Dance Moms Season 4 premiere recap: Same old song and dance

Has everyone refreshed their beverages and their munchies and their Advil and their special crying pillowcases and whatever else we might need to get through the next hour New Year’s Day Dance-Moms-a-palooza? Good. Let the Season 4 premiere begin.

After a quick highlight reel of all of the ridiculata that went down in Season 3, as promised in the preview, we open with the revelation that everyone is back for Season 4, including Payton and Leslie, despite the street brawl in New Orleans.

Thalia and Jennifer, from last hour’s special, are not.

Because we have not been beaten about the head with it enough, Abby reminds us that she is about revamp the team, so no one should get too comfy about the status quo for the new season. Christi says it’s weird to be back, but her plan is to stay out of the mama-and-Abby drama and keep herself and Chloe focused on dance. I give it 3.2 minutes. Tops.

Abby announces that Orlando, Atlanta and New York are the site of the new auditions, even though everyone has pretty much glazed over about the whole situation, and then we get to the pyramid.

Predictably, Chloe is bottom of the bottom. She apologizes to the team for missing Nationals (even though she was nowhere near Bourbon Street) and says she will work especially hard this season.

Payton is next. Same reason, but even though it was Leslie who made the New Orleans street fight physical — and protracted — Chloe’s stuck in the bottom spot.

Then comes Nia, even though Abby says she has worked diligently over the summer. Holly says Nia couldn’t possibly have worked any harder. Abby says she’ll come back to Nia.

dance moms season 4 premiere holly

Brooke rounds out the bottom row for missing class. Kelly says oh fer God’s sake, they were in New York for Fashion Week and she missed one lousy class because of it. Big whoop. It is to Abby.

It is to me, too. I mean the Fashion Week part. Since the mothers got into that crap, all the fun that was our weekly dose of Dance Moms Fashion Moments has fallen by the wayside just outside of Couture City. Well, mostly. Jill’s still able to delight me now and then.

Row 2 begins with Paige. Abby says she’s almost a teen, which was when she was supposed to become amazing, so she better get crackin’ on that. Mackenzie (who has a glam new headshot) takes the middle. Abby says the competition from Asia made her act like a baby, but it inspired her to work harder, too. Kendall rounds out Row 2.

Whoops. No, she doesn’t. With great bluster, Abby switches Nia’s and Kendall’s photos, announcing that even though Kendall took second at Nationals, she and Jill were disrespectful for going on vacation during booty camp. Jill says no offense to Holly and Nia, but Abby’s reasoning is a crock of crap. Same as it ever was, Jilly. Same as it ever was. But I’m still pleased to see the devoted Nia get her much deserved propers … and so is the devoted Nia.

This week we are trying something new and going to Sheer Talent in Wheeling, WV. Hmmm. Is Sheer Talent this season’s in10sity Dance? Looks like they’ve done a couple more since Wheeling.

In any case, Maddie and Nia get solos, and Holly and Melissa high five. Paige, Chloe and Kendall will do a trio, with Chloe and Paige “backing” Kendall. The whole group will do a routine called Girls Night Out. Oh boy. Let me guess. One dancer will throw a drink at another dancer and then throw some punches? BINGO! In Abby’s version, it’s Payton versus Chloe. This should be painful in about 90 different ways.

Then Abby says if this team isn’t amazing enough to support Maddie, she will go out and find people who are. Yes, Abby. We know. Everyone is replaceable. Nationwide auditions. Orlando. Atlanta. New York. What did the West Coast do to piss you off? They probably wanted an audition spot, too!

dance moms season 4 abby

Up in the Mom Loft, the ladies discuss the ol’ Nia/Kendall switcheroo. Jill says it was intended to hurt her, but it really hurts Kendall instead. Holly agrees that it was cruel to switch the photos in front of the kids, but Jill didn’t need to say the things she did to put salt in the wound. Then she puts Jill on notice that this season, Dr. Holly isn’t going to take any crap.

Then Abby springs her wonderful Chloe-Payton fight idea on the dancers. “Don’t you think it would be funny?” she says to the girls who stare back at her like she’s lost her marbles. Here’s how funny Christi finds it.

dance moms season 4 premiere christi is sad

Not funny. Leslie says she only feels bad for Payton.

So the girls can adopt the appropriate amount of fury to reasonably replicate their mothers, Abby affords them a demonstration.

dance moms season 4 premiere abby is angry

I may see that in my sleep.

Also this.

dance moms season 4 premiere orange pants guy

What on Earth is this thing? People who know Pittsburgh — what is this orange-pants, disco-shirted, jump-roping man thing? And why did it deserve a post-commercial shot of its own?

Actually now that I’m over the shock, I kind of hope it becomes Pittsburgh’s version of the Welcome to Ohio, John R. Kasich Governor sign.

Maddie’s solo will be called Birthday, because Abby wants to celebrate her. Abby says Maddie is the only girl who can consider herself safe from being replaced. Then Gianna brings Maddie a cake. Jill wants to know where Kendall’s cake is. Maybe they delivered it to booty camp, Jill. It could happen. It probably didn’t. But it could.

Speaking of booty camp, Abby says Nia was a totes rock star there, which is how she earned her solo. It’s called Freedom in Paradise. Upstairs, Jill prattles on about Kendall deserving a solo more than Nia, and Holly simmers.

Next day, Brooke is late to practice. Kelly says it’s because she’s going to sing onstage with country star Jana Kramer, an opportunity that Abby had nothing to do with her scoring. Well, maybe. Because Abby just said country star Jana Kramer is her friend, which is indeed how Brooke got the gig. And for that, Brooke rewards her by skipping dance rehearsal. The nerve.

Kelly clarifies that country star Jana Kramer actually asked for all of the girls to do a dance to one of her numbers, but Abby had nothing to do with her also asking Brooke to sing. That happened all by itself.

Brooke finally arrives at class and, as punishment, Abby asks her and Payton to do the group dance choreography side by side. Brooke blanks on half of it, and Leslie starts Leslie-ing all up in Kelly’s grill. Leslie says that even though her daughter is clearly superior, Abby uses Payton as a pawn in her evil little dance game. Kelly thinks Leslie is just jealous of Brooke.

Down in the studio, Abby is grouchy because the girls want to leave rehearsal early to go see Brooke and Jana Kramer sing. Up in the loft, Jill is grouchy because Kendall’s trio is the only thing that isn’t good to go.

And we’re off to country star Jana Kramer’s concert. After meeting all of the girls, Jana gives Brooke some one-on-one time and tells her that if she wants to dance and sing, she can be amazing at both if she believes she can. After all, Jana does acting and singing and it works out just fine. Brooke thanks her for the encouragement, and Jana calls herself Brooke’s unofficial big sister.

dance moms season 4 premiere brooke jana

Come concert time, Jana does a couple of tunes and then it’s Brooke’s turn to sing. She needs to work on her stage presence, but she gets her song out just fine and remembers all of the words, much to her mother’s relief.

Next day, everyone notices the change in both Nia and the way Abby works with her. I notice Abby’s poofy hair, cerulean caftan and match-matchy shoes.

dance moms season 4 premiere abby blue

The trio is called Buckle Up, and the mothers think that, while the dance is cute, the girls’ timing is totally off. Jill also worries that this particular trio lineup means Kendall has become part of the Abby Doesn’t Like Me club.

Arriving in Wheeling, the Pitt Crew gets what Abby calls a Bieber-esque welcome. She says that right there’s why the girls should want to work hard to stay part of the team. For the hollering. The positive kind, anyway. Done by people who like them.

The trio goes first. The dance is indeed cute as a button and the combination of the slender, leggy girls works really well.

dance moms season 4 premiere buckle up

Abby looks relieved. Jill says if they win, Abby will surely forgive Kendall for missing booty camp. I wouldn’t bet on it, muffin.

For whatever reason, Maddie gets bumped up to go next. It’s your basic, flawless, reachy-beseechy Maddie solo that I would truly love if we weren’t constantly asked to see her as the perpetual pampered pet. The crowd goes nuts. In the audience, Melissa gives Abby a teary thanks and says she’s lucky to have such talented children.

With that fresh in our minds, Nia goes next. Her hair and costume are beautiful and befitting her new maturity, and Holly fervently hopes all of her girl’s hard work over the summer will show in her performance. Nia bobbles a landing (which we accentuate with a dramatic drumbeat and a surly looking judge sadly shaking her head) and, with Maddie having danced just moments before, it is evident that Nia does not have the fluid grace of her teammate. But everyone hollers like mad for her anyway. Even Abby. Which is nice.

Abby says Nia started out stunning and in control, but focused too much on performance and forgot about her technique as the dance progressed. But maybe the judges won’t notice.

To buck up her dancers while they get ready for their group dance, Abby tells them a story about a little girl of about 12 who is short and petite with extraordinary legs and feet and wide-ranging versatility. It’s called “Who I’m Looking For During These Infernal Auditions I Won’t Shut Up About.” There’s a moral to the story, too, which is: “Not one of those things is Payton.”

Even though Abby said that last thing outright, Christi still thinks it means she’s going to replace Chloe.

Meanwhile, a frustrated Leslie appears to be trying to exorcise her demons by jabbing her daughter’s head piece right through Payton’s skull. Melissa volunteers to hurt Payton instead, so she doesn’t fight with her mother while it’s happening. Then the girls run their dance and Leslie runs her mouth until Abby freaks and tells her to shut up and be grateful that her kid is spotlighted in the middle of the group dance.

Then Abby begins to lecture the kids, telling them that she has four kids standing right out there in the hall whom she recruited throughout the day and would be thrilled to take their places. Huh. Wonder what their coaches think of that?

In any case, her derision gets to an already unhinged Payton, who walks away in tears. Abby calls her a baby.

Girls Night Out is lively and the costumes are cute, but Brooke blanks on some of the choreo. Christi flinches during the bitch-slap portion.

dance moms season 4 premiere girls night out slap

dance moms season 4 premiere girls night out

Abby calls the whole deal a hot mess. As in, the girls looked hot. The dance was a mess.

Come awards time, Jill gets down in her special Jill way and Abby just looks nervous.

The Abby Doesn’t Like Me Club gets first place for their trio. Abby says she is very happy about that. We’ll just see about that come next week’s pyramid, lady.

Holly hopes Nia at least lands somewhere in the Top 5 for her solo. Name after name is called, but not one of them is Nia’s. She looks crestfallen. Holly hopes Abby doesn’t give up on the girl because of it. I do, too.

You don’t need me to tell you that Maddie wins her division.

The hot mess gets third place. Abby does the ALDC math — two wins plus two not-wins equals a score of 50%, which is an F. Her team failed. No more vacations for anyone, ever. No time off. No, no, no, no and no.

Kelly says Brooke took advantage of a better opportunity and she’s not sorry one little bit; Abby says Brooke only had that opportunity because of her … which kinda equates with permission, if you ask me. So she shouldn’t be so upset about it. Then Abby augments the happy mood by informing everyone that not only are they all replaceable failures, but next week they will be replaceable failures dancing in the land of the Apples. We end on a collective groan.

Except from me. Cathy always lends some badly needed comic relief that makes these babies way more fun to write. So bring on those grazing cows and that Welcome to Ohio sign, say I.

But what say you, Dance Moms nation? Is it good to be back in Dance Moms business? Were you surprised to see Payton and Leslie are still a part of the team — or are you chalking it up to contracts? Are you tired of hearing incessantly about the auditions and seeing nothing to do with them? Are you expecting all new drama or the same $#!t in different settings? Fill me in on your fervent hopes for the next three months in the comments section below.

New episodes of Dance Moms air Tuesdays at 9/8CT on Lifetime.


  1. Abby commented on Nia having grown a couple of inches and having to compensate for that, but never mentioned it when Chloe grew what appeared to be at least 4 inches in the last 2 seasons and how a lot of her problems that she had were due to that, and how Chloe worked hard to get her level back to where it had been before. It is so hard to adjust to a big spurt like that, and I hated the way that Abby would say things like ‘Chloe can’t dance anymore’ or the time they showed old footage and Abby said, ‘that was when Chloe could still dance.’ Just so cruel. It wouldn’t matter whether or not Chloe won a million competitions. She would never get a cake or anything but grief from Abby. Even when she wins, Abby says something negative. I agree with those earlier who said that the end of each show is lke a punch in the gut. No matter whether or not the girls win or lose, there is always some sort of ugliness at the end of each episode. I have begun to dread the end of each competition. There is the inevitable tirade from Abby over some minutai during the dances. A second place instead of a first. The trio will never get the recognition they deserve for doing so well. Abby hates Christi, so Abby hates Chloe. If you saw the interview shows, you saw that Christi ticked off Abby so badly that she told her not to come to her mother’s funeral. I hadn’t heard that Abby’s mother had died yet, so is this her inevitable funeral that is bound to be soon, or is her mother already dead and we haven’t heard? But…Christi ticking Abby off that badly does not bode well for Chloe. I do have to agree with Jill that Christi should shut up because Chloe does get a lot of solo’s. That was what that whole drunken brawl was about in New Orleans, too. Peyton’s mom telling Christi to shut up because Chloe does get the solo’s. Chloe gets the solos because we (the audience) want to see Chloe and Abby hates that. She hates having to give Chloe the solos. I think that is a lot of the reason that she talks Chloe down as much as she does. She hopes that if she says it enough, that we will hate Chloe, too. Abby’s cluelessness extends to not realizing that her unfound abuse of the very talented Chloe is one of the main reasons we want to see more of her (aside from her being so beautiful to watch). I would rather watch 3 Chloe solos than 1 Maddie solo. Maddie is very talented, and her lines are improving, but she is practicing so much and workng so hard, that she is bound to keep improving. But! I, too am tired of the same lyrical dance from her week after week with the 1 new move in each one. I keep watching for the 1 new move each week. Sometimes it is just the order of the same old moves. Getting tired of the same singer singing the same song, too. I think that Melissa is going to be real surprised when Maddie just breaks down, either mentally or physically. I hope to heaven that she is eating well and staying healthy. I worry about Maddie because of her ‘perfectionist’ tendencies. It is a recipe for disaster if she keeps it up at this level.
    Brooke is another matter. I think she could still be a great dancer and know that Abby’s frustration is that Brooke is losing interest in dance since her ‘singing’ career has taken off. Ironic that a few seasons ago, Abby was setting up private lessons with a vocal coach for Brooke. Those of us, who have been watching from the beginning, remember that. I have to agree that as a singer, Brooke is a very talented dancer. Her voice is over-dubbed and auto-tuned and it really is because of her exposure on the show that her songs have been as popular. There is absolutely no doubt that, had she not been on the show, she never would have gotten any air-play. I don’t see a big singing career for Brooke and hope that she does get put on the senior team so that she can grow as a dancer…but…if she doesn’t want to dance, let her quit. Paige has improved a lot with her dancing, and I hope she gets to stay on the team. Judging from Abby’s description, she really does seem to be looking for a dancer to replace Brook. She didn’t mention that Brooke is getting to be too old to dance in the junior division, too. That is a lot of the reason for Abby’s wanting to replace her. It would never, ever have been Peyton. She is too old and too tall. Her mother is delusional. I agree with the gal that said that they should take along a senior team to a lot of these competitions. That way we would be able to see more of Brooke (if she gets moved up to the seniors). Brooke did such a beautiful job the time that she did dance with the senior group. I thought that she was going to get moved up then.

    • Agreed agreed agreed!!!! She’s also never mentioned that Paige has grown several inches the last couple of years. I’m glad that someone else recognizes that Brooke’s singing live is very different than what people hear on itunes, producers and record techs can do wonders with equipment, and yup, it was Abby who encouraged Brooke to take singing lessons at the studio; so that SHE could take all the credit. I love Brooke but think she should stick to what she’s good at, and has a future in, and it ain’t singing. Now Kenzie, THAT little one has a hell of a voice, amazing for such a little girl. I’d much rather listen to her than Brooke.

    • LMAO! I agree that as a singer Brooke is a very talented dancer. She is not growing taller like her younger sister Paige, tho, who now towers over her.

  2. ” People who know Pittsburgh — what is this orange-pants, disco-shirted, jump-roping man thing?”

    Pittsburgh is a steel town, largely built on the steel industry. The man is a steel worker representing the steel industry. He is holding/bending a piece of steel.

    Guess the producers just discovered him?

    • We all know Abby will never but her up against Maddie due to the slight chance Kalani might beat her. She would have no problem putting her up against Chloe though. Kind of like when she put Chloe up against Sophia. Sophia did I think two solos and Abby didn’t give Maddie a solo either time Sophia had one. Abby knew Maddie couldn’t beat Sophia. Even when she was asked at the reunion show who was better, Sophia or Maddie, she didn’t give a straight answer. She said they both have their strengths in different areas.

  3. Um, SPOILER if you had watched the “Season 4” gear-up show…you would have known…bye-bye Leslie&Peyton…and hello, ONLY ONE NEW dancer with a mother in a wheelchair … they have filmed Season 4 months-n–months ago … during AUDC, most likely! ;9P

    • Um…not necessarily, Abby never said that this new girl was a new member, just someone that she thought was amazing. Nothing is definite until we see it on the show, the rest is rumor and speculation.

  4. I too was happy to hear Christi say that she was going to stay out of the drama, but we know it won’t last. It is shocking to me that Chloe is so kind and genuine with a mom like Christi, you would expect her to be huge trouble starting brat like her mother. Good job Chlo – you continue to respond with grace and beauty in the face of obvious favoritism. Cheers to you.

  5. I get that not everything is sunshine and roses in the world of dance and that Abby is trying to impart that lesson, however misguided her attempts might be — at least from my observations. But I would profoundly love it if we could go back to the days where we didn’t feel punched in the gut at the end of every single blasted episode, and everyone — every one of the dancers — is allowed to have moments of success and positive reinforcement. It’s pretty impossible not to want to be assured that all of the girls are getting something beneficial from their time at ALDC in addition to their time in front of the cameras.

  6. I love watching the girls dance and improve but I don’t see how they can do another 3 seasons of this. The “we’re all jealous of Maddie’s dedication”, and “Christi and Kelly are white trash and screaming like banshees” and “Cathy is evil” plot lines are well beyond their expiry date. Besides, towards the end Brooke will be focusing on finishing school, going to college and will be too old for a lot of competitions when she’s 19. Chloe and Paige will be 16 and 15 and not cute anymore. Nia, Chloe and Paige are having to go through puberty on ‘reality’ TV in front of millions of people. Plus usually when kids become teenagers a few of them want to stop dancing and focus on new hobbies, social activities and/or the increasing demands of school. But these kids will have to keep going regardless of if they want to or not. I bet if Paige and Brooke had a choice at least one of them would quit.

    • Is it just me, or does Maddie, ALWAYS has the exact same plastered on face during all her dances…and the pyramid after announcing “the obvious” of Maddie being at the very top once again…and focus on Maddie….she get’s arrogant and her smile…is “cocky”?

    • Senior Dance Team, Brooke’s next stop at The ALDC…Abby really should see this as another HUGE opportunity for, yet, another Show…and another dollar for Abby…Brooke miss the 4-hours of school…while Mad/Mac are being home-schooled…we can call ALDC: Senior Team and they can attend all the same as The “Elite Competition” Team….back-to-back episodes…and we can watch Brooke…really exhilarate as a Soloist/Group/and maybe, duos/trios…like really push Brooke and her talents…or better we will call it Brooke and the rest of The Senior Dance Company! ;9P

      the competitions

  7. With Abbey, she seems to judge the mother and child as one person. We saw Maddie tap dance too on the show and she was also terrific. Dance is a creative art. It is within the person. Just as any artist, Maddie must have private classes. Nia is a lovely girl and has improved, but eventually the pains
    which she has will get worse. Money is not worth it. Holly should take Nia to
    a real ballet show and ask to see their feet, toes and ankles. They are a bloody

  8. So happy to have your great reviews back for another season, Lori! I thought the premiere was great. Starting with the new opening – although I do kind of miss the old one. But change is good, right? I loved that we had the opportunity to see the girls all go and cheer on Brooke at Jana Kramer’s concert (for the record, i’ve never heard of Jana Kramer but she seems nice). I also liked that we got to see all of the dances in full at the competition, fans really do care about the girls way more than the mama drama, so it’s awesome that Jeff Collins Superstar Producer is listening to our thoughts and turning them into reality! I think they are planning to show some of the audition footage throughout the season, considering how much they talk about it i’d better see at least one kid being critiqued by Abby at one of them! Dance Moms wouldn’t be the show it is without the drama (I know, it saddens me to say that but the show is called Dance MOMS), as long as we see the girls dancing and having fun I think we can take on the yelling and swearing of the moms haha. Here’s to an awesome Season 4!

    • I had never heard of Jana either, but once I watched her videos on youtube, I thought she was amazing. But then I love country music, so it’s all a matter of taste. I would much rather she mentor Brooke than have Abby destroy this kid.

  9. We saw last season that Maddie is as good as she is because Abby gives her extra practice on the side. Abby will use this an excuse to once again throw Nia to the side. She might be as good if she was given extra time and attention like Maddie. That won’t happen. If her mom was smart she would take her someplace else where her talent would be nurtured. She’ll never get that at ALDS.

  10. I don’t get the people who keep saying how boring the show was/is. If you find it boring then turn the channel; I am assuming of course that you are not being court-ordered to watch it. I love the show, I love Abby, and I loathe Kathy. I would rather they forced Abby to compete against an Anthony trained team versus annoying Kathy. That would be interesting.

  11. Cannot believe the women were hateful for Maddie/sister bring homeschooled. Actors, young Olympic athletes, and others do sometimes homeschool due to outside interests. Why should dancing be any diff. As long as they learn no big deal. None of their business what Maddie does. So jealous that w new schedule she can take private lessons while their kids r at school. They kids will get tested and maybe get tutors. Family choice. They were over the top. They argue like mean girls then want to act like a united front.

  12. Was anyone else extremely annoyed that Abby got Maddie a cake to say congrats on winning nationals and made all of the girls follow Gianna in with it? First of all, last time I checked the group held onto their national title so why not get a cake for the entire team, and secondly, Chloe and Brooke both won nationals last year and neither of them got anything for it. If anything, Abby was pissed off at Chloe for beating Maddie and made sure that it didn’t happen again last season. I’m not taking anything away from Maddie’s win. She’s an amazing dancer and her solo was beautiful. We all know that she is Abby’s favorite so Abby doesn’t need to throw it in everyone’s face. I don’t know if she just doesn’t realize that it hurts the other girls more than it hurts the moms when she does things like that, or if she knows and just doesn’t care, which is even worse.

    • Agreed, Kenzie won her category last year too and didn’t get squat from Abby. Abby knows exactly what she’s doing and couldn’t care less, pathetic.

    • Yes, that was really over the top with the cake. I don’t know about anyone else, but I wish she would give Maddie some more exciting choreography. It looks like she does the same thing over and over and I was finding it boring. Dancers have to do all genres, not just lyrical. I haven’t seen Maddie getting to do much in the way of acrobatics either. I wonder how much of this show is faked, she always wins for the same thing. She should be training for a career, how much is Abby realy doing for her?

      • lyrical is fashionable at the moment so if they enter it she’s more likely to win. and there isn’t time to choreograph and learn a new dance every week so they do variations on the same dance. most dancers get 2 or 3 numbers a year. but i would like to see maddie to other dances besides lyrical even if she doesn’t win because the group numbers and trios show she is a very talented all round dancer.

        • good points
          Maddie has said she wants a career in dance, I don’t think Abby is doing her any favors. On AUDC, they were constantly challenging the dancers to do different genres, everyone had different strong points but they weren’t allowed to rest on them. I think this show is limiting the girls with real talent.

      • EXACTLY! Abby said herself that “competition kids” don’t usually end up working in the dance field. So why is she so worried about Maddie winning all these titles if they aren’t going to help her in the end? That woman is a walking/waddling contradiction.

      • Multiple dittoes to that!! I also notice that the choreography is not as well designed for the girls Abby dislikes. The girls (all of them) have become so much more grown up! Paige’s dancing seems so much more mature and confident, Nia, also!! Loved them!!
        I’ve taken to recording the episodes so I can fast forward through the rediculous Abby crap & antagonism and repeatedly enjoy the wonderful girls dancing!! They are the only reason I watch that show. I watch in spite of Abby! She is a manipulator and a bully, disguising herself as an instructor.
        On the promotions for “Kim of Queens” they said if you like Abby, you’ll like Kim. I thought “What new hell is this???” Watched the Kim show and found her more of a true nurturing Teacher….nothing like the Abby!!

    • agreed. maddie didn’t need a cake the first time she won nationals. i think this whole “i love maddie” plot is being blown out of proportion to the point where it’s going to really do some damage to the poor kid.

  13. More of the same manufactured drama crap. I am less and less invested in this show but I keep watching for the snippets of the actually interesting bits about some girls who dance now and then.

  14. It is so funny that the many Christi fan bots and you blame Leslie for the New Orleans smack down but want to give Christi a pass. Sorry, throwing a drink in someone’s face is just as much of a physical attack as smacking someone in the face. I think both of them should be off the team and off the show. But of course, “Christi was just standing up for Chloe”, so she has responsibility for what occurred. By the way, the parents know (in Abby’s studio) their behavior has repercussions for their student, yet they continue to do things that causes problems for their students and then want to complain about it.

    • That’s absolute bullcrap that Abby didn’t know that Melissa flashed her chest, if she was going to punish one(or two) mothers, she should have punished Melissa as well. Wonder what would happen if the judges decided to pull Maddie’s title because of her mother’s behavior and her teacher’s blatant disregard for it….things that make you go hmmmmm. And before people slam me saying that it’s not Maddie’s fault, it wasn’t Chloe or Payton’s faults either and they still got punished.

      • I completely agree!! I also think that if Melissa would’ve been one of the mothers who were involved in the fight, the punishment would’ve been a whole lot different. Although it wouldn’t have surprised me one bit if Abby still would’ve made the other mother and her child leave but let Melissa and her two kids stay, or at least only sent Melissa home. There’s no way Maddie or Kenzie were going anywhere. Abby would’ve came up with some ridiculous excuse in typical Abby fashion.

        • Flashing is bad but that’s like drinking too much. Dumb but not a reason to remove mom/suspend. PHYSICAL altercations are. When producers have to step into the taping-that’s bad.

          • She was still representing ALDC, if it had been anyone else, Abby would have kicked them out. I agree though, the fight should never have gotten as bad as it did.

          • Does Christi have a drinking problem? It keeps being hinted at. Kelly too. That isn’t going to help their kids.

  15. Nia is a sweet girl but not good enough to be on an Elite team, nor is Paige.
    Jill was wrong, Kendell was gone and missed classes/camp so she did not deserve solo. Brooke should go-making team look bad. She cannot sing and needs to try something else. She and her mom just want fame. Chloe has gotten taller and I hated Mckenzie new photo-too grown up looking. Another season of moms embarrassing themselves and their families. Boring!

    • Can’t sing? LMAO! Brooke’s each and everyone of them (including Summer Love Song) are constantly…propeled straight-into The Top-15 of both iTunes Hit List and Billboard has had one at number-4 and Billboard IS THE LIST for all Top-40 National Weekly Countdown…plus, Radio Stations daily playlist…and, these are based on, actual, air-play, purchased downloads, purchased CDs/singles from “record”

      • …store sells, BTW: Brooke could leave The ALDC, audition, have a life-long career, see the world 10-x’s over with The Cirque de Soliel…and play in concert venues at all performance stops of The Circus of the Sun…Abby better start to recognize…or she’ll be the one whose sorry…and start focusing on Brooke and Brooke’s “special” acro/gymnastics/and stunts…
        As, the oldest, Brooke needs Abby nurturing, not
        Abby’s bullying! ;9P

        FYI: Jana Kramar, I believe, can be seen on ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of S. H. E. I. L. D! ;9D

        • Brooke doesn’t have the body type or flexibility anymore do do acro or cirque elements, once she went through puberty her body changed and she can’t do them nearly as well as she could when she was younger. Look at the people who actually perform on Cirque, they’re tall and lanky, not short and muscular like Brooke.

      • Brooke is the epitome of auto-tune, anyone can spend a fortune to record an album and hire a producer to make it sound professional. She has NO stage presence whatsoever and her originals sound like a 10 year old wrote them. Give her a year and no one will care.

        • I dont care now. Anybody could get up there and sing like her. Her mother is determined to make her a star, but I dont think she has the talent or the drive for it.

          • Agreed, just saying that if she’s serious about it, she has a lot of work that needs to be done.

          • I don’t care about Brooke’s singing, either. It’s pathetic. Even if she had a personality, or a shred of stage-presence, her singing is laughable. Let her enjoy the attention she’s getting now, but please don’t encourage her as if she had any actual singing talent.

  16. Poor Nia…I wanted her to win so bad with this solo. I know Abby and I know that Nia won’t get another solo and she’ll be back on the bottom…damn

    • I agree, I think that was the absolute best I have ever seen Nia perform, she’s improving every single season and I would LOVE to see her beat Maddie just once, just to knock that kid down a couple pegs. Not that I don’t think Maddie is talented, but all these wins won’t help her in a career. Even Abby said so LOL.

  17. well, seems to be the same sh&t, different day, to me. Maddie is queen and the others suck at being her backup dancers. *yawn*

    I am with you. Bring on Cathy and the Apples. I’ve been rooting for them since last season. 🙂

      • If Abby get a new dancer, and stop using Maddie and have the other girl doing all the solos and features in all the group dances, you’ll think she doing Maddie wrong.

        • I would like to see Maddie challenged. Not fail — but challenged by a dancer who specializes in lyrical dances like she does at the level that she dances. If this is what happens with Thalia or whatever other imports happen to come along, then it could be good for the dancers and good for the show. Let the focus of the show be on healthy, constructive competition between very talented little girls once again and let Chloe and Nia and Kendall dance for their own successes instead of measuring up against Maddie.

          • I agree, it’s really too bad that Sophia didn’t stick around, I would have loved to see the two of them go head to head. I don’t think it would hurt Maddie at all in the long run to be knocked down a peg or two. Not in a nasty way, but as we’ve seen with Chloe and Maddie, they challenge each other and competition sometimes brings out the best in some kids.

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