HBO premieres State of Play Trophy Kids Dec. 4

HBO premieres State of Play Trophy Kids Dec. 4: State of Play features a topical sports documentary followed by a roundtable discussion of the issue with guest panelists including the filmmakers, subjects and other experts. The premiere, “Trophy Kids,” examines obsessed parents of student athletes. Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights) moderates. Premieres on HBO Wednesday, Dec. 4, at 9pm ET.

Press release from HBO below:



Emmy® Nominee Berg Executive Produces

NEW YORK, Oct. 8, 2013 ­ HBO Sports and executive producers Peter Berg and Sarah Aubrey will team up again for an innovative new documentary film series, it was announced today by HBO.

Presented by Film 44 in collaboration with Herzog & Company (HCO) and HBO Sports, STATE OF PLAY will take on complex and multi-layered themes in sports, exploring their relationship to larger society. Each new edition will spotlight a topic or person whose impact on the sports world is undeniable, opening with a brief overview followed by a 40-minute cinéma vérité documentary and concluding with an in-depth, 20-minute roundtable discussion of the issue with the filmmakers, subjects and guest experts. Emmy® nominee Berg (³Friday Night Lights²) will serve as moderator of the panel discussion.

“Peter Berg has a long history of producing exceptional, engaging television and we are excited about this new documentary initiative,” said Ken Hershman, president, HBO Sports. “This all-new collaboration will enable our sports division to contribute resources and ideas to a film director who has continually succeeded in raising the bar for television viewers. This unique endeavor is an ideal fit for HBO.”
“I couldn¹t be more excited to partner with HBO to give a voice to passionate, sports documentary filmmakers who have poured their own blood, sweat and tears into their work,” said Peter Berg.

The first documentary of the series, STATE OF PLAY: TROPHY KIDS debuts WEDNESDAY, DEC. 4 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT), exclusively on HBO. The film that opens the program features a compelling and engaging examination of the obsession a growing number of parents have in the scholastic athletic competition of their children. STATE OF PLAY: TROPHY KIDS was produced by Jake Wood, Chris Bell, Leland Anderson and Anthony Melillo.

STATE OF PLAY will also be available on HBO On Demand® and HBO GO®.
In Jan. 2012, HBO partnered with Berg, Film 44 and Atticus Entertainment to present “On Freddie Roach,” a cinéma vérité series focusing on the world-famous boxing trainer, who owns and operates the famed Wild Card Boxing Club in Hollywood, where he has produced a host of world champions. HBO Sports, Berg, Film 44 and Atticus Entertainment also collaborate on the boxing interview and news program “The Fight Game with Jim Lampley.”


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  1. These are quite easily the world’s worst parents aswell as people. Completely oblivious of the damage they are causing their children. Love based on performance. Why are their children put into foster homes?!! The behavior exhibited by these parents is without any discussion, is clearly child abuse. God please rescue these children from their parents…!!!

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