Interviews with Rich Kids of Beverly Hills Dorothy Wang, Jonny Drubel

In E!’s new # Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills, billionaire and millionaire 20-somethings let cameras document their lavish lifestyles, where there’s no holding back when it comes to YOLO or flaunting their wealth. Social-climber wannabes will revel in E!’s voyeuristic look into the privileged lives of this group of friends, who — as fortune would have it — were born into some of America’s wealthiest families. In # Rich Kids of Beverly Hills — airing Sundays beginning Jan. 19 at 10pm ET/PT — cameras follow these 90210ers who spend their time shopping, clubbing, tanning, partying, taking selfies and for a few, surprisingly, even working. But don’t let their wealth be a turnoff as this group’s unfiltered candor adds to their charisma and makes them far more likable than loathsome. They’re rich, they know it and they ain’t afraid to show it.

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills Dorothy Wang, Jonny Drubel

The group is led by the outspoken and probably most humble Dorothy Wang, who is the daughter of billionaire business mogul Roger Wang. “I feel my parents really protected me from their wealth,” Wang tells us. “They didn’t want my sister and I to grow up very fazed by it all; they wanted us to be normal, well-adjusted people with good heads on our shoulders and I think they kind of succeeded at that. Even though we have money, I was always taught I was just like everybody else, and to give back to the community. I always was constantly reminded how lucky that we are.”

E! describes the group as more “Clueless” versus “Mean Girls,” and Wang agrees. “Even though Morgan [Stewart] and I are sassy — she’s outspoken and I’m opinionated —people are always pleasantly surprised that Morgan and I are nice. When we come off at first we have our sassy little comments but when you spend more time with us it’s our personality and we don’t mean anything harmful or bad by it. We don’t think of ourselves as the coolest girls on the planet or anything, it’s just our personality — we just say things as they come to our mind. We are much more clueless … we don’t go around and try and make people feel bad.”

Joining Wang are her pals Morgan Stewart, the millionaire blogger of; Brendan Fitzpatrick, Morgan’s beau, who holds a lucrative position at a top real estate firm; Roxy Sowlaty, who’s rich but on the verge of being cut off by her parents; and Jonny Drubel, a singer/songwriter who’s nothing short of dramatic.

“I think what is unique about my group of friends is that we are real friends and we grew up not having to worry about money and are very privileged,” says Wang. “I guess people are always surprised how relatable and how down to earth and humble I can be. For us, our money is more of a backdrop. Viewers are going to see past the [money] and get to know us and hopefully love us and want to be friends with us and be able to relate with us.”

Now really, who wouldn’t want to be their friend or live like them?! Dorothy alone spends anywhere from $8,000 to $40,000 a month shopping for her wardrobe depending on the season. In fact, a somewhat typical day for Dorothy and Morgan involves going to spin class and some pampering. “We’re basically, admittedly, obsessed with trying to be skinny but are overeaters at the same time,” Wang laughs. In addition to working out and an occasional trip to the office, they do have the luxury of fitting in their weekly maintenance beauty regimens. “We’ll go get our eyebrows done, we’ll get our hair done and fun stuff like that. We also do a lot of planning for our events and things that we are doing over the weekend.”

And speaking of weekends, Drubel warns if there’s one funny episode we need to watch, it’s their weekend trip to Cabo.

“We live hard, we fight hard, we play hard but we love hard, and you’ll be able to see that,” says Drubel. “It’s a comedy, but every comedy has its dramatic moment, but that’s expected in any friend circle. Listen, I’m not trying to toot our own horn — but we’re funny. We’re a funny group.”

“There is drama induced by vacation and tequila, but we are very good friends and obviously care about each other, but none of us are afraid to speak our minds and stand up for what we believe in,” Wang concludes. And that typically makes for good reality TV.

#RichKids of Beverly Hills premieres on E!  Sunday, Jan. 19 at 10pm ET/PT