BCS National Championship Game 2014 TV schedule

BCS National Championship Game 2014 TV schedule: ESPN presents a “Megacast” of the BCS National Championship Game between the No.1 Florida State Seminoles and the No. 2 Auburn Tigers. The Megacast includes different variations of the live game coverage on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNEWS, ESPN Classic, ESPN Radio, ESPN Deportes, ESPN3 and ESPN Goal Line. More details from the ESPN press release below.


BCS bowl game schedule 2014

College football bowl game schedule 2013-14

Monday, Jan. 6
VIZIO BCS National Championship Game: Florida State vs. Auburn
ESPN, 8:30pm ET

The BCS National Championship Game takes place at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif., as the No. 1-ranked Florida State Seminoles (13-0) take on the No. 2 Auburn Tigers (12-1). The undefeated Seminoles, led by quarterback Jameis Winston, punched their ticket to the title game with a win over Duke in the ACC Championship Game. Auburn earned a shot at the national championship with a big win over Alabama in the regular-season finale and a victory over Missouri in the SEC title game.

From ESPN:

“BCS Megacast” Coverage of National Championship Takes Over ESPN Platforms

  • Multiple live presentations of title game across ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNEWS, ESPN Classic, ESPN Radio, ESPN Deportes, ESPN3 and ESPN Goal Line
  • Game-specific content on ESPN.com and ESPN social media platforms

Multicast_BCSCoachesESPN – a leader in technology and innovation that enhances the fan experience – will utilize six of its television platforms as well as audio and digital outlets for a “BCS Megacast” presentation of the college football VIZIO BCS National Championship on Monday, Jan. 6, at 8:30 p.m. ET. The special coverage of No. 1 Florida State vs. No. 2 Auburn will expand on ESPN’s prior multiplatform telecasts to provide fans everywhere with the event’s most wide-ranging coverage ever. The BCS Megacast initiative will begin with a simulcast of ESPN’s BCS National Championship pregame show at 8 p.m. across ESPN2, ESPNEWS, ESPN Classic and ESPN3.

“BCS Megacast takes our previous multiplatform telecasts to the next level,” said Norby Williamson, ESPN executive vice president, programming & acquisitions. “We realized it would be a tremendous undertaking to coordinate so many coverage variations of the same game when we began brainstorming ideas in September. The exciting part is how much the original idea has grown in the past few months.”

ESPN previously offered three Full Circle presentations featuring various coverage approaches to a single event across multiple TV and digital networks and radio platforms beginning in 2006.

Traditional game coverage will be available on ESPN, ESPN Radio, ESPN International networks and in Spanish on ESPN Deportes. Some details are still being finalized but Megacast concepts currently include:

  • “BCS Title Talk” on ESPN2 will allow fans to eavesdrop on the casual and organic conversations of ESPN college football analysts and special guests such as coaches, players and celebrities discussing the game from an on-site room. On-screen graphics will incorporate game statistics and information as well as a “social stripe” that will provide live social media feedback throughout the telecast.
  • “BCS Film Room” on ESPNEWS will feature ESPN experts as well as guest coaches and players providing in-depth X and O analysis of the game as it happens from a film room equipped with multiple camera angles and touchscreens.
  • ESPN Classic will provide a “Sounds of the BCS” presentation featuring only the natural sounds of the game. The telecast will couple ESPN’s on-screen game coverage with the audio originating from numerous microphones located within the stands, field and more as well as the in-stadium sound system. Classic’s coverage will include the halftime performances of the Florida State and Auburn marching bands.
  • “BCS Command Center” on ESPN Goal Line will provide a split screen application with live game action and immediate replays of every play. The coverage will use the ESPN Radio broadcast call and incorporate live game statistics on the screen.
  • ESPN3, in cooperation with IMG College, will offer separate “Auburn Radio Call” and “Florida State Radio Call” presentations. The Florida State- and Auburn-specific coverage will feature the team’s home radio broadcast with an on-screen presentation providing fans with the game feed plus isolated cameras on key coaches and players from that team. The coverage will include the halftime performances of the Florida State and Auburn marching bands.
  • “BCS Campus Connection” on ESPN3 will showcase live fan reactions from various watch parties within the home markets of Auburn and Florida State into the game coverage.
  • Fans will be able to watch the entire game from the above stadium camera angle with the “BCS SpiderCam” presentation on ESPN3.
  • ESPN The Magazine will extend its popular image-driven “1 Day 1 Game” showcase of an entire day around a specific event with a live feed of pictures posted across the platforms and ESPN social media accounts during the Championship game.
  • In addition to ESPN.com’s extensive lead-up, in-game and post-game coverage, the PlayCenter application will serve fans with in-progress highlights from the site’s homepage.
  • ESPN will use also use its various social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter within the coverage. Potential content includes behind-the-scenes insights, statistics and information, interaction with fans, and more.
  • ESPN International networks will televise the BCS in Australia/New Zealand (ESPN Pacific Rim); Latin America North & South; Brazil; Caribbean; Japan (via J-Sports) and Canada (via TSN and RDS).  ESPN’s broadband service, ESPN Player will provide live and on demand coverage in to more than 40 countries in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, while ESPN syndication partners will televise the BCS in the UK, parts of Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, the Philippines, Malaysia, India and China.

Each of the ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3 and ESPNEWS presentations will also be available through WatchESPN, accessible online at WatchESPN.com, on smartphones and tablets via the WatchESPN app, through ESPN on Xbox LIVE to Gold members, on Apple TV and Roku to fans who receive their video subscription from an affiliated provider.


  1. I am thoroughly po’d that espn keeps their greedy talons in the broadcast of bcs championship and other events. I pulled cable 7 years ago due to the filth and illicit messages from even the commercials …. And Walt freakin’ Disney owns this money machine?!?’ They are serving no one except themselves…hey d.a.’s at Disney… You would have even more viewers and ratings if you weren’t so greedy and shared big events with airwaves tv (abc). The only time I watch your monopoly sports tv marketing broadcast is when I have to…like the bcs championship. Choke on your profits greedy corporate Fat rats.

  2. These are two schools run by their prospective states and the taxpayers money. The games should be public domain.

  3. I no longer watch Pro-Football, nor College Football nor the bowl games. I refuse to pay for something that was free. Many people I know are considering cutting cable all together.

    Enjoy your BCS, etc.

  4. You’re both right, if you don’t pay the big bucks year round on cable your left out in thanks to espn’s greed. They don’t care, these games should be visible to any viewer who desires to watch.

  5. espn sucks i remember when college football bowl games where shown on tv, also monday night football used to be something to watch till espn took it over

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