Barbara Walters names Hillary Clinton Most Fascinating Person of the Year

Barbara Walters named Hillary Clinton Most Fascinating Person of the Year tonight in her 2013 countdown show of the 10 Most Fascinating People. Clinton came as somewhat of a surprise, as this was the first time in decades that neither Hillary nor former president Bill Clinton have been in any type of public office. Getting out of the spotlight was a welcome relief for the former secretary of state.

Hillary Clinton Most Fascinating Person of the Year

“I wanted to get off the high wire,” Clinton told Walters.  She wanted to “spend time doing things that give us a lot of joy – play with our dogs, go to the movies, just hanging out.” But Barbara wouldn’t be Barbara if she didn’t press Clinton on any future plans for the presidency. “It’s such a difficult decision, one I’m not going to rush into,” she said. Instead, she told Walters that we should be looking at the work that needs to be done today and pay attention to what’s happening now versus focusing our attentions too far into who will be the next president. “I haven’t made up my mind. I really have not,” Clinton says. “I will look carefully at what I can do and make up my mind next year.”

So if Clinton can’t determine whether she will run or not, Walters at least needs to know whether or not she believes it’s important that we have a female president. “I do. I do think it’s important.” Clinton said. “I don’t know the exact timing of it. Or who that might be.” She went on to explain that it matters to her because half the population is comprised of females who have given so much to building our country and making it work. “Of course I want to see women in the White House.”

Walters concluded their interview by referencing back to a question she once asked President Clinton, and asked what she wanted her “mark” to be. Hillary shared: “That I did the best I could to live a life of integrity and service. I’m always moved by the sayings and stories of people who have planted trees that they themselves will never sit under. I want to feel that I made a contribution.”

Who else made the 10 Most Fascinating People of 2013 list?
1. Miley Cyrus – Walters wasn’t shy when it came to calling out Miley on some of her more bizarre fashion choices and that forever-talked-about sexual finger-dance at the VMAs, so she asked, “Any regrets?” “Not at all,” Cyrus said, and shared that it all was done for a purpose. “To make myself and everyone in the world to be talking about me and my music.” And indeed she succeeded.
2. The royal baby Prince George
3. The most wanted man in the world – Edward Snowden
4. “Duck Dynasty”
– the successful A&E reality series, which Walters described as a series that’s “really about family, faith and facial hair – lots of facial hair.”
5. and 6. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian – “They love the spotlight and thrive in it,” Walters shared.
7. Robin Roberts – GMA’s morning anchor who covered the biggest story of her career – battling cancer of the blood and sharing her story with the world.
8. Pope Francis – Considered one of the coolest popes of all time — he tweets, takes selfies, personally calls to cancel his newspaper subscription. “No matter what church you belong to, it’s hard not to have faith in this pope,” Walters said.
9. Jennifer Lawrence – Oscar winner for Silver Linings Playback and star of this year’s Catching Fire and American Hustle.

Did she get the right people on the list this year? Who did she miss? Give us your comments below.

Image Credit: ABC/ Heidi Gutman

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