Cake Boss Buddy Valastro helps struggling bakeries in Bakery Boss on TLC

Cake Boss’ Buddy Valastro is taking to the road in his new series Bakery Boss on TLC debuting Monday, Dec. 2 at 9pm.

It looks like Cake Boss superstar Buddy Valastro is picking up some cues from Gordon Ramsay when it comes to turning around the baking industry and helping save struggling family establishments. Valastro hits the road on a mission to help save a number of family-run neighborhood bakeries from extinction. He’s unapologetic for calling out problems and problem people as he sees them (although that’s nothing new for Valastro as he does that on a regular basis at Carlos). Nothing is off limits from how bakers package and present their goods to common-sense business smarts like telling one owner that buying red velvet cupcakes from a wholesaler for $1.75 when she could be making them for 20 cents might not be the most sensible option.

“I’ve seen too many family bakeries go out of business,” Valastro says. “My mission here is to save these mainstream bakeries.”

Bakery Boss on TLC features Cake Boss' Buddy ValastroValastro does a deep dive into their business hoping to turn things around by inspiring and educating them on how to be successful. He evaluates every ingredient and technique, and challenges them to make big changes.

The bakeries featured are as follows:
* Violet’s Bake Shop in Fresh Meadows, New York (featured in the pilot episode on Dec. 2. The bakery is famous for its challah but the owners struggle with not having enough bakers and not having enough of their own inventory.)
* Baked Euphoria Cakes & Pastries in Endwell, New York
* Bing’s Bakery in Newark, Delaware
* Drew’s Pastry Place in Houston, Texas
* Grandma Millie’s Bakery in Johnstown, New York
* Kristi G’s Cupcakes and More in Lewisville, Texas
* Laura’s Sweets Specialty Bake Shoppe in Sugarloaf, New York
* Lidia’s Bakeshop & Café in Dobbs Ferry, New York
* Not Jus’ Donuts Bakery in Houston, Texas
* Oteri’s Italian Bakery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
* Pastry is Art in North Miami, Florida
* Prince Street Cafe and Bakery in Bedford, Massachusetts

Bakery Boss on TLC airs Mondays at 9pm ET.
Have you been to any of these bakeries and do they need help? Have you noticed a change since Buddy’s visit? Let us know below!