Ray J talks Bad Girls All Star Battle Season 2

Bad Girls All Star Battle Season 2 cast

When Oxygen’s Bad Girls All Star Battle Season 2 premieres Tuesday night, the show’s host Ray J says fans should expect all of the things he and they love about the Bad Girls — but with a more competitive twist.

“I love the show, I love hosting the show, and I love being the guide and the person to instruct the girls on whatever tactics and plans they have to win this $100,000,” he explains. “But what I like about the second season is that in the first season, we had a lot of fights and a lot of arguing and the focus wasn’t always all the way on the money. This time around, it’s about the athletic challenges and it’s about the mental game. Everybody’s here to win the money and that’s the focus. So for me, this time around, I felt like it was actually a sports show. It felt like we were out on the field for real!”

Bad Girls All Star Battle Ray JWith 16 of the most memorable Bad Girls — including four returnees from All Star Battle Season 1 — vying for the cash and the “Baddest Bad Girl of All Time” title, Ray J says the Season 2 challenges have been dialed up to reflect the strength of the field. And every girl rose to the occasion.

“I really want the fans to see how hard the Bad Girls go for the money,” he says. “I mean, they really put their heart and soul into it! Nobody wanted to quit. I don’t want to give away any of the challenges, but any time the girls were put to the test, it was like they almost put their life on the line! I mean literally! It got so wild with them not wanting to lose that you just felt like anything goes! It’s hard for me to explain it without telling you all the other challenges in the show, but I can truly say that they just never gave up! No girl gave up until the final straw.”

We asked the actor and musician to tell us more about Season 2 and the girls vying to join Season 1’s Jenniffer Hardwick — who used her winnings to reconnect with her brother and provide for her new baby daughter — in the Bad Girls All Star Battle winners’ circle.

Channel Guide Magazine: Challenges test the ladies’ physical and mental abilities — but do you think the ladies who are a little more physically strong and buffed up have an advantage? Or do the smaller girls just need to bide their time?

Ray J: Never under estimate the smaller woman! NEVER underestimate the smaller woman! [laughs] In this game, it’s so twisted that you never know if it’s going to be mental or if you’re going to have to use your strength — or if it’s going to be about mental strength and power. The game just has so many surprises that you just have to be ready, all the way around the board. If you’re smaller, you have to use your smallness and your mind to your advantage.  And if you’re bigger, you gotta definitely use that weight!

CGM: What about the girls who competed in Season 1? Is there an advantage there?

Ray J: No, I don’t think they have an advantage. I think you just have to know how to play the game, and I think that if you learned from the first season, you can take what you learned and grow.

But again, you just never know how the eliminations are going to happen. You don’t know if your team is going to lose and then you get sent home — maybe by one of your best friends.  The game just has so many surprises and I think that’s what makes it so fun to watch — because I’m always trying to figure out what is going to happen next and I’m actually in the show! It was just fun always being on the edge and thinking that it might go one way and then it always ended up going another way. It was pretty cool!

CGM: Right out of the gate in Season 2, we see an alliance form. What’s your take on that strategy — good idea, or do alliances instantly put a target on your back. Or worse, build a false sense of security when only one lady is ultimately going home with the cash?

Ray J: I think sometimes alliances can get you in trouble — especially if your alliances aren’t strong. If you have somebody in your alliance that’s not trustworthy and is willing to go to another side and do something for them behind your back, your alliance is in jeopardy.

And I think a lot of the girls played the game only for themselves — which is smart to me. You build an alliance knowing that at the end of the day, only one person is going home with $100,000. Only one. And I think this time around, most of the Bad Girls kept that in mind.

CGM: You’ve said that you’ve been able to address some things in your own life because of the show — like what?

Ray J: It’s given me the chance to be patient with trying to accomplish something, because I see how hard the Bad Girls put in the work, and I see that it’s not an easy task to win this money — or even to make money in general, in life. You have to work hard for it. And I think that they really show that in this show.

Whatever people might say about the Bad Girls, they put their heart and soul into this and you see a lot of positive, great things about these girls and why they want to win the money. And I think you grow with them on the show and you respect them for how hard they go.

CGM: A lot of the ladies have some pretty touching reasons for wanting to win the money. Do you think fans are naturally more inclined to root for them or do big personalities always win out?

Ray J: I feel like everybody — everybody — wants to win. And the more that you get to know somebody and you can relate to them, the more you grow with them. You always connect with someone with a real story that you can relate to. But people also like loud mouths and people that are big characters. And sometimes you can actually get a big, loud character and an emotional story from them, as well, so it all depends on the fan.

CGM: Have you been surprised to see how different some of the girls are on this show compared to their Bad Girls Club Seasons?

Ray J: Yeah! For me, I kind of just connected with all of the girls and felt like all of the girls were cool in so many different ways. You know, Shelly was very strong and she had her times where she just didn’t listen to anybody, including me. But I like Shelly and I felt like something about her is very strong and I respect her and her will to stay honest. Valentina, I really felt like she put her heart into it, inspite of her Bad Girls season where she was a bit crazy. And I could keep going on and on. But when I got to know them and I got to see how much they wanted to win and how they wanted to follow instructions and listen and be professional and leave all of the fights pretty much inside of the challenge, I just respected that from all of them. And I feel like they really came out as true athletes in this season.

Bad Girls All Star Battle Season 2

CGM: Bad Girls Club fans are super-passionate about the show. What are the most common things fans ask you about when they encounter you?

Ray J: You just run into so many different fans — and so many girls have different fan bases. So you might run into some Camilla fans and they’ll just be like no one can beat her! I’ve run into Paula fans. I’ve run into Natalie fans. Sarah fans. They all just have so many different things to say — and so many are just funny and outrageous because so many of the scenes you see in the regular season get pretty wild.

But again, The Bad Girls All Star Battle is when you can see them as more athletic and smart and you can really see the girls for who they really are, in my opinion.

CGM: How much do you follow discussions about the show on social media to see what and whom the fans are talking about?

Ray J: I’m all over it! I have all of the girls on my Instagram and I have all of their pictures. Right when I got all of their pictures, I posted them all myself just to see everyone’s honest opinion on my site and the things they felt about the girls. I’m all into it. Sometimes they Tweet me and I retweet them. We’re all one big family and I’m so happy that Oxygen and Bunim-Murray opened their doors up for me to be a part of this franchise. It’s a blessing.

CGM: Do any of the girls who have an eye on the music and entertainment business ever hit you up for contacts or advice?

Ray J: We never really get a chance to talk personally because after the show is done, I don’t like to establish my own relationship with the girls, only because they might come back. You never know what we might do again as far as the challenges, and I don’t want to show any favoritism.

So I got love for all of them and sometimes it’s hard for to me not to want to pick up the phone and call one of them and talk and laugh, but I keep my distance, just to stay professional and to be a genuine host and be the person who can say it’s all fair in the game. I always try to keep my head on straight.

Bad Girls All Star Battle Season 2

CGM: How hard is it to know when to stay out the drama and when to try to keep the peace?

Ray J: I always step back — because it’s not about me. It’s not the Bad Girls And Ray J All Star Battle. So I just sit back when it goes down and I just let them be Bad Girls. If I feel someone is in any kind of danger or there’s a safety issue, I might step in. But overall, I play my position.

CGM: In addition to shooting the new season of Bad Girls Club All Star Battle, you recently got back from shooting a video in Dubai. Tell me about the experience — and the song.

Ray J: I did a music video out there for a song — it’s a double title called Get It/Dancer In Vegas — and I shot it in Dubai because I felt like it is a Middle Eastern version of Vegas. I’d never been there before and I just wanted to capture the culture and capture everything about Dubai and we did that. And I threw a big party down there at a club called People By Crystal and it was just such a great experience. I had on my gandoura and it was just such a spiritual experience. I felt just really Godly and pure down there.

So it was really fun and the people were great and we shot a great video!

Bad Girls Club All Star Battle Season 2 premieres Tuesday, January 7 at 8/7CT on Oxygen.

Meet the Season 2 cast:

Bad Girls All Star Battle Season 2 cast

Alicia Samaan (Season 10 ­ Atlanta) @AliciaSamaan
Chicago, Il

Alicia knows how to hold her own and claims that she¹s not mean – she¹s just honest.  Growing up with all brothers, her outgoing personality can be a force to be reckoned with.  The other bad girls better watch out because she is definitely a leader and not a follower.  Ready to show the others girls how much she has changed since her days in Atlanta, Alicia¹s been working out and is eager to prove she has what it takes to bring home the cash.

Amy Cieslowski (Season 8 – Las Vegas) @Amy_Cieslowski
Palm Bay, FL

Known as the 24/7 partying prankster who didn¹t back down from anyone in the BGC house, Amy knows she has what it takes to win. With a no-nonsense competitive attitude, this former cheerleader has no problem seeking revenge on those she feels have wronged her. She won Love Games season four and hopes that with her ability to strategize, she will earn the $100K prize and title of “Baddest Bad Girl of All Time.”

Andrea Bowman (Season 11- Miami) @CountryBarbi3
Wichita, KS

Andrea is a true country girl with a witty personality and can¹t lose mentality. She trains rodeo horses for a living and currently owns five of her own horses. Ready to take her competitive side to the Bad Girls battlefield, this athletic bombshell will throw it down in a rivalry unlike anything you¹ve seen on the track.

Camilla Poindexter (Season 8- Las Vegas) @iamcamillap
Long Beach, CA

Dubbed “Cali Cutthroat,” Camilla is known for taking the BGC house by storm with her racy relationships and dramatic antics during her short-lived stay in Sin City.  Not easily intimidated, this model and actress isn¹t afraid to protect herself by any means necessary. Competitive by nature, she plays to win and knows how to get in the minds of the other girls. Camilla is no stranger to the Bad Girls spotlight since hosting various Bad Girl specials and being named runner-up in Love Games Season 4. She is ready for action and can’t wait to show the world her physical and mental strength to win this game.

Danni Victor (Season 8- Las Vegas, BGASB Season 1) @IamDanniV
Methuen, MA

Danni is a naturally competitive, sharp-tongued veteran looking for another round in the ŒBattle¹ ring. Danni will take on season two without her partner in crime, twin sister Gabi, and will attempt to make a name for herself on her own in the game.  Always looking to one-up the Bad Girls around her, especially Camilla and Amy, her opponents from Love Games Season 4, a recently single Danni will lay it all on the line in hopes of being named “Baddest Bad Girl of All Time.”

Elease Donovan (Season 8 ­ Las Vegas) @EleaseDonovan
Miami, FL

With an ³all or nothing attitude,² Elease will settle for nothing less than number one. Heading into ŒBattle¹ with her BGC arch-nemesis Camilla, there is sure to be drama on and off the field.  This queen bee hopes to win the money to help accelerate her growing swimwear line.

Janelle Shanks (Season 11 ­ Miami) @BadGirlJanelle
Houston, TX

After notoriously flipping her 30² weave all over the other girls in the BGC house, Janelle became known as quite the character. She is an aggressive opponent with a mean streak that can flare up when necessary. This model loves to party and will always stick up for her friends ­ but if you backstab her, beware of getting in her crosshairs! Janelle¹s very big personality will bring a dynamic element to the playing field that others might mistakenly overlook.

Mehgan James (Season 9 ­ Mexico, BGASB Season 1) @mehganjames
Houston, TX

Returning for a second season, Mehgan is back with a vengeance and ready prove that she has what it takes to win.  Known as a self-proclaimed ³nudist at heart,² she is a sassy bougie girl who must look her best at all times. It can¹t be forgotten that this bright girl graduated from high school a year early, but she also isn¹t afraid to speak her mind, especially with $100K at stake and the opportunity give back to her family.

Nancy Denise (Season 10- Atlanta) @SheIsNancyD
Memphis, TN

Nancy is someone who goes after what she wants — and gets it. Frequently jet setting between Atlanta and Miami for her various hosting and modeling gigs, Nancy is up for any challenge. She is ready to take her ³can¹t stop, won¹t stop² approach and apply it to the Bad Girls games in order to win the money and secure a financial future for her and her family.

Paula Hellens (Season 10 ­ Atlanta, BGASB Season 1) @TheHellonHeels
Chicago, Il

This hotheaded opinionated Bad Girl may only be 5-feet tall, but she¹s packed with a punch. Paula has a degree in political science so she is often the voice of reason in the house, especially when her feisty attitude isn¹t in charge. She is once again returning to the battlefield so she can pay off her student loans and give back to her mom.

Rocky Santiago (Season 10 ­ Atlanta, BGASB Season 1) @prettygrl_rocky
Pine Grove, CA

From a small town in California to the big city of Atlanta, Rocky made her mark in the mansion after joining the house mid-season.  A cheerleader in high school, she knows the power of a pretty face after being crowned homecoming queen and winning several modeling competitions.  Known as Rocky Balboa, this competitive tomboy played basketball and softball growing up.  Her competitive edge led her to win the inaugural Bad Girls Games in Greece, and after bowing out early from season one of Bad Girls All Star Battle because of a family emergency, Rocky is ready to prove she is here to stay.

Sarah Oliver (Season 11 ­ Miami) @sarahSOoliver
Riverdale, GA

Bootylicious and brainy, this bedazzled blonde is not afraid to take on the other girls in the house. Sarah knows that competitions include quick spur-of-the-moment decisions and hopes that her “Œact now, ask later” mentality will finally work to her advantage.  Eager to step up to the plate and prove herself, she knows this is her shot to tame her short fuse and focus all her energy on securing the title.  She hopes to use the prize money to help out her family and her dog Keiko, who has been going through chemotherapy for lymphoma.

Shelly Hickman (Season 7 ­ New Orleans)@BGC7ShellyRay
St. Louis, MO

Known for her goofy sense of humor and feisty personality, Shelly’s life hasn¹t exactly been full of laughs.  This proud lesbian is determined to fix things her own way and live on her own terms. She isn¹t afraid to stand up for herself regardless of who she needs to confront.  If she wins, Shelly plans to use the money to head back to school.

Stephanie George (Season 10- Atlanta) @itsshaygorgeous
New York, NY

This half-black, half-El Salvadorian bisexual beauty hopes to take her seductive tactics to the playing field. A natural competitor, Stephanie is a former dancer and placed third in the inaugural Bad Girls Games.  If she wins, she wants to take her sick uncle on a trip to Thailand.  A true manipulator at heart, the girls better watch out as she¹s coming for the money!

Tiana Small (Season 11 ­ Miami)  @liveloveMODEL
New York, NY

Tiana is a hard-shelled Harlem girl who considers herself her own worst enemy. She¹s been through a lot, including caring for her younger brothers when she was a child while her mother struggled with her own issues, and losing her father to AIDS.  Bringing her big personality to the games, Tiana wants to win the money to help her brothers.  Her competitive nature mixed with her no-nonsense temperament is sure to be a fiery combination against the other girls this season.

Valentina Anyanwu (Season 10- Atlanta) @ValentinaAmour
Hyattsville, MD

Born in Brooklyn to Nigerian parents, Valentina grew up in Nigeria, D.C. and Baltimore where she developed a tough Bad Girl attitude and hasn¹t looked back since. A self-proclaimed “monster in competition,” Valentina¹s rugby teammates called her The Punisher because of her aggressive field skills. Now this proud Nigerian is ready to show her new competitors what it really means to get to the top and push everyone else out of the way.  Watch out for her mind games, as this know-it-all has no doubt that she will rule the competition and is not afraid to bring out her vindictive side.

Photos/video: Oxygen

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