The Bachelor’s Juan Pablo: “I want a family and 2 more kids”

Fans of The Bachelorette who were crushed when Season 9’s Desiree Hartsock sent Juan Pablo Galavis packing after a Barcelona group date got their wish when the sexy single dad was named The Bachelor for Season 18 last August. This month, the former pro soccer player will kick off a new search love — this time as the guy handing out the roses.

We asked the Venezuelan-raised charmer what he’s looking for in a partner, how he feels about rose ceremonies and girls who can’t dance, and why champagne guzzlers might want to put down that glass.

Channel Guide Magazine: What convinced you to come back as this season’s Bachelor?
Juan Pablo Galavis: I decided to come back and be The Bachelor because it was an opportunity to meet 27 women that know a little bit of who I am, that know that I have a daughter and that I want a family and 2 more kids. I can meet people outside The Bachelor, but it’s hard to find people on the same page as me. In this case, the women at least came in knowing what I want.

CGM: What are you most excited for audiences to learn about you that we didn’t get to see on The Bachelorette?
JPG: That I can actually speak a little bit of English! Jajaja! During my time on The Bachelorette, people learned a bit about me, but with The Bachelor, they will learn a lot more. The audience will get to see my life in Miami, me as a father and that I can cook. And just like last time, the audience will see that I’m the same, honest, straightforward and realistic guy as before.

CGM: What has appearing on The Bachelorette taught you about how you’ll handle your own rose ceremonies?
JPG: Nothing! I HATE rose ceremonies! They are very hard. I hate hurting people and I knew that if I took this opportunity, rose ceremonies were going to be the hardest thing for me to do.

Juan Pablo Galavis The Bachelor

CGM: Can you tell me a recent proud-dad moment you’ve had with your daughter, Camila?
JPG: Every day I am proud of her! She comes up with new words and she is now speaking really good English. She is too much, you will see!

CGM: Do you have any must-haves — or deal-breakers — where your significant other is concerned?
JPG: When it comes to a must-have, it’s dancing. Although I love a woman who can dance, I knew I was not going to have 27 dancers — so I tried not to have the girls dance so I wasn’t disappointed or turned off. Most importantly, she has to love my daughter, and I’m looking for someone who is both classy and honest. When it comes to deal-breakers, I can’t handle a girl who gets sloppy drunk. I’m looking for a stepmother for my daughter so that is a deal-breaker for me.

CGM: What is your idea of the ultimate romantic gesture — to give or receive or both?
JPG: I’m not picky with romantic gestures. Words sometimes are more than little gifts. I like to give one kind of flower — ironically not red roses, which I have to give a lot in this adventure. If I receive something, just the gesture itself makes me happy!

The Bachelor Season 18

The Bachelor two-night premiere begins Sunday, Jan. 5 at 8/7CT on ABC with The Bachelor: Countdown to Juan Pablo special. Season 18 episodes begin Monday, Jan. 6, at 8pm ET/PT on ABC.

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