Nameless. Nothing special. Easily replaceable. Everybody dance!

Abby says she wants them to learn that if they were all Maddie, then the team would be perfection. Uh, Abby, I think we all got the lesson a looooooong time ago. And it’s tiresome. That’s what Dr. Holly says, too.

Then we start working on the dance and Abby decides that Payton’s height and maturity are ruining the routine. The dancers are supposed to be clones. All of a kind. Yes, dear, but Kendall’s 16. She’s tall. She’s been dancing a long time. She can help none of this. Maybe we should free her to back to dancing with the grownups.

The trip to Ohio gets a classy new makeover, with an overpass-mounted Welcome to Ohio sign, a fetching little waterfall and some duckies in place of the pigs and hillbilly yard waste.

dance moms season 4 ohio sign

Let’s see what we have for Apples.

Well I’ll be. All familiar faces. Mrs. Super Happypants Kaia, Brigette Triana, Gina Collins, Gina Zack’s Mom and Yvette Walts.

Candy Apples moms

That means our dancers are Nicaya, Lucas, Mari, Zack and Hadley. I’m happy. I like all of them. The dancers, I mean. Kaia rides my nerves like a cowgirl.

Blake McGrath is still our choreographer. He looks very excited about it.

dance moms season 4 blake

The Apples’ group dance will be a lyrical number, designed to show Abby that she’s not the Queen of Lyrical. She’s the Jester of Lyrical. So there.

After Cathy says she considered giving Nicaya a solo, but she isn’t sure she could win, Lucas gets the dance instead. Kaia doesn’t appreciate the way Cathy handled that at all, and she feels compelled to mention it. Kaia says that Bridgette has been partying it up with Blake ever since Nationals and that’s how her boy gets special favor. Cathy tells them to behave like big girls. What big boy Blake does on his own time is his own business. Kaia says Lucas better win.

No Orange Pants Guy on our return to Pittsburgh, which makes me sad. Bring back Orange Pants guy!

Up in the Mom Loft, a rumor is afloat that Kendall started learning her solo via a private lesson over the weekend, which is not not not fair. Also, it means that Jill knew that Kendall was getting a solo even before pyramid. Not fair. Drama ensues. Jill leaves. To go book more privates, she tells Christi. Nerny nerny.

Abby explains to rival soloists Kendall and Chloe that pop stars are always trying to be #1 in everything they do. She only expects them to be #2, because Maddie will always be #1, but they get the drift.

Chloe will be doing a jazz solo to a knock-off of Katy Perry’s Roar. Christi says it’s her girl’s chance to prove she’s irreplaceable on the team.

Kendall will be dancing to a knock-off of Gaga’s Applause. Abby says Kendall is too focused on getting the steps right and forgets to emote and perform. I just wonder what her costume’s going to be like. And if she’ll get to ride to the stage in an egg.

Aaaaand we have a Dance Moms Fashion Moment, courtesy of Kelly and this Buffalo plaid, ruffled-grandma-apron-meets-dress dealie that is not entirely flattering to the, er, other pair of Hyland girls, if you get my drift.

dance moms season 4 kelly

Also, Leslie’s back.

Back in Ohio, Kaia thinks Blake is over-choreographing the group number. That’s what happened at Nationals and they lost. She feels compelled to mention this. She also feels compelled to mention that no one is backing her up on her tantrum. Then she feels compelled to storm out.

Back to Pittsburgh. In the Mom Loft, the mothers are discussing Abby’s demand that the girls all dance the same. Clone good, says Jill. Clone bad, says everyone else. I don’t really get the dance thus far, so I’ll reserve judgment.

Downstairs, Abby is calling Payton a giant and saying that she sticks out too much, so the mothers switch to talking about standing up for their children. Leslie says she will tell Abby to quit picking on Pay Pay. Just not during group dance practice.

We apparently take the back route to Ohio this time and get a Canton sign instead. Cathy says Lucas, who will be doing a Spanish-flavored dance, is their best chance to beat Abby.

And it’s off to Columbus already. Cathy says she’s feeling confident. Home field advantage. Great team. What’s not to love?

Chloe emerges in her costume first. Christi decides to buck up her girl by telling her that if she doesn’t knock off the nervous thing, her phone is gone. Because …

dance moms season 4 episo

Yeah. That should help.

Kendall is feeling twitchy, too. Abby tells her that if one tear falls from her face, that’s it. Maddie will go out and improv in her place. Kendall (who looks like she has shredded gauze on her head but is otherwise tastefully dressed) tries to fight back tears, which Abby interprets as rolling her eyes. No eye-rolling brats allowed on the team, dammit. Jill does her best to placate both.

Over in the Apples room, Lucas is feeling loose and Cathy is feeling confident. And Kaia is still feeling pissed. She says she hopes Lucas loses to the ALDC soloist just to shut everyone up. But she does the Apple Corps chant anyway.

Smack talking in the audience as everyone takes their seat.

Lucas goes first. I’m a shameless Lucas fan and have been since back in the day when he and Kimmie warmed my heart on a weekly basis during Dance Moms Miami. The dance is suave, understated and grown up.

Then there’s some confusion about who goes next.

Turns out it’s Kendall, who falls out of her first turn sequence. She recovers nicely after that, though, and I have to say I think her dance is more technically complex than Lucas’ overall.

Out in the audience, we have some discussion of the dance floor versus the shoe style. Leslie weighs in, even though it has nothing to do with her kid. Abby ain’t having discord in the ranks right there in front of the Candy Apple crew. Especially from a know-nothing like Leslie. She tells Leslie to SHUT. UP. Leslie takes that particularly well.

Chloe’s up. I like the dance, but she looks a little lost here and there. But maybe it’s just the choreography. Either way, I’m happy to see her have a solo.

Backstage, Abby goes after Kendall’s stumble and says Chloe got lucky going after her because she could play it safe and just make sure there were no major errors.

Then Christi points out that there’s a kind of a hush … all over the roooooom … tonight. All over the room, there’s the sound of … well actually it’s what there isn’t the sound of. Which is Leslie’s mouth. Because she’s in out in the hall doing this. …

dance moms season 4 leslie

Christi says that had she known the magic Leslie-hushing words were Shut Up, she would have said them a long time ago. If I’m not mistaken, everyone has told Leslie to shut up at least once since she appeared to torment us all. But maybe not.

Melissa goes out to try to buck her up and tell her Abby doesn’t mean any harm. Well, not much anyway. It doesn’t work. But Leslie returns to the get-ready room anyway. After the group dance, she plans to give Abby a piece of her mind.

Just Another Number Goes first. Cool dance. Cool makeup. Cool costumes. And the girls perform nearly miraculously in sync. That’s what I’m talkin’ about! I have goosebumps, too, Melissa. And how about that Big Mac stepping it up to the big girls’ level?

Dance Moms Season 4 Just a Number

The Apples’ dance, whatever it is called — Believe, maybe? — is pretty amazing, too, and the girls’ dresses are knockouts. The ALDC moms look justifiably worried.

Results time. Abby can’t be too nervous, because she’s boogying in her seat. Not Jill. Jill is standing up and getting down!

Despite Jill’s fervent wish for a better outcome, Kendall gets fifth place. Lucas gets fourth. Cathy says maybe Black Patsy was right and he wasn’t the right choice for the solo. Chloe gets second.

Just Another Number edges Believe for the win. And Abby looks purdy. Smug. But purdy.

abby lee miller

Backstage with the Apples, Blake hugs it out with Lucas and Cathy again wonders again if Blake’s choreography was too fussy. I dunno. I thought it was great — and the kids danced it beautifully. It’s just that the ALDC’s dance was great, too, and the Pitt Crew danced it beautifully, as well. Someone had to be second.

Cathy says she has some thinking to do. Don’t we all, Cathy. Don’t we all.

Abby keeps the victory celebration to a minimum, and heads right back to trodding the subject of the open auditions. She takes it reasonably easy on Kendall, and tells Chloe she played it safe, but it worked for her. Chloe is officially christened Girl #2.

Then Abby turns to Payton and tells her that her mother is ruining her chances to be anything on this team. Then Leslie and Abby get into a nice little, “Shut up!” “No, YOU shut up!” match, which doesn’t end well for Leslie. Well, really, it doesn’t end well for Payton, even though all she did is dance well. Abby declares her just another number, anyway.

Next week, we all troop off to Orlando for the first open auditions, and Payton gets an owie that has nothing to do with her mom. You’ll have to do this one without me, since I’ll be covering the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour. Don’t let anything good happen without me.

New episodes of Dance Moms air Tuesday nights at 9/8CT on Lifetime.


  1. I hated that Abby pit Chloe against Kendall. Kendall is nowhere near the dancer that Chloe is, and never will be. Chloe has that natural grace that cannot be taught. When she is at her best, none of the other girls can hold a candle to her…if only Christi would get out of her way and let her be the dancer that she could be. Christi threw away the chance for Chloe to go to that summer session with the Joffrey. They wanted her and Abby hated it that Chloe won instead of Maddie. It was never mentioned again on the show after the episode where Chloe found out she won and Maddie threw a tantrum (that was edited out of the next time they showed that episode in re-runs). Abby never mentioned that Chloe won. She didn’t get top of the pyramid. Nothing, including not getting to go. If Maddie had gotten in, the show probably would have gone along with Maddie to the Joffrey session.
    What I can’t stand now, is that Chloe beat Kendall soundly but Abby and Jill acted like if only Kendall hadn’t gone on when she had, that Kendall would have won. No way. Now (after tonight’s episode 1/14), the previews for next week show that Chloe is going to be pit against Kendall again so Abby is obviously going to cave to Jill’s bitching that because Chloe ‘unfairly’ went on after Kendall, that somehow Kendall would have won…and thus, Chloe cheated, whereas we all know that if there were any shenanigans to get her on last, it was Christi….what I wonder is how the hell either of them could have had any clout to put Chloe anywhere against Abby’s wishes. I don’t care anyway…Chloe still would have won. I bet that Abby takes away Chloe’s ‘2nd place’ status over her ‘cheating’, too. I mean, Jill and Abby don’t bat an eye over Kendall’s extra training on her dance, and Chloe had to learn hers in 2 days. You can tell that Chloe has been working hard to adjust to her new height and her technique is so great. I am one of the people that will quit watching the show if Chloe is not on it. Brooke should be with the seniors, as should Peyton, so they will probably both be off the team, and unfortunately Paige will pay for that, too. Poor Paige. She really is a good little dancer and she is so overlooked and treated so poorly by Abby. I thought that she and Brooke and Chloe looked so cute in their dance. Could the fact that they got almost no rehearsal time be part of the problem with why they didn’t come in first….or the fact that Abby threw in the lip syncing. The judges probably didn’t know that the lip syncing was supposed to be part of the dance, so probably docked them for it and THAT was why they didn’t get first. So…as Kelly says…once again Abby sets up Brooke and Paige for failure. The sad thing is that Brooke obviously still has feelings for Abby and it is a shame that Abby is going to throw her away. I have kept watching this show all this time despite the horror that is Abby because I really care about these girls and hate that Abby cuts them down to build herself up. The classic bully. Never a kind word for anybody but Maddie. I was horrified that Melissa sat there gushing over Maddie saying she was ‘her best friend’ (during the ‘cancer’ episode) while Mackenzie was sitting right there. I thought that Melissa could sink no lower. Gah! Well…I am watching for Chloe and to see what happens to Brooke and Paige and Nia. Kendall will do OK wherever she goes. I don’t expect her to survive the cuts. Once all my favorites are gone, I only pray that the network will quit kissing Abby’s butt and let the show die. Then she can go back to being the relative unknown that she was and we can all hope to see our favorites somewhere down the line. Maybe on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ (if that show survives). We will see.

    • With musical theatre numbers, it’s pretty much expected that the dancers lip synch, especially when there’s a microphone on the stage lol. I do agree with you about the other points though.

    • Hi Kathryn. I definitely agree with all that you’re saying, especially the part about Melissa completely disregarding the fact that she has more than one child. I just thought you should know that Chloe did attend Joffrey, they just never bothered to say so. My girlfriend’s daughter dances there and she met Chloe that summer.

  2. I was just wondering what is your process while you write these blog articles? Like do you watch as you write? Or watch first write after? Just wondering! Thanks for keeping us up to date!

    • So I’m not writing into the wee, small hours of the morning, I get a screener in advance of the actual airing and just stream-of-conscious it as I go. If there’s anything you’d like to see changed or added, let me know!

  3. So Kelly was arrested for assaulting Abby? thought a lot of this was just acting but she has now proved she is as stupid as she seems. I see Brooke and Payton leaving, they are too old for this group. Maybe Paige as well since her mother may have a criminal record after this. None of them are that good. Whoever just said Maddie will peak young is probably right. Look at the genes her parents have.

  4. It bothered me when Christi said she was tired of talking Chloe off the edge and told her she’d take her phone away if she psyched herself out. When you are yelling at your daughter she’s obviously going to get upset. She is already nervous enough without you adding to it.

    • I’m thinking there had to be more to that scene, it’s not like Christie to say something like that, especially before Chloe performs.

      • That’s what I was thinking. It was very out of character. If I’m remembering correctly the camera kind of abruptly cut to them so Chloe may have said something to make her upset.

        • yeah I noticed that too, must have been bad, Chloe’s usually not a smart ass to warrant a reaction like that.

      • Sorry, but maybe you’ve not watched the first season. Christi was HORRIFIC that way to Chloe all the time back then. I think she watched herself on television and decided to act differently. Since then, she’s begun calling Chloe “Chlo-Bird;” and has been extremely gentle and supportive, whilst screaming all the while at Abby and the other mothers. The whole thing of threatening to take the phone away was just back to what was going on before.

        Same for “Dr. Holly.” To me, “doctor” means being able to deliver a baby on an airplane. Holly is a school adminstrator with an advanced degree in education, et. al. Also, she promptly stopped her employment after gaining the degree. She was a major drama queen the first season, and fought with Crabby about everything as well. In the subsequent seasons, she seems to have really revamped how she has portrayed herself on television.

        • I’ve watched every single episode and to a point I agree with you. Think about it though, don’t you think that the girls get enough screaming from Abby, that Christie doesn’t want her daughter to fear her own mother as well? Sure, I think it’s probable that they see themselves on tv and don’t always like it. That doesn’t mean they’re mothers from hell.

          • I agree with you, to a point, as well. I just think that I am tired of other posters forgetting how awful Holly and Christi were the first season. Jill has been awful ALL seasons, and I am also getting tired of people not noticing or forgetting all of her shenanigans and thinking she’s a good dance mom.

        • Doctor also refers to a doctorate degree, which is what Holly has. That has nothing to do with medicine. Holly’s education goes far beyond being a school administrator, but I do agree it’s a shame to give all that up so your child can be on a television show. But that being said, her degree is something that can never be taken away from her, and she’ll always have that to her credit when the tv show is over.

  5. I honestly think the best thing that could happen to Chloe is for Abby to replace her. She’s my favorite of all the girls and there’s a good chance I would no longer watch the show if she wasn’t on it, but I really do think it would be the best thing for her. She could go to a studio where she is appreciated and not constantly reminded how much better Maddie is and how she’ll never be the dancer that Maddie is. She could have a dance teacher who appreciates her and loves working with her and actually makes time to do so. She’s such a sweet girl and takes Abby’s harshness towards her very well, especially for being so young and she’s always happy for the other girls when they do well, even if they beat her. She needs a dance teacher who raises her confidence, not puts her down. Abby pretty much said the only reason she beat Kendall was because Kendall went first and had a major bobble on her first turn sequence so Chloe used that to her advantage. It wouldn’t have mattered who went first. Chloe is a much better dancer than Kendall all the way around. Kendall was fifth and Chloe was second, it wasn’t even close.

    • I agree that Chloe (she’s my favorite too) would be better served by another studio, but her mom will never leave on her own accord. She likes the fame of the TV show too much – just like the other moms. Who would subject their kids to such awfulness, but fame/money hungry people?

      • If Chloe’s sticks with the Arts Magnet program in Pittsburgh she’ll have great opportunities. My son is a former Arts Magnet kid (albeit in another city), but you hear about other programs around the country when you are in one, and the Pittsburgh one is very good and has a lot of alumni support (Jada Pinkett Smith lurvs her old school). Chloe (also my fave) should be just fine.

        • That sounds right up Chloe’s alley. I would rather she have another great opportunity come along while she’s still with Abby, just so that Abby doesn’t have the satisfaction of kicking Chloe off the team. Just watch though, even if Chloe does leave to do something better, Abby will still find a way to take credit for it.

          • it was only for a summer program, but I completely agree, Joffrey would give her more opportunities than Abby ever could.

  6. What’s with the neck ruffles on the dancers’ costumes this year? This week it was Chloe and Kendall, last week it was Nia. Doesn’t Abby realize this is a fashion faux pas in the dance world? That it makes 99.9% of dancers look like they have no neck and hunched shoulders?

  7. So after season after season ofChloe vs. Maddie, must we now endure Chloe vs. Kendall? Vomit. What about the kid who beat Chloe, Lucas and Kendall? Could we maybe see some rival teams besides the Candy Apples and see the Abby Lee girls working as a team instead of just see their teacher as locker room poison?

    • Great idea, but that would mean the kids, parents and studios would have to agree to be a part of the show. I don’t think they’re stupid enough to agree to that. LOL

  8. I never thought I’d say this, but I think the Apple’s group was robbed this week. That number was absolutely gorgeous, Blake McGrath is an AMAZING choreographer. A friend of mine’s son had the opportunity to work with Blake at a New York summer intensive training camp this past year and said it was absolutely incredible.

    • I thought so too. I thought their dance was way better and more interesting than Abby’s. Nicaya and Hadley are great dancers.

        • Ageed, which is why I was surprised when she picked Lucas for the solo. I thought for sure Hadley would get it. Maybe Cathy thought Lucas would have an advantage since he’s a boy?

          • Possibly, Lucas is an amazing little dancer though, it’s like he’s made of rubber he’s so flexible lol. Not to mention cute as a button.

    • I’m not sure if anyone else noticed this but when the whole Abby/Cathy rivalry started and Cathy started bringing in dancers from around the country, Abby always took pride in the fact that she didn’t have to do that because her dancers were amazing and she didn’t need to steal kids from other studios. Now Abby is doing the same thing Kathy did by having all of these open auditions to “replace” her current team. Thoughts?

  9. Okay I’m watching the ep right now and have to say I agree with Blake McGrath. Abby’s lyrical routines ARE the same six steps over and over which is why I’ve tired of Maddie’s solos. That’s the style she gets most.

    • Glad to see I’m not the only one thinking Maddie’s choreography is getting monotonous. It’s not fair to her, if she is capable of doing more.

      • For awhile there Mack’s solos were all the same thing too, I could almost say which trick she was going to do before she did it lol. An outsider could look at that though and think that these girls aren’t capable of doing anything else, so I do agree with Cathy and company when they say that. You’d think she would get bored doing the same thing every week….

        • I would say that maybe the reason Abby does the same thing every week is because she has the “don’t fix what isn’t broken” mentality. Then again, she’s threatening to replace dancers on a team that consistantly wins for her. Yeah, they might get a second here or a third place there, but they win for the most part. That woman is never satisfied.

          • Yeah I can see how she’d think that. But when the viewers are having to see the same moves, in the same order, every single week, imagine how the judges feel lol. What I’d like to know though, is why the girls don’t say anything? She’s always wanting them to take initiative and ask questions of how to improve etc. there’s no reason why they can’t have a discussion with Abby about doing different things. These aren’t little girls anymore (with the exception of Mack), she’s training supposed “professional” dancers, they should speak up, about everything, including how she treats their mothers.

          • Good point about lyrical always winning. I don’t understand though why a tap routine would even compete against a lyrical. They’re two completely different genres and styles, and should be judged against the same. Now if they’re going by overall scores, then I can see, but just in regular categories, I don’t really see the point.

      • I wish that Maddie would get more tap solos. Those are entertaining and it seems she places high in them just like lyrical numbers. According to Abby,lyrical wins the most so I can see her wanting to assign it the most often but what about her training “professional dancers?” I don’t think you can have a long-running and successful career in dance doing the same style over and over.

        • Oops meant to reply to normajeam. And Michelle,I was watching a Mackenzie solo and I said “she’s gonna do that move when she gets on her stomach and kicks her legs up in the air” and she did lol! She was getting repetitive too for awhile. That’s why I enjoyed the Doctor solo so much. It was different since it was meant for Asia! To Lori do you think so? I can’t see her replacing any of the girls if even just for the show’s sake.

          • See what I mean? LOL I liked the Dance Doctor solo as well, she has the sassy thing down to a science, but Asia definitely lit a fire under her.

          • I’ve seen some of her tap videos on youtube (not competition ones) and she is unbelievable at tap. There was one where she and Payton were performing at what looked like a school function, or maybe an appearance somewhere? Maddie can keep up with the seniors in tap any day of the week, it was awesome. I’d much rather see her tap than do the same lyrical movements week after week.

          • I think the reason she rarely gets tap solos is because lyric usually wins over tap. She was great in her tap solo last year (when her apron fell), but she came in second. We don’t know who actually won but I would guess it was a lyrical number. We all know how much Abby likes to win so she would rather give her the same genre over and over if there’s a better chance of her winning.

  10. How much more of this maddie maddie maddie must we endure? Sure she is confident. She is told all the time she is THE best, ever, in the world, while every one of the other girls get an emotional beat down every second that harpie hag is near them.

    Remember that time maddie forgot her dance and totally lost it? All those kids have forgotten their dance but they did not have a huge melt down. Just maddie. That kid will never survive the real world, which eventually she will have to enter, minus the harpie backup, and with no education to fall back on.

    Chloe is always so nervous because harpie hag will not stfu and just let her dance without threats.

    Miller keeps claiming zillions of kids want to be on her team. Take away this show on tv and then let’s see how many want to dance for that hag.

    • Maddie is an amazing dancer and she does work very hard, but I feel like she’s peaking at a young age. There’s going to come a day when she no longer wins every competition. It won’t be because she isn’t a great dancer anymore, it’ll be because other girls have caught up to her. Abby hasn’t prepared her for this at all. All she does is blow up her head by telling her how fabulous she is and how everyone else needs to be just like her. I’m not saying she should speak to her like she speaks to the other girls, no one deserves that. I just think it would be a good idea to prepare her for what could happen.

      • Here’s what can happen. Many years ago in ballet we had a Maddie named Suzanne who was a child prodigy, the star of all the classes as a kid. Then when she got to high school her body betrayed her. She developed a big bust and a big butt and overnight no longer had the ballet Balanchine body. She could do the steps, but no longer looked right on the dance floor. You can’t lose that weight without surgery. It was heartbreaking. Maddie could end up with that one day, lets hope she doesn’t.

        • I agree completely, look at Brooke for example. She’s not the same flexible little girl she was 3 years ago, the kid has boobs and hips now that tend to get in the way.

      • Excellent points, I totally agree. Not to mention the physical changes Maddie will go through eventually. I mean, she’s 11 but still looks like a little girl. I think that’s probably what happened with Brooke as well, going through puberty can really mess with a dancer’s lines.

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