Dance Moms Season 4 premiere first look

It’s still a few weeks before the Dance Moms Season 4 premiere episode “Welcome Back … Now Don’t Get Too Comfy,” but Lifetime has offered up a sneak peek at what it calls the “Top 3 Moments from Season 4.”

It’s hard to imagine they are anything remotely close, but just in case — here you go:

Perhaps the biggest surprise is that when the competition team members and their mothers reconvene at the ALDC, Payton and Leslie Ackerman are among them — even after Leslie’s and Christi’s New Orleans street brawl in the Season 3 finale.

Well, she’s back until Abby tells her to shut up about something or other and Les becomes what I suspect is the first, but oh so far from the last, mom to announce “I’m done!” — which qualifies as Top Moment #1. If a mom announcing she’s done is the pinnacle of Dance Moms drama, we would have flamed out a long time ago, so forgive me if I don’t buy it. At least, I hope not. I’ve become accustomed to boob flashing and thrown drinks and purse-whacking, and I’m not about to turn back now.

Dance Moms Season 4 premiere

Moment #2 is the launch of the nationwide auditions Abby warned the Pitt Crew she was holding to breathe some new life into the team. I think I recognize one of the dads in the clip as Mickey, father of Gino from the Candy Apples parade of ringers, but I’m not completely sure. Opinions, those of you more observant than I?

Moment #3 is that basically Abby feels the same way she always has about her dancers. Too distracted for dance (Brooke, who also gets a “big break” in the premiere when she sings with country music warbler/actress Jana Kramer). Working harder and advancing faster than everyone else (Maddie). Rule breaker (Chloe). You get the drift.

Before the Season 4 premiere, Lifetime will air a new Dance Moms special “Guess Who is Coming to the Dance?” in which we catch up with everyone (someone has a boyfriend!), the girls do new dances and Abby reveals another big surprise and Brooke debuts a new song.

Dance Moms: Guess Who is Coming to the Dance premieres Wednesday, Jan. 1 at 8/7 CT on Lifetime.

The Dance Moms Season 4 premiere: “Welcome Back…Now Don’t Get Too Comfy,” premieres Wednesday, Jan. 1 at 9/8 CT on Lifetime.

Image/video: Lifetime


  1. If the other girls rec’d the positive attention and praise that Maddie Ziegler receives they would show the talent on stage. But to make sure Maddie has no competition from the other ALCD dancers, each is insulted, ridiculed and broken down before and after each performance. I also believe Chloe won first place and Abbey somehow talked that male judge into changing his score to make Maddie the winner. That was cruel, below the belt and disgusting.
    Melissa has said more than once, there is nothing she would not do to get her daughters ahead. Well Melissa, many believe you, I dont think there is a line t that you would not cross to achieve your goal. Doesn’t say much about your character. Also, what kind of mother orders a small child to get the keys and go sit in the car? Hey Melissa, do you realize children are being swiped everyday? You would make it easy for some sicko out there, and for what? It is awful to be bullied by your own mother instead of protected.
    Maddie is a good dancer, but she is not great. Chloe has better technique and is by far the best dancer in the group. The Joeffry which offers world renowned ballet training, saw it too. She needs to block out the insults and just go on stage and dance with her heart. She has what it takes to go all the way!
    She just needs to believe it too. I was thrilled when she was chosen for the lead in the video, the look of disbelief on Melissa and Maddie’s face was worth a million! Finally some justice for Chloe! Melissa and Abbey said it worked to Maddie’s advantage because she was dancing and on camera more than Chloe, News Flash, we all saw the final video, Chloe, Nia and Page stole the show, the camera loved them. After all they can dance and have great Face! Each of them are beautiful talented young ladies. Then we have Jill who thought Kendall would better portray Rose Parks, the black civil rights activist. That role had Nias name all over it. What would you have done Jill, painted Kendall in black face? Your so vain and stupid you probably had just that in mind. I also think she wanted Kendall to replace Brook when she did the beautiful lifts with the senior group. Did she really believe her 8 year old was old enough to do that routine? She is such a trouble making liar! I wish Abbey would boot her to the curb and bar the doors. Since Cathy Red Apple lady loves bunnies and carrots, maybe Jill should just hop hop hop back to her studio!
    Okay, I feel better now!
    Molly in Queens NY

  2. Maddie works hard and deserves her success. Those jealous r sad really. Tired of Christie /Kelly always blaming choreography for not placing first. Paige/Brooke r not great, nor is Mia. Just look at kids at tryouts-some good ones. It’s like sports teams where parents of kids on bench r jealous. The judges give Maddie scores not Abby.

    • That’s quite rude, Paige, Brooke and NIA (not Mia) are great dancers, otherwise they would not be on the show or on the competition team. I do agree though that it’s the judges who are rewarding the performances, not Abby. HOWEVER, Maddie gets more rehearsal times and better choreography. If you understood dancing at all, and the technical aspect of it Lynn, you’d see that.

  3. I love watching Maddie dance. When one is an artist, passion will not leave; It grows more. They are usually very sensitive people.Whatever it is, starts at a very young age.

  4. I agree with you Debra. It pretty much is the Abby and Maddie show and it’s so nauseating!! I can’t stand either of them!!!

  5. Just enough info in that video to show me not to waste any more time on that mess. It has gone to Miller’s head, Maddie’s as well, and for me, enough already.

    Lifetime needs to give this show up and rename it as a new show, “Miller and Maddie show” and be done with the lies and “bought and paid for competitions”.

  6. Yup, that was Gino’s dad at the audition :). Speaking of the whole Christie/Leslie debacle, in the benefit episode, Christie and Chloe weren’t there at all. Abby mentioned that ever since she sent them home from Nationals, they hadn’t been back to the studio, so it should be interesting to see the dynamic between Leslie and Christie in the first episode back…

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